Thursday, December 3, 2009

OK, so after many e-mails.....I'm back

So, yes I know........I've gotten prolly over 20 emails wondering where in the heck i have been. Hmm best answer I have to muster is...ummmm I fell into a black hole and spent many months thinking deeply in meditation...and now I'm back. Refreshed and rejuvenated and BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

So, seriously...umm Ive just been far too lazy. I remember about a year ago I'd read of ladies not have the time or energy to blog and I how can they not...but in the large scheme of things...blogging might of been good for me but I set it aside...for ever online chat, phone call, child, time alone, naps, and anything else I could come up with not to get on and just type.

Been following my faves none the less. Some of those moms just crack me up on a daily basis I tell u. I thought I was blunt and some of these ladies make me blush. I'll have to be sure to share them in a post after i get them all compiled.

So, my best freind had a baby......omg....... soo cute...I adore her. Been waiting 9 months for her and oh my gosh made me wish i had 10k lying arund to pop one i miss the touch and the feel...o u remember before htey can give u that dirty looks, or say no...they are sweet and innocent and oh my baby in

So, what have I been doing. Well I'm sure I could list tons of things....but their all things all of u do day to nothing new. Ohhhhhh want to hear some exciting yet totally depressing new...I no longer fit in my fave jeans...hmm and yet I have a special person who doesn't that for something interesting....hmm not too impressive.

For those of u following my past woes with my daughter....hmm well lets just say goign to bed is no longer an issue but oh my word...shes a walking talking mini version of me...I thank god everyday shes not 13 yet. She challenges me daily. The latest. This morning I was talking to her about what she would like from santa. I got some general cute things..."earrings, lip gloss" stuff like that...keep in mind shes 4.5. So, then she looks at me straight faced...630 in the morning and says..."but next yr mom I will be 5! ad in I think I'm going to ask for a bra then so my boobies will grow" I chocked on my coffee and about died............

Taylor is doing well.....seems to like his teacher more this yr..which is a blessing cause i hated the woman from last yr also....she need a broom to ride off on....serioulsy...she was that bad.

Sad to say I haven't scrapped for about 3 months. I have been doing ton do stuff for my etsy shop and for others but lacked the motivation to get in and do anything...but that will change as some family members have asked we do not buy anything but only make gifts....hmm 2 thoughts here...i have money and want to buy...see here's how i see this...I can't get more time but i can always get more is of the essence...and I just have none of it.

So, preschool is great...gotta a group of kids in right now i adore....well most days. Parents are ....hmm they might read this...they are great...wink wink

I know many have asked y I am no longer continuing on my teen mom blog...well I started on a new site.......dont hit me but its for writers and when it comes down to it they publish it for u and do all the crap no one thinks about when it comes to writing a book.

Owww...i cut off all my hair...matt said not to...hes soo not big on short hair...soo umm I had to.....needed a drastic it worked..hence the change in the profile pic....and I soooo love it!

So, ok thats it. This shud suffice for an update blog and no worries I'll get back to the helpful and comical stuff I've been asked to of this as a rough draft back into my