Friday, October 31, 2008

A Very Special Day

So, the days has finally come!!!! It's the day everyone gets to be something their not! Well on the outside anyway! LOL Don't you wish that we could have more Halloween days- not so much for the dressing up and decorating but for the getting to be something you are not! I think there should be a day like this every few months...just to let us all get out of our own shin and into something we can't or don't want to be on a daily basis but might like to try on for

Today s a big day not only because it's a holiday but also because today my youngest Landyn leaves his baby years officially behind. That's right he turned 2 today!!! My baby is no longer a baby. This saddens me....greatly.....tremendouuly...did I say greatly? This to me just reminds me exactly how fast they grow and change...and while I have adored the changes in Landyn and learned to hold onto and treasure them longer...I still greatly miss the stages that have passed! I think this is partially why I love doing preschool for other folks kids....I love the age between a year and 3yrs....these years just give me great joy. There's so much learning and discovery...granted there's also alot of fits, tears, emotions, drama and all that "great" stuff....but none the less I love it! But, Landyn has been different...i truly believe all of my three kids are dramatically different. What flyed for one did not for the other....what was easy to teach one...was teeth pulling for another...and so on...pretty sure you moms of more than one children know what I mean. But, landyn has been differnt from both of the other two....he's been the one...and I hate to say it like this...but I really feel like I haven't "messed him up" near as much as I had the other two by this age.

I mean come on...parenting is a bit luck, common sense and learning. We experiment with our kids...we learn just as much if not more from them then they do from us. And, Landyn being the third...I knew sooo much more...between parenting my own life and parenting others children...I truly feel confident with him to this point. LOL Not to say I didn't do my best with the others...but my best has gotten This may sound insane to alot of you but...hmmm oh well....cause it's how I feel.

For instance any parents of more than one child...have you ever done something one way then then later tried to implemet it on another child...for instance....When my 3 yr old was one and started throwing fits...we had a few forms of taking care of it...maybe popping a hand, time out and so when Landyn began this I had a designated time out spot...but rarly does it get to that point...for him I just crouch down to his sure he's looking at me and explain..."we dont hit landyn ok or we are a big boy we don't throw ourselves on the floor ok? and he always says okay and then we give love...hugs and kisses and then is great...runs off to play and it has been resolved..........Now...I thought to myself this worked soooo well...lets see how we can do it wth desi...HA HA HA HA HA HA HA that's all I can really say about that....if you try talking to her esp. right after the incident to try not to have to do a time out she just goes nuts...there's just no talking to her right afterwards in efforts to avoid time out. Shes the type who needs a time out/alone time and let her out...then later you come to her and discuss it..she's just too emotional to talk to right after the incident. Just cracks me up....

So, back to he's 2!!! I'm sooo excited.... kinda hard for our family to do birthday parties on the kids birthday.... Landyn is on Halloween, Desiree (desi) is on the 4th of July and my eldest is on Thanksgiving this year and even when hes not hes with in a day or two. And, NO we did not plan this!!!!! Taylor just came way to 27 I think that was from the hubby praying for her to come on the holiday and Landyn...just by
But, it has made birthday parties impossiable!!! But we deal!

So, wanted to say Happy Birthday to Landyn!!!!! And Happy Halloween to all of you that participate int he holiday. Thought I would share...Taylor is going as a almost 9 he really wanted something spooky not "babyish" this year, Desi is going as a fairy princess...because we had to buy nothing by using all of her dress-up clothes....score for frugal me...and Landyn is going as a dragon (his costume from last year) cause it was way to big last year! I will be sure to post pictures...hmm the hubby decided yesterday he wants out front large porch to be a spooky things...he worked till like 10 last night and will be completeing when he gets home at 1 today....ought to be lost interest and got frustrated last night after he created and bloody scarecrow from smashing pumpkins for the inside of the body and neck...and then pouring spagetti sause on he hung a ton of stuff...well I'll tke pics for you all...cause it's a sight for sure...not sure if parents are going to say cool....or gross...but he was soo excited to do something that I didn't want to stop

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Learned Something NEW today

And that is I very well may be Super woman! LOL hahahaha Not really....but really.

So, last night I got a call from on eof my parents. Her daughter has been out of school and my preschool for about 2 weeks due to an injury. She got thrown off a horse and broke her femur and had lots of complications with how the bone tore through her muscles. She's only 6!

Anyway mom called and said we'd like to try her back in school tomorrow and see how she does at your place...get her back in the swing of things. I'm thinking great...the kids have all been soo concerned and missed her a lot. So, she informs me that she has a mini-wheel chair as well as a mini walker to help her get around...and which would i prefer they have her to school with. Normally we walk since I am about 2 blocks from the school. I told her she didn't need to bring the wheel chair- just the walker and I would come and get her in the car...and have the hubby watch my 2 and 3 yr olds. HA! Ya know I really don't know what I was thinking. I get off the phone and am thinking and going hmmm what a minute Matt's got those darn mandatory meetings tomorrow...ahhhh so that means I will have to take my youngest 2 with biggie just more

Then this monring I am talking to him before he goes to leave....about how I am picking her up and going to have to take all the kiddos...its like 8:30 or so...and he looks at me...that funny are you out of your mind look...I get this I easily reconize says "if your going to take the car...what do you think I should take to work?" Hmmmm I hadn't thought about have 2 cars but we're when gas goes into one car for work...then thats all the gas money for the week!!! You other poor folks know what I'm talking about...and if your not poor...i am throw some charity my way will

So, we sit is this going to work because the little girl is already at school...with only her walker because i told mom no need to bring them both since we're not walking....but she cant walk ...too far in her he called his mom and she came and gave him a ride...understanding. All is well right!!!


Don't know what I was thinkng but the hubbys messed up schedule really screwed with me!! How was I going to get 2 toddler car seats in the school age kids in the front and then also this poor girl with her bum leg (so she has to sit sideways to support the leg) I soo didn't think this through.

So, i get to the school...half knowing what I am going to do....get all my kiddos and then what do I see....ahhhh the brought the wheelchair and the walker...hahahahahah I'm laughing now but not then.....I'm thinking we could just walk and then everything would be fixed....but I wouldn't have anyway to move my car out of the bus zone then before the end of the day cause hubby doesnt get back till 5.....BOY OH BOY do I miss him working his normal nights...I cant wait till Saturday!!!!!!!!

Sidenote- i was thinking i was dealing with a walker that folded up and could fit in front with one of the doesnt fold....and the wheelchair...i have no clue how to fold or move...and my trunk is slightly full of misc crap!! Note to self: Clean out the trunk!

Needless to say I made it work...I prolly looked like an idiot but it worked....I put the wheelchair in my half open trunk and secured it with a belt i had in there-the walker formed over on eof the kids in the front as somewhat of a cage, the two small ones in their car seats and my broken leg gal sat in the back middle with her leg propped on the center consul...but by gosh...we looked awefully funny trying to get it all fig. out...then were about 10 minutes late for the busy that drops off one of the children.....

Never really knew how dependent I was on the soon to be hubby being here on the days I have all of them, he doesnt do much but heck i now know just being here is alot of help...thank goodness it wasnt a fri or mon though when i have all 12!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yesterday, was parent teacher conferences. I went in and spoke with my almost 9 yr old son's teacher. He is in 2nd grade. So, I am speaking with her and finding out how he's doing. Overall she's very pleased with all of his advancements and how well he is doing socially and academically. So, I was very thrilled as I also have been seeing these same advancements at home.

But, with that I also have seen a bit of the typical pre-teen behavior coming. So, I asked if she had seen anything like this or seen any of that change in him. I only ask because lately...we've been noticing Taylor having a difficult time knowing where he "fits". We all know how difficult this can be. taylor is at the stage where he knows he doesn't want to play with the 6 and 7 year old and yet the 10-11 year old are a bit too old for him....and we just dont have many surrounding neighbor kids despite it being a small suburban neighborhood in his age range.
So, back to the point....sorry I'm a bit scattered braned this morning...I have far less children.....thank goodness cause I needed today to be nice and easy going! Anywho there I go

So, she look at me with a slightly sly grin and says well I have seen one incident. I was all gets up and walks to her desk.....hmmmmmm

And pulls out this piece of paper. It's blue...rectangle...hmm I know right off the bat it's one of his nightly reading sheets......

She hands it to me....there Taylor has written his name in almost all the slots.....even the one where the books name goes....and what do we have here...where the parent signature goes....there's a name...hmmmm but it's written in crayon....which we never do...sometimes in the hunt for a pen we settle with a marker or pencil but NEVER a

Then I look closely...and this is what I see! I think wow!

Kinda made me think...gosh I thought we were years away from this...but in the same light made me laugh....he was soo innocent in what he did...he actually thought he'd get away with it...and he wrote "Dad".

So, me being the parent I am......I have a slightly different style I guess then most. I came home...before he saw I was in the back door I put this great slip on the front of the fridge...whcih is always saved for excellent pieces of work or really good tries!

Then I proceeded into the livingroom and called and the soon to be hubby sat with taylor and went over what his teacher said she wanted him to improve on and her goals for him this year! The conversation was over.....and i saw "oh by the way...your teacher gave me something of yours that she said was a really nice try...but just wasn't going to I put it on the fridge." So, he walks in kinda excied to see what it was....then nothing...he didn't come back in...5 minutes passed....Matt and I walked in the kitchen and he just stands staring at it.....

The look on his face was priceless.....It was the BUSTED look!!! I love being ME!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Things Your Mom Never Told You-part 1

1. Sometimes Men dont want sex! And those are the times YOU DO!
2. Your kids probably will not like you more than they will like you.
3. New recipes aren't always good...or turn out at all.
4. Sometimes you have Sex just becasue...not to make a baby and not because your into in but just cause.
5. Cooking isn't always fun
6. Sometimes lookng really good....hurts really bad
7. Men can sleep around and never hear a word....if you have sex with 2 people you get very un-nice terms.
8. Sometimes it doesn't matter if you have a sweet new baby- theri poop still stinks!
9. Not all moms can handle a bloody head wound without getting woozy--its not something that just comes with being a mom.
10. Not all relationships are 50/50
11. Your monthly visitor will always suck- even if you don't have PMS- it sucks!
12. Shave often and he expects them to be always shaved...shave less often and he's just thrilled when they are shaved.
13. At some point you will want to run away screaming...crying...and maybe even terrified!
14. Staying at home is the hardest job EVER! But you won't get paid or reconized for most of what you do.
15. Not all men are into sports- I went years thinking all men were as nuts as those in my family! Then every guy I ae been with are really not into it much at all....go figure.
16. All men want to be pampered by you! But...may not pamper you in return.
17. If you get a dog for the family...the hubby, the children--don't kid yourself...its your dog! You will potty train it...take it out and clean up after it.
18. You will feel guilty!
19. After having a may not get to or sleep
20. Once you go to the bathroom in front of him--you loose a little something
21. You CAN say no
22. You don't have to be nice all the time!
23. It's okay to leave those dirty dishes there...and sit and do nothing
24. Life can turn out great....but it's never a fairy tale
25. Life isn't easy...even if you have a good education...make alot of money...everyone has bumps and bruises from life.
26. If you do something in the begining of a relationship....he's going to think you will do it forever.
27. Plans NEVER GO exactly as planned-but roll with it
28. He can NEVER tell you that you have gained weight....but you can get away with it.
29. Never be sitting when he comes through the door- or he somehow gets the impression that thats all you do.
30. Not all men open doors, put gas in your car, and other small things
31. It's okay to vent, yell, talk, and cry for no real reason at all
32. He will NEVER understand what you go through as a mom-whether you stay at home or not.
33. You don't get married and have a home--you have a house- its your job to make it a home.

ok so this is only part one...will try to do additional parts weekly.

Another Monday

Ok, So I watch other peoples children 7 days a week...but Monday is always the day of kinda happiness for me...why because on Tuesday, wed, thur. I only have children from 5 am to 6pm But with this great happiness of only having my own kids in the evening I deal with 12-13 during the day on monday till about 6 in the evening. Today is one of those "way off" days.

Not only do I have all my kiddos...and by this I mean my full time kids and my pt time kids. But, today I got thrown a bone to also deal with...parent teacher conferences! So, all thekids are out of school...and during nap time I have scheduled 3 p/t conferences. One for my own and two for two girls who's mother could care less to show up to the teachers asked me to come...since I am with these girls over 60 hrs a week. Hmmmmm

Luckily the hubby is here till 2. Granit he's not much help when he sleeps till 10-11...but he works late I kinda undestand...hmm ok thats a LIE...I don't get it but am trying to deal with it better. I mean most nights I am up till 12 wating for the girls to get picked up and then some nights I'm up till he gets him at 2 ish...and I still awake and take care of things. So, ya...I really dont get how I can function and make it with 4-5 hrs of sleep.....not that i recommend it but I do

Today I am hopeful for a good day...everyone kinda had an off attitude yesterday...and I was thinking we'd all get out and rake some leaves and get some fresh very windy

I have a very interesting post to come later today.....I thought of it last night and felt very be on the look out.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

In A Fit of Kindness-freebies for you frugal ladies

I am cleaning out a ton of my scrapbooking stuff....i have a 30,000 sheets of paper just to give you a hint as to how addicted I

Anyway to the point when we moved I got a much smaller area to scrap in. Much bigger house but...smaller scrap area. This week I have been promising myself to get some things cleaned out...through my trading group on yahoo and I decided this would be the donating part.

I have went through a ton of my handmade cards and if anyone is interested in rec. some of them please shoot me a private email to I used to sell these but really dont even have the energy to sell them at this point...but if you'd like an assortment of handmade cards to have.....esp. you frugal ladies>this is a great freebie...shoot me a line with an address and I'll send some your way...I have a very large assortment of themes from holidays to sympathy cards to offer.

So, ya shoot me a line and help me help get some great new handmade pro looking cards that I sell for around 8 bucks a piece and I get some space for other goodies!

sharing-home notebook-budgeting- organizing

Thought I would share this link. It has a ton of great things and forms for a frugal or not frugal home. I use alot of these sheets in m own home notebook...if you have any questions feel free to ask.


More about me and what I have been through-just a chapter

So, hmm after todays earlier post I am a bit more at ease...and felt inspired to share a bit. A bit about me....but really it will be more than a bit...because....well because I like to write and they always turn into mini-books.

So, where to start....lets start at the begining of mommy-hood...thats far less complicated....kinda. So, I am living proof of two can loose your virginity and use protection and still get pregnant. I know because this great justice happened to me when I was barely 15!

It was obviously by accident (im not one of those girls who looked to get pregnant or the fun o being a mom) to someone I barely knew anything about who was...hmmm far to old to be with someone my age....then again he thought I was 18...that's right I lied...go fig. a teenager lying to a hot boy so he liked her...but come on...Im not blaming him in any way but I really didn't look 18...he knew. I mean I am 24 and still look like I am 15! So, needless to say he was one of those guys when i confided in him after 2 months of never talking (duh cuz he was done with me..but i had those lost hopes of more) so I told him that I was pregnant he said..."hmm i'll take you for an abortion...but you have to pay." ha...every girls dreams...i know...please dont shead a tear of those sweet sweet words. lol Oh and forgot to mention I got knocked up exactly one year to the day of my moms death...hmm kinda an odd fact..but there you have it. I didn't even realize until Taylor was 2 and I was looking through some old journals.

So, I did not have an abortion and although I was adopted I guess I just didn't want to think about anything other than knowing I may be young but due to life issues I had helped raise my younger brother and sister and well.....I just knew I couldnt do anything but keep him. Although I knew it would be terriably father whom I really hated (hate isn't too strong of a word because really at that point there was alot of very hard feelings) at that point in life...for far more reasons then could be explained here. But He was born...dont worry I am sparing many details here...but trust me it sucked. I will say thought hat i timed my telling of my father and step mother until the week of their wedding...not fari or nice but like I said I was very angry with them both...more on that another time.

I was the first girl to get pregnant at my small town school in 9+ years and small as in i went to the same H.S. my dad went math teacher was he friend in computer teacher was his can only imagine. Everyone knew my last name and my family.

Needless to say I didn't have sex again for a very veyr very long time being scared to death. I mean if God allowed ME the gift of getting pregant they first tiem with protection...hmmmm ya I was scared!

So, Taylor was born...sweet and innocent and the real reason I would not be an utter screw up. Oh ya and he was born at 28 weeks weighing a 1 pound 2 oz within an hour after birth. He spents months in the hospital...each day them saying maybe hed make it maybe sucked. I went to school worked afterwards and was at the hospital after hours. To most 15 yr old I had no life...but it was mine...adn really I had nothing better to do. After geting pregnant I became permanently grounded from anythng and everything....a lack of trust can do that.

I struggled through school....when taylor was allowed to leave the ospital he weighed just over 5 pounds...and was on all kinds of machine and meds. His daycare was I went to school 3 days a the make up work the other days. It best it could.

I struggled with not only being a single mom....a teenage mom, a student....working...taking care of a kid with special needs of being a premie..being a teenager....and having the village (everyone in my house) helping with their even at 16 I knew what all of you 20 and 30 and 40 smething can drive you crazy...just being there and hearing them from time to time..imagine it everyday from 5 diff. at that point the my g-parents and uncle lived with us...oh ya and my dad was re-married then. Stressed isn't a strong enough word! And ten to add insult to injury it seemed after I got pregnant at school I started an epidemic because it seemed each month someone was popping up pregnant!

So, your all wondering where the guy is right? Well when talor was born early he was my dispair he pretended he didn't know who i was....and when told about taylors condidtion swore im to death...I fig. with that type of attitude...I'd fig. it out on my own...and I did. He was contacted a year later with no better luck and to be completely honest I was scared. What happened if he found out how old I was or his parents found out...he was 21 but...none the less adn they wanted my son...and here i was just this teenager going to school...i was scared he could take him from me...and I couldnt bear with that so I quit trying to make someone feel and think a way I clearly couldnt.

So, did this for 3 year...then moved to Colorado. Went to college while working. Got a great job as an assistant editor at a small town newpaper...while there got 4 degrees...not really because I needed that many but because I wanted to insure...Taylor never went without just because I was a single teenage mom.

So, there's a blip into my world and some of wat I have been through...more to come another evening. But, I will say for any of you whom do have teenagers it's just as hard for them as it is for you to go through..most of the times harder!

But in the end I have never looked back on my decisions and you know it was meant to be. Don't get me wrong there were lots of days I was very lost and without a key and angry and soo many emotions...but...come to find out as I aged and have been a mom 2 other times...I have come to the conclusion that EVERY MOM feels alot of those same feelings. But, it was difficult. Since I was 17 I have been working with pre-teen to already pregnant teens on their actions from getting pregnant and not only being a mom but the results of their bodies not being ready can cause harm to the child as well...such as premature birth! And, I love it and they relate to me well...partially because I am younger and because I think maybe they know when seeing it in and all from my body to how small and fragile my poor son was. I know i strike alot of young folks and those that i encounted that are already pregnant I just try to help them and ensure they don't take their actions or their condition or the soon to be life lightly.

I knew it...sounds odd but...the lord was working and helped me through it all long before I knew he was holding my hand.....come to find out I am only 24...and have already battled cancer a few times which has left me with no longer having a chance in hell at having anoter child unless its through adoption...of which I can not afford. But, going through just this has enlightened me to so much. I don't judge others nearly as quickly.

Now, also with this greatness has come the hardship of me still at 24 gettig those looks...only I get them in a bit diff. light now. This is esp. for you 30-40 something parents who get those looks or comments about being too don't worry your not!

Now.....present time...... I get looks of two kinds..... 1. I get the look from those who think my son is my brother...then they are corrected and they say oh you cant be over 25....and I say NOPE I'm not! Or something along those lines...doesn't take long for other moms to ask how old I am and then to know I have a soon to be 9 yr old son... I even had one mom in her 30's with a son the same age as mine look at me and say " when your 30 he will be 15!" I just smile and say yes..politely...when inside I want to scream "BY GOSH I DID GOOD WITH HIM HE'S A GREAT KID AND GOOD FOR YOU FOR BEING ABLE TO DO THE MATH...YEA FOR YOU" I mean do people honestly think I dont alreadyknow But, i still have to try 10 times harder to fit in or find my place with my sons friends moms. It's hard for them to take me seriously and to be honest I dont associate with many my age because....I was never into clubs, bars or going out...I was a And, i really try but I always get alot of those looks once they know I just don't look young...I AM YOUNG.

Now the 2nd look is the one I like but don't really get that often! its the look of "wow good for you" It's those who see what I have surcome and how well my life is...I'm not a go nowhere fact I have parents intrust their child's education to me funny how things work out.

Ok, so kids are bathed and asleep ad its time for me to go do the soaking kitchen dishes...the girl's mom is going to be here about midnight...and the soon to be hubby will be here at 11...he gets off work I want to have them done to spend some much need couch time with him.

onc again thanks for reading...

Another Moment in Time to Cherish Forever.HA

"YOUR NOT MY SISTER NO MORE!" I hear screaming from desi's lips s she places a hand on her hips and attempts to mimick stomping up the stairs...she's not even 3.5 yet and yet she has mastered repeating the things she hears from the preschool kids mouths. I have 2 sets of sisters in my home and they very often spit that sentence at one another when upset. She doesn't even realize that makes no sense to say to me...but oh nearves are boiling..I really don't like talking back...but she's at the point now to where she needs to un-boil before tlaking with her or she breaks down in a teary fit to where nothing gets across to her.....

I dont even know what set her off but I truly feel as though i may loose my nuts any minute!!! I don't like disrespect...and have read and watched everything about kids that I can get my hands on...and yet many days out of the week I still feel as though I am at odds with this little girl. She's ohhhhh soo independent and drama..that girl has some drama...about this and that and anythign and everything!!! I remember finding out I was having a girl and being delighted but at the smae time knowing it would be nothing like my first born boy.

Then as a baby she was independent but oh soo sweet. And it's like 2 weeks after she turned 2 and dark light came on...dont get me wrong I love her more than anything...but oh my lord. I remember sitting in stores or out to eat watching a little girl go nuts and htinking oh thank the lord my kids aren't like that...well two weeks after she turned 2...I remember thinking...."WHAT HAPPENED!" Where did that little girl go...and why!!! She throws normal fit....which I try to manage as well as I can but am always ....i repeat always looking for new ways to handle her.....does she need more attention--one on one....more discipline...I just can't get the combo right on her safe.

I don't get what I am doing wrong.....and sometimes I think it's really not me at all......because I have done the same things with all 3 of my kids and my younger son...who is 2 on halloween is just as well behaved as my eldest son was...but i always wonder...will that switch go off shortly after turning 2! ahh I dont even want to think about that.

i know shes a great kids most of the time and yet daily I have those moments to where I find myself thinking "how can i fix this?" Is it the influence of one or more of the older children....can i fix it or just manage it by discliple and letting her know her actions are not acceptable...still working on this as I said...

I hope it gets better with age cause I always thought I'd be very close to her and we have our own bond but......I swear some days she doesnt really like me! I know she doesnt have to like me as I am the mom...but some days wow...I wonder.

I have theories about why she acts the way she does...but none of which can I undo...such as a divorce to her father after 6 years...but oh my...

Just a little rant on the things I work on everyday in addition to everything else in lie!

One of those days

Boy of boy where to start. Today is Sunday...the day of peace right? HA..... Woke up as I always do bright and early to 4 kids arriving. Today they seemed to all be in crossed moods. The baby is somewhat sick and needs her breathing treatments...hmm and some socks and a bottle...all of which mom has neglected once again to bring for her.....I just don't get it. How hard is it to ensure your child is wearing warm clothing, has the breathing machine she clearly needs as you can hear her weezing across the room....and her bottle.

The 4, 5 and 6 yr old girls are all cross because mom said she'd be hear early to get them and then left adn called and said they would be here till after 11:30 in the evening. Not to mention two of them were promise a full day of fun with Grandma but mom canceled due to being upset with g-ma.

My own children also had a rough morning. Desiree for some reason decided to strip her pull-up mid-stream last night and awoke at 2 am with wet underware...then woke up every hour afterwards for some odd reason...thinking it was time to get up....Finally we settled with her getting up at 5:30am. My eldest is almost 9 and just felt like pushing buttons today...not just mine but everyone in the house!

I had - had hope of getting all of the house cleaned, leaves raked and some of my floors steamed today....but settled with a god general cleaning and washing all of the blankets I could find in the house.

Cleaned desirees room...she is one of those girls who will go through a few outfits a day! i really don't get it..but she had clothes scattered not know what was clean or not I decided to wash all of her clothes...while sorting them it became painfully clear that we needed to go clothes shopping for her....not sure where I will squeeze that's a hard choice...go to wal-mart at 1 am when I have no kids or take at min. 7 kids with We will see what I can work out.

I'd be lying if I said my nerves weren't a bit stretched! Then to add insult to injury...the mom of these poor 4 girls tells me...that shes trying for yet another schedule change.....we just changed it around on the girls 3 weeks ago...poor things......just saddens me that she says she puts thought into these kids but her decision show otherwise.

So, everyone is of the girls threw up because she ate far to she wants more to getting them all in 2 diff. rooms watching movies of their choice for a small break...would be just me and the baby...but that did't work...turned into a toy flying between the two rooms...I just couldnt handle that...i dont take well to disrespecting property.

My daughter has no pants on...running in her flower panties.....the paper is in her own livingroom as we always do so the children dont run over her! She has toys strung everywhere and a few movies pulled from the

Matt gets to come home early tonight...they screwed his schedule for halloween--which is Landyns they are letting him come home between 10-11 last night and tonight...which will be nice! But he hasn't called me yet....which is normally the call that lets me talk to another adult for the first time on

Hmm the electricty is flickering because we are having super windy weather...we have a wind advisory for another few hours...I pray it doesnt go I think that my spark utter adrinaline in the kids. lol

Tomorrow will be a very busy day...normally I have 12-13 kids on mon and fridays but on mon and tue the schools are closed for parent-teacher I will have all of the kids---all day-even the school age kiddos....I have a great day planed or them all tough...ur reg. preschool and school activites andthen baking some cookies and a puppet show wth out new that out to be fun.

Normally my days aren't this stressed but it seemed everyone decided to have with those days are always trying...luckily they only come every few months!

the kids are all sitting peacfully...well as peacfully can be expected with all of them doing crafts...hmmm but i hear paper noe screaming eldest is tattle telling that desi is taking off caops t the glue and eating them....did I tell you I changed her today and got glitter and crayon specked poop...hahahahah all i can do is laugh....8pm wont come quick enough...but its time to put away the glue....and get them in the showers.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Something to Share-GIGA Tribe

Thought I would share this. I run a preschool with about 12 kids most days so I thought I would share something for you stay at home moms with toddlers to heck like 4th grade.

There's a group called giga tribe. The link will be below. But on this site you sign up and then gain friends and can download for free all kinda of things. From music to videos to (for me especially) preschool worksheets and crafts, cross stitch and soo much more etc. for free. If you add me I can get my 200 plus friends to add you as well and then you will have a huge array to choose from.

Now there's a free version or you can pay a yearly fee. I do the free for 30 days and then you just re-new it or you can pay. The only difference is if you do the free version you can only download one thing at a time whereas if you have the paid version you can download as many as you like.

Anyway, I thought I would share this...when you sign up just shoot me a comment on here of your user name or invite yourself to me.... I'm sayitsbyu and I will get you a ton of friends with only common interests...that way you only get items you want to look through...but this is truly a great resource for anything from the listed above to recipes, home decor and more!!!!

So, here is the link, just click on the free version at the top of the I said this is great for sooo many resources of finding things and its all for free...and you can chat with the ladies on yor list as well to find what ur looking through or just look through their files. Got any questions...ask and I can help out.


Men and their TOYS!!

Ok, so I'm not sure how many ladies reading have men that like video games and anything tech. but, by gosh I have a man that loves is technology. He loves staying on top of it...knowing whats new...even if he knows we will NEVER--I REPEAT NEVER be able to afford it he loves learning all about it!

So, I have been sitting here for hmm about over an hours watching him.....hes been playing a golfing game...I think some tiger woods game on the x-box 360. He's a bit obessed at this point now that he has unlocked everyhting to play tiger. It's funny to me to watch him. He's to the point that you think he's actually playing for 100,000 dollars. hahahahah He is talking to the tv, the controler and himself...even his character on tv.

Don't get me wrong he's not one of those obsessed players who does nothing but play...but the kids are in bed and he's really been busy the past few days helping me...but by gosh...I dont think I have ever seen a girl yelling at a tv, talking to fictional character...although this one is very life-like because he created a charater that looks ironically like himself. LOL But while sitting here I got on the net..and there's like 10 windows pulled up of new tech stuff.....

But, hes really into this type of stuff. Not just games but like I said all forms of technology. I don't know how many times we have gotten him a new phone (luckily always for almost free!) and two days later he's looking at something new that just came out or new ways to add stuff to the phone he has which may ultimately break his the less he feels the need to always make it do as much as he can or to know exact detaiils of better things that just came out......that there's no way we can afford for like years ...when it has gone way way way down in price! This is the part that drives me nuts. I can get soemthing new and well...I"M HAPPY. I have no need to keep looking right then at something I cant have thats "Better" Maybe it's just me...but when I see him looking at it always kills me!!

I can't explain why...but it does.....I just think to myself....didn't we just get a new game or phone or ipod or something... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Am I odd for feeling this way? As its not like hes saying I want this now...but for some reason it frives me nuts that hes always looking for bigger and better....partly because gosh you buy something and within 5 minutes its out of date in the tech. world.

Anyway...looking for some thought on whether or not I am crazy!

Glittered snowflakes and ornament give away

Ok, so after some thought I have decided to give 2 Lucky people some great glittered chipboard snowflakes and ornaments.
All you have to do is leave a comment on my blog.....refer others to leave a comment. On Dec. 1st I will draw 2 names from the list of those who have commented as of todays date. Maybe more if there's alot!!!

Now here's how this works...if your refer someone to my blog and they leave a comment they too are able to be in the drawing but for each person that says you refered them you get your name put in one additional time per person referred. (Be sure to have them mention your blog name in their comment)

I have photos of some of my pieces on here...but up for grabs are some very beauitful snowflakes and ornaments. All of my pieces are sealed so the glitter never comes off and still glistens. I will mail all out to you. These are great for home decor...scrapbooks or to use on the tree!

Just keep in mind these are done with top of the line chipboard and superfine glitters and sealed! Also the photos above are some example but are not very clear as they were taken with a web-cam. Also willing to do special colors for the winners....

If this goes well...I'm going to be doing all kinds of little raffles...hmm maybe even a paperbag album....we shall there interest in a paperbag album? You let me know.

Friday, October 17, 2008


So, this one is going to be a bit more of a venting and ranting session than anything. LOL I can't help it I'm just very peeved.

So, I have 4 girls from the same mother. Now, I don't like saying anything bad about anyone but oh my goodness I'm at my wits end trying to figure this girl out. Everyday her kids show at 8 am...2 of them anyway...then i get the other 2 at 11 when kindergarten is out...NOw, I dont have them three days out of the week now because of her schedule. It was suppose to be the days they are here by 8....they are picke dup by 8...and then the days they come at 11 they get picked up at about 11 at night...but it's turned into her running around town with her friends and such before and after work...and she just leaves these poor kids here....they never see her.

While I am greatful they can be with me...someone stable with a schedule and learning's gotten to the point...that their teachers speak more with me concerning the children and their behavior than they do their mother.

Last week she called and said she was getting off work early to take the kids to the like 6:30 she would be here right ater supper to get I told them and they were sooooooo excited!!! Then she didnt show so I called her...and texted her...cause one of the girls was making herself sick she was sooo upset about her not showing.....the mother showed no remorse and didn't 8 rolls around and the hubby watched them and helps them get ready for bed and I run to go get soem milk....and what do I see.....but shes at the fair with a bunch of the carney guys hanging out!!!!!!!!

I felt sooo bad for these poor kids...cant't even tell them honestly moms at I'm waiting and waiting for her...texting her that now 2 of the girls were really upset.....and again NOTHING!!! Then she doesn't show up until almost mid-night- which would have been the normal time to come...but........she said she was coming early!!!! Then when she showed she reaked of beer and cigs!!!! I was sooo sooo peeved for myself and those poor girls....

I re-eliterate how upset the girls were and she goes into a long story of having to work over-time and blah blah blah...then she say "GOSH I DONT KNOW WHY THEY ARE SO UPSET I JUST SPENT 3 DAYS WITH THEM" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Talk about making this mama mad!!! I was at a loss of words.

Now, its not just this- she also drops the girls off late to school everyday...and the schools policy for tardiness is if the kids are late 5 days in a row they have to spend their recess in the office in time out...whihc i think is nuts and have tried to talk to they know me more then the mother....but....its policy...and so for the past three weeks the girls have gotten no recess cause after the 5th day...each day afterwards that they are late they are in the office until they are there on time!! And the mom has been told this and just doesnt care...says shes always going to be late cause shes up late and has 4 kids to get ready.......granit I know how hard it can be but i get to the school on time with 10!!!!! So, I know she can do it if she tried!

Now, I watch these children cause the office at the school knows me and what I do and was hoping I could give the kids some balance and stability cause they were getting picked up late and never knowing who was getting them...and I get paid by SRS and really do need the income from these children...but ahhhhhh it just leave sme without words of sickness for these poor kid and her complete lack of parenting.

I was a single mom and know how hard it can be...but gosh she's not even trying. Even on the days I dont have the children I wait at the school for someone to pick up the somedays they dont know who's getting them.....Two days ago...i waited for 45 minutes with them...calling everyone I knew might be one was suppose to come get them...then I see mom drive by and stop by the fair they were packing up and geting ready to her kids sit waiting and worring about if they will get picked up or if I will take them.....

I ended up taking them home with me...then I get a call from mom....she says ohhhh I was doing dishes and was going to be on time today and time just got away from me......and I was like I saw your car by the fair grounds though....and she says ohhhhh well someone else has my I say then how you going to pick them up......she had no answer and showed up minutes later in her car! ahhhhhhhhhhhh

My heart just aches for these poor kids.....I feel for them....and try to offer the mom advice but at the same time don't want to push her away cause who knows where these poor kids would end up at then and I really can't loose that income and try to find 4 more kids right now.

Any adivice would be more than helpful and I am at a loss right now. They show up and some weeks spend 65 hours a week with I am pratically raising them...which looks better now bu I also only get paid for 45 hours a week....I mean I shower them, feed them 3 times a day put them to bed....I do homework with them I do it all!!! Now, i know she's taking advantage, but at the smae point I really want the girls to have the stability and love I knw they rec. from me and my they get to do alot with us that they'd never have the options to do with theri lacking mother.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

How Does This Happen

So, due to a change in one of my parents schedules I have found myself dumb founded. This week began a new schedule for me on Tuesdays. I have found myself with only my 3.5 year old daughter between 8am and 11am.

When I first heard of the schedule change I was elated with excitment...thinking of all the things I would do in those few yet greatly need hours without an over-flowing amount of children.

Then Tuesday arrived.....and I was up by 6 as ususal to get kids dressed and everyone off to school. Then Desiree and I sat.....hmm what would we do after 7:45. So, we decided to go ahead and make the chili...she loves helping me was fun but didnt take much we made corn bread.....then blueberry muffins.....then cleaned up everything and did some light housekeeping around the house..and some un-packing since we just moved a week ago.

Then we sat down.....hmm what should we's only we did some coloring and fun stuff for her before she decided she wanted to go play on her own. I bewilderment...should I just sit and relax or DO SOMETHING. In all honesty I havent been in this tpe of situation for about 8 months to where I had more than 30 minutes with just my child in the house...other than the wee hours of the morning.

I thought to myself...How does this happen. I was sooo excited for some ME time with Desi and just with me....and then I get it and have accomplished the mornings tasks with plenty of time to spare......Have you ever been here? I keep a short list of things that shoud get done if I have a few spare moments but I felt like by doing them I was wasting some "special" time for me...yet I really wasnt in the mood to do anything like scrapbooking or reading.

I found myself a bit lost and thrown off track I guess. I had no children to break up arguements or entertain or teach or cook for...or anything...since desi had decided to do her own thing....hmmmmm

I'm interested to know if this has happened to you. To where you finally get those hours you have longed for forever...and then when you get them you;d oddly confused with what to do with them!! I just wanted to laugh at how messed up am I. LOL

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Every Girl Loves Some Sparkle!- (without the mess!)

What little girl doesn't love glitter! Well, I love to scrapbook and am still infatuated with glitter. Here are a few pieces I recently worked on.

Here's the key to my glittered pieces. I am always trying to do better and more with my shapes and how detailed I can get them with glitter and glitter alone. Now my secret is to use a nice thick glue...I prefer mod podge- which you can get at any craft store or even wal-mart.

Then I glitter the area...let dry for a good few hours. Handle as little as possiable! I prefer the super-fine glitter for most projects. Then I take a clear acrylic sealer spray also available everywhere and spray the shapes evenly and be sure to get along the edges. Let them sit for a few hours. Now most of the sprays do smell so I do this on the porch.....then they can dry and air out a bit so as to not smell up the house....keep in mind it will not stink after a bit! Promise!

Now you have great looking glittered pieces- by the way this works on just about every type of go nuts!!!!! I use stencils to do clothes and shoes for my 3year old to add sparkle to her items as well....cause she loves glitter to!

Also, the sealers come in flat and glossy....and the glitter does not use any of its sparkle or anything after being sprayed, actually makes the glitter more intense....but it does stay in place...with none rubbing off onto scrapbook pages or your hands or anything! Its just great!

Just thought I'd share! More helpful hints to come!

The Price of a Mom

The price of a mom: $138,095

A report assigns a salary to a stay-at-home mother, based on the jobs she does in a normal week.What's a mom worth?According to one report, $138,095 a year.

That's the figure in a study put out by, which calculates the wages that would have been paid a stay-at-home mom in 2007 if she were compensated for all the elements of her "job." That total was up 3% from 2006's salary of $134,121.Moms who have jobs outside the house would earn another $85,939 for their mothering work, beyond what they bring home in existing salary.

Talk back: What's your "mom work" worth?The job descriptions that used to determine a mom's salary includes 10 jobs that moms do on an average day: housekeeper, day care center teacher, cook, computer operator, laundry machine operator, janitor, facilities manager, van driver, CEO and psychologist.

Plenty of overtime In calculating a mom's wages, looked at the "overtime" that both working and stay-at-home moms put in each week."Mom works multiple jobs and rarely gets a break from the action, working an average of 52 hours of overtime," said Bill Coleman, senior vice president at, in a statement.

According to the survey, stay-at-home moms work a 92-hour week, with more than half the workweek spent in overtime. Working moms, meanwhile, logged more than nine hours of "overtime," with an average 49-hour "mom" work week -- on top of their full-time paying jobs.

For the survey, more than 40,000 moms quantified their hours per job description; benchmarked the median salaries for each job to the national median salary for each position as reported by employers. The final salary was calculated by weighting the salaries and hours worked in each role.

Updated Oct. 1, 2008

I just thought this was very interesting...makes me feel a bit better...always knowing I do alot but also being "worth" more compared to years ago when people gave being a stay at home mom or work at home mom no value at all other than it being an obligation! I choose to be here and lvoe every minute and love knowing hmmmmm I would actualy make alot of

Monday, October 13, 2008

Scrapbook paper bag albums

A paperbag album I created for my daughter to record little notes about her.

Paper bag album created to hold stories and memories for my youngest son.

Here is one of the paper bag albums I created just for holding stories all about my eldest son.

Something you can't really see on the pictures is all of the little people on 2 of the albums are chipboard and then glittered by me...they are just sooo darn cute......if anyone has an interest in knowing how to make these shoot me a comment and I'll do a post about it!


So, the house is almost quiet...two of the eldest children are playing. But for the most part all you can hear is the peacefull slumber of the children all sleeping.....this is one of my favorite times of day. This is when I get things done that Have to be done NOW and this is when I sit and take what sometimes is my first breath of the day...but today is especially special....its one of those great slightly windy rainy days...It just screams fall!!! Yells bring on the hot coco!

Now there is a downside to this weather....all of the 11 kids here today are trapped inside...but its a great day to wrok on some great fall projects and worksheets...which they always love.

But this weather while most find it nasty gives me that clean everything gets cleaned away...not only the dirt and such outside but this type of weather is like a fresh start! And I love it!

I love feeling the leaves crunch under my feet and hearing the bristling whispers of the leaves that still remain in the trees. It's just Great!! Great!! Great!!

Just thought I would share this great it will only last a few more moments untill all of the children awake for entertainment!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Note On Life- in general anyway

When I was 19 I was an assistant editor of a smaller newspaper...circulation was around I once wrote an editors column. As i sat here this evening I was reminded of a column I wrote about my son...then very young in comparison to life.I remember he spent well over an hour playing with this was one of those large dump trucks...he was trying to sit in it...and each time he attempted to I watched as he got dumped out of it. I swear he must have tried to master it well over 20 times...each time getting dumped out. I remember recalling how much I looked up to his drive. he was bound and determined to sit in it...and not that day...not even the next day...but a few days later after trying every chance he got finally mastered his balance and remained seated without falling. I was truly inspired.

What does this all have to do with anything you ask? Well think about many times have we strive for object, a person a feeling even...and fallen short the first so many times we have tried to acquire it.....did you give up...knowing you may fall on your rear...did you push on towards your goal or did you let it go defeated with a sore behind? Years ago I would have said I always pushed on until I got what i wanted. But now I have found over the past few years under my belt that life is precious. I lost my sister this past well as my great grandfather...both hit very close to home. I think everyone can would be easier if it were simplified...let me ask do you simply do your own life...are you running all the time...barely noticing details or are you enjoying life fr what it is. Something i have discovered over the past few years is the details soo help you appreciate life. I have learned to simplify in so many areas of my life....I used to push and battle if I felt what i felt or thought was true...but have learned that my feelings may indeed be sincere, but the way they are approached aren't always that simple. I'm sure you have all been there...when u look at yourself...and say hmm maybe I took that a bit too far...or was that really worth the fight. You see so many details when your heart is father can vouch that I used to be someone who held onto every last thing...holding it forever...thinking if i did some day i would make other see things my way or believe me...but truth is...when u do that you are just fighting...fighting the simplification, the great details in life.The greatest simplification in my life ( not saying its easy at all) was to learn to look at myself before pointing the fingers at other....this is much harder than it me!!!

I have learned to love this too isn't as easy...yes i love certain things about myself...but I mean truly love do this I have must.....look to yourself first--meaning instead of pointing fingers and blame...take responsibility for your own actions...that's all u really can do...u will never be able to force others to do it...then this is important...learn to forgive yourself...whether religious or not...if you cant forgive will u forgive yourself...and let me say now...if you say "but I don't have anything to forgive about myself" hahahahhahaha that's my laugh for you because we are all guilty of living a less than righteous life at some point. But let me also say when u learn to look at your self and then forgive then have this great free-ness about you...others can spot it miles away...and most importantly I have found after you do the previous 2 you then are able to love and forgive others...and don't try to fool yourself...there's no way you can love and forgive others if you cant yourself first...

In short...all relationships depend on 2 individuals...whether in a intimate relationship, a family relationship or a friendship...all types depend on two people loving and forgiving themselves in order to do so to others.

I can truly vouch for this....I am friends with people from my life that look at me like I am crazy...but just think...are those judging..happy with their own lives....if so then why do they feel the need to judge you. My advice is that if you can not look at yourself...then try your best not to judge others...cause how fair is that.......we all have responsibility in this life and things that one is ever blameless...or we wouldn't be human......and as I's not meant to be easy or it wouldn't be life...but it sure is fun!!! So be sure to have fun along the way!

I am lucky to have people in my life who accept me for who I am as do i them......I mean isn't that only fair...accept others for their flaws and you'd be surprised who accents you for yours as well....and don't kid yourself we all have flaws!
Pictured above is my youngest child-Landyn can't believe he will be 2 on halloween!

Tasty Fall Treat- pumpkin seeds!

So, every year we carve our pumpkins we save the seeds. Yesterday, my children a 4 children I watch in the evenings carved some great pumpkins...and we cleared all the weeds to I thought I would share three ways we cook them.

First clear all the seeds...its okay for a bit of pulp as it adds to the taste. DO NOT RINSE THE SEEDS. It can take away some essential oils and flavors.

Recipe 1
Spread a tablespoon of oil on a sheet pan and lay the seeds in one even layer. Sprinkle with salt of choice. ( love sea salt), give the pan a little shake to make sure tha salt get everywhere. Then bake at 300 for 15-20 minutes r until lightly brown

Recipe 2
Spread honey...a very thin layer about 2 tablespoons on the botton of the pan...salt if desired and then spread out in an even layer then bake on 300 for 15-20 minutes

Recipe 3
Spread seeds in an even layer on pan and then sprinkle with a surgar and cinnamon mix....I always say mix i ahead of time to taste. You can once again give the pan a good few shakes and then sprinkle a bit more to coat both sides! Its up to you. Then bake at 300 for 15-20 minutes.

Each gives its own great taste!!! And all are loved by all the members in my family.....

PS- Something we tried last year...thinning down some peanut butter with a wisk -Add a small amount if syrup to make it a bit thinner...just so that its thick enough to coat the seeds...pour the mixture into a bowl and then mix seeds into it...strain if needed and put on pan and bake as above...these were really great as well!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Day In My Life-Utterly Insane!!

So, after a bit of thought I decided to post a mini-description of a day in my life. I had a few ladies emial me privatly requesting to know some of these so here they are. I actually kept track all last week and most are right on and some averaged for the day. Please keep in mind the hubby is here from orning till 2 everyday as well.

- I have the following on a daily basis at one point or another- girl-9 months, boy-23months, girl, 2.5, girl-3.5, girl-4, girl-5, girl-5, girl-6, girl-6 boy-5, boy-4, boy-9, and on special days-girl-5, boy-3.5.

-I am normally awake by 5:30 to a few children- my own...they are early risers...always have been. then at about 6:30 I have children to begin to arrive.....

- by mid-afternoon I have anywhere between 9-12 children in my care.

- I create 7-12 breakfasts

- I create 12 snacks

- I create 12 lunches

- I create 12 more snacks

- I created 8 dinners

- I feed one large dog twice a day

- I feed 2 gerbils

- I sweep and mop my floors 2-3 times a day

- I vaccume an almost 2000sq ft house 4 times a day

- I do the dishes between 5-8 times a day by hand

- I put 8 children to bed

- I bathe 8 children

- I plan and teach preschool-kindrgarten activities throughout 8 hrs of the day to children in my care.

- I try to remember to shower each day

- I try to sleep a full night but often do not as the hubby gets home at 2 am to talk

- I do 6-8 loads of laundry a day - sometimes it only gets folded and delivered to the room but its clean.

- I clean up toys a countless number of times each day

- I scrapbook when I get a chance

- I nap when the time allows- which is NEVER

- I work 7 days a week! Normally from 6 am to 1 am with other peoples children!

- I read my bible when I get the chance not as often as I wished to

- I wipe mor faces then I can even count

- Clean markers and crayons off faces, walls and carpet a few times a day

- Go through at least 12 bandaids a day

- Clean spilt milk and other bodily fluids from sofas, chairs and sooo much more at least 5 times a day.

- I serve on average 70 drinks a day between bottles, milk in sippy cups and water. ( we dont do juice or sodas)

- Walk twice a day to the school 3 blocks away with between 3-8 kids to pick up children.

- check emails and run an on-line scrapbooking group and assorted on-line blogs and preschool groups as often as I can.

- Daily update my preschool web-site for parents to look over what they did, have done and how they behaved.

-Updated at least 6 sets of parents as to how their child has done for the day.

-Work with many children the minute on potty

- Try to have a couple over once a week in the evening or at least one friend- but it may take us 4 hrs to watch a 1.5 hr
- 2 times a day feel a young man through a feeding tube in his belly
- 4 times a day give two children breething treatments as need.
- 2 times a week bake fresh goodies!
-OWWWW and soo proud of this one- last week- moved with 9- 12 children in care- only across the street but I did it in 2 days with the help of the hubby and one of his friends we managed to have the old ouse cleaned and ready for the next and the new house unpacked and ready to live in with-in 3 days!

Ok, so I'm sure I left a few things out but I got many emails from parents of 4 or less children wondering what my day looked like and how in the heck I got through it.....and let me tell you ladies its not for the they moneys not that great! But, there's a snippit from my day to day life...enjoy.....
Pictured at top is my darling daughter who is now 3.5!