Thursday, June 4, 2009

If you say it- stick to it

Ok so when Matt and I first began dating I would aways take his soda or beer can and remove the tab from it. I'm not sure why but I have just always done this. I quickly learned that removing these was a large irritant of his. He didn't like it off and was fearful he woudn't know the tab was in the can and he'd choke while drnking. So, I quit doing it. He'd get soo frustrated when I did was comical. The benefit was thought hat I always knew which can was mine had no tab and his had a tab on it. All is well, make no difference to me.

So, last night my dad and a friend of Matts were over and everyone was sitting on the porch watching the kiddos run wild and play. I sat my drink down and went inside to get ice cream cones prepared....I come back out. Sat down and grabed the can without the tab- I do this naturaly because well I dont have to look I just know its mine- because the tabs missing.

Well, last night I learned just because it can irritate the crud out of you and you never do it- doesn't really mean that you won't do it. I take a large drink from the can-----

and begin gagging and spitting from the horriable taste and wondering whats swimming in my mouth!!!!

The men had been smoking- my dad smokes cigs. and matt was having a cigar...hmm he also chews. I guess he had removed the he knew which can they had used.....for their spit out chew, cig. ashes and buds!!!!!! NASTY-- all swimming in my mouth!!!!!!

So, here's my public plea...if you say something!!!! Stick to it.

It wasn't funny then but luckily I can laugh at it now--- 40 mouth rinses later!

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