Monday, May 9, 2011

Why are people so self concerned......

So, I apologize for the lapse in posting. I have been trying to get my crafting blog underway and it's taken a bit of time up. And, to be honest.. been pretty boring around here.

I'm attempting to adjust to no longer having 12 kiddos in care and no assistant. makes everything a little harder. Going to the bank, running out of toilet paper... everything.... much harder. On top of all of that also been struggling with parents being upset with me. Since I no longer have an assistant I can no longer just take siblings when they do not have school at their preschools. I'm getting calls that give me 2 days notice their even out and by then its a matter of luck if I can get an assistant in here on such short notice. in my thinking I'd think parents would prefer to make their own arrangements as opposed to me taking on extra kids and being over my limit... which can get me in great trouble.

However, this is not the case.. instead it turns into them treating me like I'm letting them down and screwing them over. I had disappointing people much less not being able to do what they want. But, in this particular instance I just can't! However, no one looks at how their reactions to me not being able to take their kids at a whims notice affects me.

Sometimes it feels everyone only cares how it affects them. I wish I could get across to people that if I did what they wanted and didn't worry about the precautions then they could end up with no care at all if I were to get into trouble for having too many kids.

It's such a stress... all the time... worrying about my life affecting my parents. At times I often wonder how can people be soo selfish. I consider the fact that i used to be able to take the spare siblings however all of my parents know that I no longer have an assistant and can no longer just take them without notice.... but they almost make it seem like care for their children that are not enrolled in my daycare is my problem.. grrrrrrrr