Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Breathing Easier

So, after about a month of high stress things going on. The dust has settled a bit. Alas, here I still stand. Whole and in tact. Alittle dinged up, a few wounds that still need to heal. But, alive and ready to go on. Light is showing at the end of the tunnel.

Ok, so you get it right? Things are on the up and hopefully just keep going in that direction. lol

With the primary bad stress behind me. I say bad stress as in the stuff you have no control over but controls all of your life. Like your health. I'm hoping to finally be able to sleep. After over a month of not getting much sleep and this last week I haven't slept 2 consequitive hours in a row on any given night. Tried everything from sleeping meds to general stuff like tylnol pm and nyquil and well... nothing. Hoping that just maybe... I can rest easy. I definately need to work on not harboring hard feelings on those who have worked oooo soo hard to make my life more complicated. That's going to be the hardest part for me is not having my mind sit on all the ways I could cause them just as many issues. Problem is with me is I don't have the heart to do that. I have enough anger to think up things, but would I ever follow through... nah. Not in my nature. Kill them with kindness right? Ya, well while I may nto be spreading the kindness I'll just let it go... may take a bit.

While all the stress isn't totally behind me I guess I feel like things at least have a solution now. A path to correction. It's hard to explain without giving a ton of details. All in all life is starting to look like it could go back to normal. Well, as much normal as it can. In May, I should be able to explain more... and trust me when those details come out... you'll understand it all. However, as of now I can't share all the details of all the stress. But just had to get on and write something...