Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You Know You Need A Break When...

So, you know your knee deep in the stresses of day to day life when you find yourself secretly pondering and hoping for something semi bad to happen to you so that you may spend a few days in the hospital.

I mean think about it...food you don't have to cook, a room you don't have to clean, people waiting on you at the push of a buzzer, a bed you don't have to make, sheets you don't have to clean. Now it would have to be something that also involved no visitors...so that way the kids don't come in a terrorize you either...hmm Yes sounds like a vacation.

The plus of being in the hospital is that then no one can get mad at you for taking a vacation and you don't feel guilty about having someone else take your kids. It does cost money but heck so does a vacation...lol...hmm sounds near bliss to me today.