Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Got My Groove Back

So, after a few months of not feeling up to par from medical issues and stress from everyday life, I am BACK!!!! Since last week I have my bounce back in my step. I'm loving it. I actually got some sleep this last weekend... which is a god send.. as well I haven't ever slept well... but last 4-5 months it's been super bad.

I've been crafting alot lately, which I highly contribute to this pep in my step.

Things have been a bit crazy. It has been a swinging door here with moving some kiddos out and others in. Not an easy thing to do btu I've taken on the challenge head on! I'm ok with it.

Hmm what else... my son is yet grounded again! Ugh sometimes that kid just baffles me. Now I believe he weighs the options of what he knows will be the consequence against what he was suppose to do. haha Smart kid.. yet very dumb... lol. I'm a hard ass when it comes to breaking the rules.

For instance I have rule that when you stay the night at a friends house, you come home or call me by noon the next day. Let me know whats going on and so forth. Well Sat. Taylor stayed the night at a friends... and then didn't call... or show up. Then he decided to go to the park.. haha which isn't allowed as well!!! I have to know where you are at all times! Therefore, he is now grounded. Furthermore, he walked through he door and I said you know your in trouble right.. he says "yep." and I say your grounded for a week and he says, I know.. but it was worth not having to do my chores this afternoon.

hahaha kid cracks me up... and drives me bonkers at the same time! But that's life right.

Hmm whatever craziness.... well... honestly there hasn't been any! I'm not sure whats going on but I'm loving it. My daughter is for some reason.... liking me and my rules!!! Crazy i know right. LOL It's made it super easy and alot less battles.

However, I have noticed that the older Desiree gets the more her and Taylor bicker! BLAH! I deal with it as it comes.. I can't believe shes going to be 6 this year.. and right around the corner on the 4th of July! Sooooo BIG... well her mouth anyways.. hee hee she's still a tiny little girl.

Crafting has been going super well... loving doing video tutorials and posting projects and challenges.. be sure to check it out. Lots of free givaways! You can find it under my profile.. the craft donkey!