Saturday, January 24, 2009

Teen Mom- to grown up blog

I have been wanting for sometime to post something along the lines of how it was to be a teen mom....kinda from the begining...emotions, actions and everything really....was working on a book...kinda but hard to do so with my current schedule so I thought I would create a new blog for it. So if you would like....please feel free to follow it...It's sure to be promising and something that truly...hopefully inspires and openes eyes and hearts. thanks!

That Spark

So, here is one of those wonderful entries to where I am once again seeking advice. For all of you gals who are in a commited relationship or married.

Everyone has heard or or knows of "the honeymoon period" in a relationship. Well I have been quite blessed and have always felt like even though we have been together for some time the hubby and I have had the honeymoon feelings our entire relationship. It seems just recently that I noticed a few things slipping. You know what I get into that comfortable feeling and kinda quite wooing eachother as you may have done during courting or your first few years of marriage. Now I say I am blessed because we have been together over 7 yrs...and I know many relationship slip into the comfortable zone only after one year.

But, I am curious...other than the actualy going out on do you keep the love it what you want...the spark.....the romance, or whatever...I'm interested to hear what you do when you feel like things are kinda mundane...not borning but just when the suprises aren't as often as the were. We go through these spurts and I know they always pass within a week or two but I'm curious to see what other couples do to keep the spark, the butterflies the romance I'm curious to hear what your hubbies do as well....

anyway ladies...looking forward to hearing what you got...don't get me wrong I am not in a rut or anything...I have a great relationship full of love and excitement but am just very curious what you all do do when you feel this way. thanks