Monday, June 29, 2009

A delightfully Sad Day is coming

Desiree is Turning 4!

So, yesterday was Desirees birthday party. She turns 4 on the 4th of July. We had a great day. I rented a great inflatable obstacle course for the party and had pools and more kids then I knew what to do with.

But, later that night I began reflecting "wow in a year she will be in kindgarten." Now it might just be me but for some reason when my son went off I was estastic with I was caring for newborn Desi but was filled with exceitment to have a clean house all day long and hours to myself! I was waving at the bus smiling and pratically went skippingback to the

However with Desi I dont think this will be the case. I was almost brought to tears thinking about how quicky she had grown. I guess with Taylor is all happened so fast and I didn't knwo what to expeect and with Desi, now that i have been through it I want to savor each day- hmmm wel for the most all have read about the days I'd rather

I guess she's growing up and with her its just hitting to fast for comfort. It might of also helped that I had a fresh newborn when Taylor went off so I was focused on that more so then not having him around.

Has anyone else went through this to where for one child you felt great and the other your not looking forward to the day? I'm eager to hear about this.

Sharing some pics of yesterday's events.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Recent Creations

This past week I just had soo much time even with the prechool kiddos that I was able to devote to scrappin. I have been 1-4 pages a day done and I ove it and I have noticed that whie I have been scrappin it seems the flow of my day has been 100 percent better. Not that I dont have good days- cause I have great days! But, I noticed things havent seemed to bother me as much, it's as though I have a bit of a creation release. So, here are some pages done over the last 2 days. I'm not listing materials used but if you want to know them shoot me a comment and I'll spill it.
The above page was soo much fun to make. I loved the gear background paper but wanted to add some depth to it so I added some painted chipboard gears as well as some mini-brads and some metal gears- you can see them below more closely.

Heres just a close up of the gears and such.
The above layout was spun by this adorable paper!!! Im sure everyone has some of these pics lying around. You know the ones around Easter time where the kiddos put the baskets or bucket son their me augh just thinking about it. I also did a little something different for depth by vutting slits in pattern paper and rolling it for some great depth...and it takes no time at al for such a great affect.

Hopefully, I will start sharing more of my pieces as well as getting back to writing a bit more about actua things going I do miss that and have soo much to share with you all!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday Creations

Here's a layout created as well. I just adore it. It took al day to complete due to drying tmes of things but I love the way it turned out!

Materials: Pattern paper and solid paper- My Minds Eye- 29th Street Collection (love the texture of this), Spinner Card and Bird, floral, compass Rub-ons- My Minds Eye, Flowers- Prima, Token and metal spinner and grundgeboard flower and butterfly- Tim Holtz, half pearls- Basic Grey, Title rub-on Creative Imaginations, Scrap works- Nails, Paint-Ranger, fibers, ribbons, vintage german glass glitter.

I flocked the stem of this grundgeboard flower and painted the top with lake mist color. I crisscrossed the ails and fibers. The prima flower was originally red- but I oved it's stye so I painted it to tone it down.

This rub-on was black which I felt was a bit too bold for the paper and accents so I ran the lake mist over it. I did this to the whole sheet of paper to tone down the stars a bit.

This is a spinner card by MME and spinner and grundgeboard butterfly by Tim Holtz. The card was a bit bare so I touched up the edges with paint and then put the MME compass rub-on in the center of it. The butterfly is adorned with vintage german glass gitter- which I adore!
I ran the lake mist paint over the entire page and rub-ons to tone them down the green folage was a bit to bright so by rubbing pant over it as well I got a great look. For the center I simple cut out a pointed oval shape free hand and then distressed it and heavily put paint on it. Then I placed a solid coordinating piece behind it where the hole was and ran paint across it as wel to lighten it up some.
Here is a really fun layout. Ironically the title I chose is also the collection of the The Chipboard tree is inked to give it better definition and the die cut letters have epoxy on them that you can't see that well- but its great! I also cut out a litte fox from a scrap to use at the end of the title. Pattern papers and solid papers- Imaginisce- twitterpated collection, Chipboard bunnies- Sassafrass, die cut letters- Color Bok- Friendly forrest, Ribbon- SEI, Chipboard Tree- Maya Road, Super Mini brads in tree- Queen and Co., Epoxy, ink.
I just adore these great trees. They come in soo many shapes and sizes. I added little brads just for fun!
So, this week somehow I lucked out and have 4 kiddos on vacation at once....leaving me with a rather relaxed week with a more spare moments to play. I got one a day my best work or speediest but gad to be playing none the less.
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

If you say it- stick to it

Ok so when Matt and I first began dating I would aways take his soda or beer can and remove the tab from it. I'm not sure why but I have just always done this. I quickly learned that removing these was a large irritant of his. He didn't like it off and was fearful he woudn't know the tab was in the can and he'd choke while drnking. So, I quit doing it. He'd get soo frustrated when I did was comical. The benefit was thought hat I always knew which can was mine had no tab and his had a tab on it. All is well, make no difference to me.

So, last night my dad and a friend of Matts were over and everyone was sitting on the porch watching the kiddos run wild and play. I sat my drink down and went inside to get ice cream cones prepared....I come back out. Sat down and grabed the can without the tab- I do this naturaly because well I dont have to look I just know its mine- because the tabs missing.

Well, last night I learned just because it can irritate the crud out of you and you never do it- doesn't really mean that you won't do it. I take a large drink from the can-----

and begin gagging and spitting from the horriable taste and wondering whats swimming in my mouth!!!!

The men had been smoking- my dad smokes cigs. and matt was having a cigar...hmm he also chews. I guess he had removed the he knew which can they had used.....for their spit out chew, cig. ashes and buds!!!!!! NASTY-- all swimming in my mouth!!!!!!

So, here's my public plea...if you say something!!!! Stick to it.

It wasn't funny then but luckily I can laugh at it now--- 40 mouth rinses later!