Saturday, November 1, 2008

Little nothings-but somethings for HIM

Tonight I thought I might blog about something a bit different. I thought I'd make a little list of great things to do FOR HIM. These are little things...some corny but all will get across to him how much you feel for him and all he often we get in the rut of "talking to" not talking with him...these are all things I have done at one point or another and have gotten great responses from...even if he's a macho man (not meaning that in a bad way but hmm not sure how else to put try one or two out...every now and then...and see what happens.

- Leave a lipstick message ----so this is something of a tradition for me. Every now and then I will leave a personal message on the bathroom mirror (you could also do a bedroom mirror and dont be discouraged of a kids mirror cause it's not a honry I normally leave something like the follow......"you still give me butterflies" or "I love you soo much xoxox" or "thanks for all you do" and I have to say ladies he absolutely loves these!!!

- If you don't normally...great him with a big hug, kiss and his fav. drink when he comes through the door...guys just love this!

-Send him a little text...consisting only of words of endearment- such as "can't wait till you get home" or "thinking of you" this just lets him know matter what and how hectic your day is or took a sec. to think about him

- Bake his favorite treat or dessert for no reason at all.

- Fix his plate- meaning instead of him having to get his own plate on those nights you don't eat at the table...get it for him...and bring it to him...if you don't normally do this...this means a ton to a guy! I don't know why but it just don't say a word and bring it to does wonder...I've even had some of my friends boyfriends look at me like I am nuts when I bring them their plate when they are's crazy how much men are blown away by this! Then when he's done...take his plate to the sink if he doens't want more for the's just a great one...

- The respect note-- ok so this is a great one I leared through a very great marriage seminar- you sit down adn really think..and write him a little note letting him know....NOT that your soo in love with him......but how much you appreciate and respect him and love him...then name a few things your are truly greatful for that he does for you and your family...or how hard he works for you all. Then you slip this into his wallet or his luch or briefcase...somewhere he's bound to look... mean knwo that you love them...because your a they don't always know you appreciate and respect them for them and for what they do.

- When you get ready for bed...or when you are sure to have a good 30 minutes without interruption ( i me i know how hard this is but make the time if even for only 10 minutes) and sit down without saying a word...give him a neck or back or foot massage..... and ou did it just because.

- Buy him something small and insignificant to anyone but him...when doing the dishes think about it....something small that would spark a memory for him or something he'd love...get it wrap it and leave it on his pillow or next to his towel the nest morning... not on a special occasion but for no reason other than you were thinking of him.

Okay here are just a few of what I have...need more ideas..hit me up.

Now here's the big deal gals--- when you do any of these don't say a word...if you do the respect not...i repeat do matter how much you want to do not ask him the sec he gets home or on that luch break phone call what he thought or if he read it...normally you'll see it without even having to say a word...meaning...maybe he does or sas something to you...but you let him lead the way...or leave it be..most men...not all but most aren't big or great about talking about these things...btu it doesnt mean it didn't mean the world to do it...and then...thats it unless he brings it up...which he might...I have a girlfriend who did the respect note and he came to her and said "wow...did you really mean all that" and of course she sais yes...and he was amazed...since words like this aren't often spoken.

But whatever you do don't use these tricks as all know what I in two weeks from when you do something........dont pipe out..."well I gave you a massage...and then you did nothing for me and im the one here all the time and working and i did something for you and i got nothing!" The point is to do something because you were thinking of him and love him...not to get something in return...and trust me if you do little things like this often 9 times out of 10 you will see little different thins from him as well.

Interested to see if anyone tries one of let me know if you do or if you'd like to see more little somethings but nothings to do for him

Things Your mother never told you PART 2

- Some men like to cuddle
- After being with kids all day and cleaning you may not feel like cuddling
- Your children will repeat half of what you say ALL OF THE TIMES YOU DONT WANT THEM TO
- Bigger isn't always better
- You will always need "special time" for yourself each day
- Cheaper almost always is "good enough"
- Your thoughts and actions will rarely get you a thank you card or call but you will stil put forth all efforts as always.
- Blinds, windows and basebords and ceiling fans- almost never get cleaned as much as they should--- but thats okay!
- You can make a mess in the kitchen and get away with it- HE can never make a mess in the kitchen and leave it!
- At some point HE will pass gas....and leave the room- or wave the cover or turn his head and laugh while you breathe it all in ( I personally reccomend wacking him over the head at the first occurance to avoid further
- He will not always show his love and appreciation for all you do for him and your children...but he feels it and you know it.
- You NEVER stop learning once you have children.
- It's okay to step outside or into your room and scream! Who cares who feel good.
- It's good to have a great heavy duty cast iron skillet...they make great meals and are great head wackers when he steps out of line...hahahah ok that ones just for me!
- Not all women watch soaps...and if you do it's ok..he watches the same thing......their just on at night!
- It's okay to window shop for things you know you will never be able to afford....just because your old doesn't mean can't dream like a little girl.
- It does take a village to raise your children...but that doesn't mean you can take the villages comments without losing it!
- You can do corny sweet things for him to...
- You don't have to be like any other mom on the block!
- It's okay to not wear any make-up or to get your hair done everyday....
- You can eat dessert first
- When you kiss a man that chews tobbacco--be expecting an extra (i learned this one the hard way)
- Sometimes you feel like doing nothing- so do just that!
- The internet can be addicting- esp. as a sahm- but you learn to do things twice as fast to insure thye are
- It's okay to rant and rave to complete strangers- because sometime...somewhere....someone will be touched and share those feelings

okay ladies here's this weeks on the look out weekly for this.

Gas Prices!

So, i hate to say something...because my big mouth will say something and will go away...but I was blown away today...I went to fill up on gas....and saw gas in down to $2.07 here....I was thrilled....I know they say it may not stay like that but for now at least it will give us a small break on picking up kids and the hubby going 30 minutes to work back and forth each day....

And I am not taking this price for granted...I spoke briefly with my x-husband tonight concerning our daughter together and brought up gas here's how bog the difference is from place to place...I'm right outside of topeka, Kansas about 45 minutes...he's outside of denver, colorado about 40 minutes. I am paying like I said 2.07 and he said he hasnt seen anything under 2.39 but the avg is around 2.59-2.79. I was in shock that there's was that big of a difference. I realize some may only see it as 20-50 cents but gosh I think we all have seen how those jumps in price can cost us tons more for just living...........not even counting the fun stuff...

anyway, I just wanted to share this little tod bit...if you have a moment drop me a comment letting me know major city you live near....state...and what the avg. price of gas is for you.

Nov. 1st Already

Wow...does anyone else feel as though this year just went by in a blink of the eye......I know people say that every year...and I'm pretty sure I remembered a few months...weeks back when i thought it felt as though some days would never be finished.......but this year just seems to of zoomed by me...and I hate it!!!

But, I do love that it's November...I love this time of means constant decorating for me...lots of card preps for my eldest birthday and thanksgiving and christmas! I love each year making as many gifts as I can for friends and family in order to save a few bucks here and there to spend extra on my close family.

Each year I do that's something for me to begin planning and thinking about! I love hosting and love love love cooking and was thinking of trying some new things this year now that we have a bit more space with the new house. If anyone has some cute table toppers that woudl br great to pass along as I normally make eerything including the placemats and napkin holder and name tags....not too many folks come to our thanksgiving but I still doing it up the best that I can!! I'm a paper crafter so anything along those lines are always much appreciated! OWWW and then Christmas..don't get me started there...I'm not huge on gift giving but...I do love this time of year....heck I was singing Christmas songs in August. LOL. I know may of you hate it...but I love the spirit of everyone...the smiles...the giving...everything...more about that later.

So, I already have swept through the house and put away all Halloween decorations...including the horrific front porch area...and started putting out Thanksgiving and general fall items. Love Love Love IT. I love making my house a home......warm and fun and full of great exciting times this time of year...even though we're always broke....we make a little go along way!!! And, if I can get paid by SRS for some kids....that would be the best gift of all....debt paid off....who can ask for a better gift than that!

All, the kids must have been very warn after last night because they all are going on hr 2 of their nap.....Taylor my eldest got a quick learned on taxes today....he got 25 bucks from g-pa for his report card...5 dollars per A. So, we went to the store and he only had 25...and was looking at a 25 dollar toy...and i pointe dout there would be taxe and he wouldn't have any money to pay them...Now before some of you start moaning..."why couldnt you help him out for such a small amount" See normally I do this for him...but today....I wanted himt o add his own...and fig it all out on his own...he's almost 9...which to me means to start getting a good grip on how far a buck goes and how to handle your the end he decided to go to dollar general.....he got 8 seperate toys and have 4 bucks to spare...which he vouched to save for a dont carry soda or juice in my these are special treats for him...overall I felt really good about his decisions..he even tested toys with batteries to ensure they worked so he didn't have to buy more...and avoided anything that needed more than one battery so as to not have to buy alot of them...after he saw the cost of batteries.

Ahhhh, I am a bit sleepy....of which I dont know why...the hubby got up this morning and had our kiddos help him clean the house and vaccum so I could sleep in til about 8...which is great...cause I was up at 5 with my 3 yr old...wondering if she got to trick or treat again that was great to be able just to sit there...and he warned everyone not to touch my door...much less enter and cleaned everything in the downstairs-except the dishes...cause even he hates did the upstairs and all was done before my daycare kids arrived!

So, i have 3.5 degrees and the hubby got his ged and never went to school and with him being quite bored with his job I offered he might look into going to school for smething he's interested in and sent away for a local community college course it today and he's got three things he's looking at doing on-line and I even might take a we're both very excited about that...cause I really miss school and love going to an actual class but my life truly has no time without other peoples

Well, thats it......for now anyway!