Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

Hmmm a somewhat unmotivating title but what can I is what it is.....

I have spent the last week fighting off the cold I was sure I could beat. My darling son had it and was so generous enough to give it to me. Thank you Landyn! Mommy just loves to carry the bug herself. Normally I am just as unwelcoming to a cold as the next mom...but this seems I breathed on the hubby while he was seeping and he happened to get a min-cold- about 24 hrs to be exact.

I never get sick...and when I do...I medicated from the very first sign of anyone becoming sick...this normally ensures I don't get sick....oww and for the critics out there...I don't medicate my chidren uness the need it or I'm sure they are coming down with there! lol

Anyway, I began medicating last week....I've had awesme days to where I feel great and almost back to normal...and I'm sure I'm guilty of doing what every other mom fee better...alitte or you book it getting things done that have been neglected or not done to your standards while you weren't feelings well. Well, my re-coup cleaning was awesome!!! Better than my normal cleaning....I'm not sure f its just because I got the bug o clean or...if I was hyped up on musinex and just on a spreee....but I was a cleaning, decluttering house still looks great!!!!!


that night I felt worse than ever.....eveeryone always says that if you feel good you should still rest till its all gone...but come on...i have 3 children....and 10-12 day tme preschool kids and then at least an additional 3 kids per night with my if things get behind....owwww they are way behind...and wiht the hubby feeling ill for about 2 can only imagine!

So, like I said before normally a cold is never welcome but this week in particular it was despised!!!! This will be the first week in about 9 months that I will actuay have off...thur-sun nights and saturday and sunday...I was soo excited!!! My birthday is on Monday!!! Gouing to be 1/4 a centry old!!!! YEA for me!!!! and I actually made plans for Friday night! Go figure seeems like this happens with make plan and the wrold around you says...."ahhhh NO" So, I have canceled my plans...I'm sure I coud go out and have fun but if the headache follows me thats not fun and well I'd like to be able to have a gass of wine at least...and I don't drink when sick!

So, I sit here ***cough ***cough ***cough..........arrrrrrrrrrrrr

None the less my home looks wonderful!!! I even have begun gathering items for a city wide garrage sale next week!!! I have all of my daycare kids setting up their things as to attract more I'm excited abotu that....I'm also going to be offering about 40 items I have paper craftered for I'm excited and skeptical to see how it goes!!!

Well, thats all for now!! tah tah