Monday, October 27, 2008

Things Your Mom Never Told You-part 1

1. Sometimes Men dont want sex! And those are the times YOU DO!
2. Your kids probably will not like you more than they will like you.
3. New recipes aren't always good...or turn out at all.
4. Sometimes you have Sex just becasue...not to make a baby and not because your into in but just cause.
5. Cooking isn't always fun
6. Sometimes lookng really good....hurts really bad
7. Men can sleep around and never hear a word....if you have sex with 2 people you get very un-nice terms.
8. Sometimes it doesn't matter if you have a sweet new baby- theri poop still stinks!
9. Not all moms can handle a bloody head wound without getting woozy--its not something that just comes with being a mom.
10. Not all relationships are 50/50
11. Your monthly visitor will always suck- even if you don't have PMS- it sucks!
12. Shave often and he expects them to be always shaved...shave less often and he's just thrilled when they are shaved.
13. At some point you will want to run away screaming...crying...and maybe even terrified!
14. Staying at home is the hardest job EVER! But you won't get paid or reconized for most of what you do.
15. Not all men are into sports- I went years thinking all men were as nuts as those in my family! Then every guy I ae been with are really not into it much at all....go figure.
16. All men want to be pampered by you! But...may not pamper you in return.
17. If you get a dog for the family...the hubby, the children--don't kid yourself...its your dog! You will potty train it...take it out and clean up after it.
18. You will feel guilty!
19. After having a may not get to or sleep
20. Once you go to the bathroom in front of him--you loose a little something
21. You CAN say no
22. You don't have to be nice all the time!
23. It's okay to leave those dirty dishes there...and sit and do nothing
24. Life can turn out great....but it's never a fairy tale
25. Life isn't easy...even if you have a good education...make alot of money...everyone has bumps and bruises from life.
26. If you do something in the begining of a relationship....he's going to think you will do it forever.
27. Plans NEVER GO exactly as planned-but roll with it
28. He can NEVER tell you that you have gained weight....but you can get away with it.
29. Never be sitting when he comes through the door- or he somehow gets the impression that thats all you do.
30. Not all men open doors, put gas in your car, and other small things
31. It's okay to vent, yell, talk, and cry for no real reason at all
32. He will NEVER understand what you go through as a mom-whether you stay at home or not.
33. You don't get married and have a home--you have a house- its your job to make it a home.

ok so this is only part one...will try to do additional parts weekly.

Another Monday

Ok, So I watch other peoples children 7 days a week...but Monday is always the day of kinda happiness for me...why because on Tuesday, wed, thur. I only have children from 5 am to 6pm But with this great happiness of only having my own kids in the evening I deal with 12-13 during the day on monday till about 6 in the evening. Today is one of those "way off" days.

Not only do I have all my kiddos...and by this I mean my full time kids and my pt time kids. But, today I got thrown a bone to also deal with...parent teacher conferences! So, all thekids are out of school...and during nap time I have scheduled 3 p/t conferences. One for my own and two for two girls who's mother could care less to show up to the teachers asked me to come...since I am with these girls over 60 hrs a week. Hmmmmm

Luckily the hubby is here till 2. Granit he's not much help when he sleeps till 10-11...but he works late I kinda undestand...hmm ok thats a LIE...I don't get it but am trying to deal with it better. I mean most nights I am up till 12 wating for the girls to get picked up and then some nights I'm up till he gets him at 2 ish...and I still awake and take care of things. So, ya...I really dont get how I can function and make it with 4-5 hrs of sleep.....not that i recommend it but I do

Today I am hopeful for a good day...everyone kinda had an off attitude yesterday...and I was thinking we'd all get out and rake some leaves and get some fresh very windy

I have a very interesting post to come later today.....I thought of it last night and felt very be on the look out.