Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Things I Live Through- Chapter 3

So, the ast 36 hrs have been jam packed with drama! Everyone loves a ittle crisis right? Ha Ha So, here's the news to share...picture ook much better than actual

Desi took a leap of faith yesterday...not sure if she was pushed (by my darling younger son who happened to put the ladder up there after it was taken down) or jumped...but she took a leap....from the top bunk of her brothers bed, into a ceiing fan spinning on high and to the floor head first!... A trip to the ER, a few shots injected into the wounds to numb then and she got stitches- then by the time the made it to her head...they didn't test it for numbness....and just shot the first staple in...well.....she wasn't still she leaped from the table screaming in pain...then the numbed her again......and put the other staple in! She has a concusion...

The poor child spent 4 hrs in the ER getting stapled and stitched and cleaned and X-rayed. She's my hero...not a singe tear after the initial scare wore off! Her hair looks pink from the blood...
And you'l never guess where I was just about 12 hrs earlier. I was in a nother ER with my youngest illness reason.....hahaha I got home and told me son...I'm heading out to the store to pick up some feel better sit still'll get you one...if you promise not to hurt yourself within the next 24 hrs...hahahahah
What a strong girl!!!

Just another thing I managed to live through yet again. Funny thing is 4 generations of my famiy all have scars on the left side of the temple in that same spot...three of which came from bunk beds...hahahah just gotta laugh!