Monday, April 12, 2010


How as people do we not allow fear to consume our thoughts? I'm speaking very generally here. So, many fears to have as a woman, as a mother heck anything these days and everyone for that matter. I of course can only speak from a girl's perspective.

I often find myself thinking about things that could happen or might happen. I wonder how much time I spend thinking about things that honestly I can't say or do nothing about. I certainly can't prevent them from happening if their destined to happen. None the less they occupy my mind more often then not.

They like to strike while I'm laying in bed on those sleepless nights. I often play through my head if I've said and done everything I can to prevent the big ones that bother me the most. Of course I never have a solution...none the less I worry.

Thats all fear seems to be is worrying about something you have no control over. Sucks all the same though. Kinda vague tonight not feeling all to explainitory.