Saturday, November 29, 2008

Reviews From Me

About a month ago I was offered to rec. a book for free and then post my review about it. So, along with my book review are a few product reviews from me as well. I am really honest about the pros and cons of each to better help you. I am always open to reviewing items for you! If you have something you'd like me to read or check out just shoot me a comment and I'll do my best!

Review 1:
Hope...Joy and a few little thoughts for pregnant teens by Rachel Brignoni

I really enjoyed reading this book. I was a pregnant teen at 15 so I found this to be a great read. This book truly helps a pregnant teen put things into perspective...not just what everyone else thinks they should do but helps them decide a few things for themselves. It offer inspirations stories and thoughts. One of my favorite things about this book is it leaves little spots for the person reading to fill in little things- so it therefore works as a great read and workbook for a teen. I also really enjoyed the Christian perspective without feeling like religion was being shoved down my throat. The book offered great thoughts- none of which were focused only on the autors perspective. What I loved about this book best is it helps the teen pregnant mother figure out some of her thoughts and feelings and guides them into knowing they are okay. Which I think is very important with all of the negative feedback teens get these days. When I was prenant I always thought "why are they judging me--I know a ton of straight A students who have sex...the only diff. none of them got pregnant." I also adore the hope and fullfillment this book offers to a young girl- whihc in my opionion if she's pregnant she can't get enough of! With the book I also rec. a free cd and a great bracelet in a jewerly bag. I found this to be great. Not just because everyone loves a free gift but the teens I work with foudn that it conforted them in times of need and distress - knowing that there were ther teen girls goin through the same things- they used the bracelet as a point of connection and relief! All in all I just adored this book and would recommend it to all.

Review 2:
Eureka 4 in 1 multi-purpose bagless vaccume

Okay I love these things! I got two of them from wal-mart one in green and one in blue and they are also offered in pink. I found that these are just great for smaller kids say 2 and up to use. My 2 and 3 yr old just love them and they adjust to being their size and are very very light weight. I have foud that the ids can se these easily to clea up after themselves- whether it being crushed crackers or their room. The handle adjust for them to use or me. One thing i do favor about these is there is no belts or no way they can suck something up and around a brush or brak a belt...and yet they suck and clean really well...including stairs...they came with a few attachments as well for corners and stairs! The bottom piece easily pulls off to allow for it to be a handheld for the stairs and the size works great as it for stairs. These also are really inexpesive! Wal-mart had them for only 5 dollars for their black friday sale and they are normally between 9-15 bucks and well worth it! The kids love using them and they do pick up stuff...they work on hardwood and carpet!

Review 3:
Bissell Easy vac- lightweight and bagless
These two I love they are super light weight- I was able to carry it in the box alogn with 8 bags of grocery with no problems at all. I love that its bagless adn super easy to clean. There are two filters on it and they are both rinseable and super easy to clean and dry. This is very lightweight and yet does great with pick up. I think it picks up better than my over 150 dollar vaccume! Its nice and smaller so it easily fits under coffee tables and other tight areas! It cost under 30 dollars and to me thats a steal! It come with a hose and attacments which are great for blinds and stairs! It also comes in three colors- pink, green and blue- I swung for the pink just for fun! It picks up dog hait like no other for its price! Easily movable and lightweight enough my 9 yr old can easilt manuver it. I just love it...esp for the price!!!! It just can't be beat for such a low cost! The bagless department eaily comes off as do the filters to ensure hasslefree cleaning!

Well that's it for today....hope these prove usefull to someone!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things To Be Greatful For

1. I have a great family
2. I move my life- most of the days
3. I have to date not killed or injured any child
4. I have a man who truly cares for me and my wants
5. I love who I am
6. I love the spot I am at in my life
7. I haven't smacked my soon to be hubby's x-wife for always answering the door in her panties and cut off shirt.
8. I have a new puppy
9. Our incomes and jobs are secure rght now
10. My children listen to me- well not really but sometimes when it counts they
11. My house is clean normally once a day
12. My room is clean- which never happens!
13. My etsy shop is running well with good steady sales.
14. Gas is lower than its been in a while
15. the puppy only pooped once on the floor today
16. Landyn didn't overflwo his diaper during nap time- which was good cause I let him sleep in my bed
17. push up bras after 3 kids
18. Clothes that make me feel good
19. Matts friends which defer me from having to entertain him as well as the kids on his days off

And last but not really just last for now...I HAVE A DATE TONIGHT- of which I desperatly need with Desi screaming because I asked taylor to pick up the books and she wasn't done and hes screaming at her to quit crying and Landyn is roaming around trying not to get involved...and I need this after months without a day off adn tomorrow me doing all of the cooking and cleaning and entertaining for two whole families.

I can't wait only like 20 minutes till grandma is here to save me from my INSANE life and insane almost like depression feeling right now......I just want out...with Matt...just the two of us!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Me- "yes, Desi. What's the matter?"
Desiree- "I old mama!"
Me- "what"
Desi- "I old- I old my hands gross"
Me- "Desi, whats the matter what are you talking about?"
Desi- "Look at my hands mommy- they old"

I look at her hands....she had been in the bath for over an hour "swimming". Her finders and hands are like I look at them and she is scared to death over whats the matter with her hands...and irratically screaming "I old- they broken- I need a bandaid"

I just thought this was too darn cute....and funny as all get out that she has never noticed this before and that when she did she thought she was "old" and that a bandaid would fix it. LOL Hope you get a good laugh out of this too!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Questions You Hope Your Children Never Ask

I did not come up with all of some from a teachers print out at the kids school. Enjoy and truly hope they dont ask these because some of them....ha I'm not sure my answer would be a good one. I just thought it was cute!

1. Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle but can be used on plastic?
2. Why are there flotation devices under the seats insted of parachutes?
3. Why are cigarettes sold in gas stations but you are prohibited to smoke there?
4. Why do you need a drivers liscense to purchase liquor when you can't drink and drive?
5. Why is lemon juice mostly artificial ingredients but dishwashing soap contains real lemons?
6. If 7-11 is open 24hrs a day and 365 days a year.....why do they need locks on the doors?
7. If nothing ever sticks to teflon, how do they make teflon stick to the pan?
8. If you in a vechile going the speed of light...what happens when you turn the headlights on?
9. If it's zero degrees outside today and tomorrow it's suppose to be twice as cold is that?
10. What do you plant to grow a seedless watermelon...when all plants are formed from sme type of seed.
11. Why is it okay for me to be smart and yet not have a smart mouth? Shouldnt all of me be smart?
12. Why do we use credit cards to buy things we "dont have to have" but want instead of waiting till we have the money?

Okay so just thought I would share those.....oww and for all of those of you wonder....i have made some progress in the sleeping situation with the little one...will write more tomorrow as I am beat!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sat.- Sun.- Mon.- Tue You can find Me.........

Recklessly slamming my head into the wall!!! No kidding you stop by my home on any of those eveings...after 8pm. You'd prolly think somone was drying inside of my house...from all my head banging, moans and more! Those night are by far the most stressfull eveings I have! And to boot those are the nights I have my over night kids on top of my own! Those nights cause me to feel like I am having a nervous break down....I have words in my head I never thought I could even come up with on those nights. I have feelings of complete dispair and failure on those nights. I try and try each night to make it different...but alas always the same! On those nights....I grab the pillow and scream into it or if feeling really ballsy I step outside and scream! Its a loud scream to. On those nights you can find me completely calm until about 7:45 when I know the fight is coming. The fight of all fights. The fight many parents have delt with. It's been delt with for decades upon decades. I have advice for everyone else on this fight....and it works for them...heck works for me too....but not on these nights. On these nights...the soon to be hubby is at work which intensifies the fight and the frustration.....hmm have you guessed what the fight is....i bet many mothers have...

Its the age old fight over sleep. The fight for me to sleep.....the fight to get my daughter to sleep!!!!!! She's almost 3.5. And for some reason I have failed in her bed time routine. Everything has worked for my two boys and the countless number of nightly children I keep...but NOT FOR HER! I have tried not letting her take naps...nope doesn't work, I have tried being extra loving, tried letting her wear herself out, tried bribing, tried letting her watch a video, tried being realy stern and steady on it every night. NOTHING WORKS!!! I go in lay her down..thats done and the easy part...but within minutes shes out of her bed...for something or nothing. I put her back and back and matter which approach I take shes up till at least 11. And up by 5-6am. This is killing me...not because I need the sleep because I am normally up later than that and up at the same time she is...but just the fact that I can't figure her out. I know shes tryign to break me! And each night I stand sturn but oh my gosh!!! I got so desperate.... I know shes okay in her room...nothing to harm her or anything...just a bed and dresser...her toys are kept in the play i tied scarfs together and tied off her door so even if she gets up she cant open the door...well.....she took too banging and yelling until somone comes to her door.....and this wont fly...esp on the nights i have over night kids because she wakes them all including an infant! Or she jerks on the door enough times to loosen the scarfs.

Now shes a very strong willed little girl..always has been...she refused to eat baby food....she had to feed herself and is very independent. But, I'm at my wits end. Now here's the kicker....why only those night is she like this? Well during naps and on the other evening the hubby is he does it for me to save my some sanity...heck if she knows he's here and I lay her down shell stay there but its like she knows the nights he wotn be here and does this. I know she's just a little kid....but wow, I need some kind of mediction! lol

I remember when I first became a parent at 15! I was ina moms group and this gal was talking about how she gave her kids more then a single dose of tylonl so he would sleep...and i was htinking horriable is that...and shes 30 something...i know more then she does.....but I'm telling you...medication sounds awefuly good on those nights. lol

I hate to call it fighting but gosh...that's what it is....I've tried everything and am always consistant..and all my tricks have worked for every other kid I've known or had to put to bed. But, I swear I wonder about her sometimes....I would think she just knows she can do it with the hubby doesn't spank or anything...just says get into bed...and good night. I do the same thing he does...with her getting up enough times to drive me into a break down. Last night I was at wits end... i took a break and steped into my room and took a pillow and let it all out....feel great...but I look over and shes at my bedroom door...staring at me....then she says "mommy you funny" aAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I didn't have enough energy for another scream. I don't give into her why after a year am I still being pushed on this issue!

Don't get me wrong...I know some day all these qualities about her are going to develope her into a super strong person but right now I could use some of that strength! I know this happens to many parents...but I'm doing what most of then aren't. I never let her sleep with me or any of those bad habit that cause kids to not get into good bedtime manor...I've always done it the right way...or maybe not the right way but all the ways I knew how to - to ensure children sleep in their beds and get plenty of rest. Just drives me even more insane that she sleeps great and goes right to sleep when the hubby puts her down or when I do it and hes around.

Now there is one large detail that I think i know is the problem but I really have no way to fix it. When I was married before my x always laid her was his and hers thing. She always went right to bed with no problems. It was their special thing...which was great. And I think she got into the pattern of wanting her dad to lay her down...and even now wants her step dad to lay her down at nights (I have full custody and her dad my x hasnt seen her in like a yr) due to financial problems (whoa thats a whole other entry though) But I understand she got into that rythym but for gosh sake I have been pluggin away at this for a yr now and no results! My soon to be hubby works evening 4 nights a week so he CANT be here to lay her down if thats what shes I'm stuck!

Thanks to all who have read and feel my pain as I feel much better even though I just shared...I feel a ray of hope...and tomorrow the hubby will be

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Santa Letters Again This Year

So, tis won't be long...because it's not what my blog is about but...just letting everyone know I am doing my annual Santa letter. I am selling them on etsy at a sooo low price this year everyone can afford them in this lack luster economy. I have done these for many years and LOVE it!!

Imagine your child sends a letter to santa and gets one back...with magical reindeer food. If interested they are only a buck and 50 cents...check them out.

thanks a me if for some reason you don't think you could afford it but would still like one...and we'll see what we can I want all children to experience this great fun! All letters are custm made for each child and hand two alike!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Preview Of The Years To Come

So, today was the day we choose to celebrate our two boys birthdays. We did this because one was born on Halloween and the other on Thanksgiving. There for we chose a day in between to celebrate..and instead of 2 seperate parties...when many of the guest would come to both...we combined

Yesterday...I baked two very large will soon be up of those. One was a dino landscape to where I took 2 round cakes...double stacked them...then layed them next to each other and then created a dino landscape including dinos, water, grass, trees and more! Then for my eldest son I make a race where the cards actually went ontop and around the cake...hard to explain but you will see it shortly.

Today...was twice the songs, presents, mess, kids, cleaning, ice cream etc. Now, my eldest son turned 9 or will be turning 9...and om my the boys change from last year to this year. I mean I notice it in my own son but..ha....I like flashed forward to where they are all 13 running down the stars...they already sound like elphants.....we were all waiting for the banaster on the stairs to they look like little mini men finally starting to grow into their little The hubby went upstairs to check on them all and was up there 20 minutes due to the fact that when 5 of them jumped him....they easily were able to take him to the The ate like they were 13...many pieces of cake and dishes of ice cream each...and what completes boys at a dinner table but a belching concert...of which I tried to stop...only to have MY FATHER try to old belch them all....which f course encouraged the whole scene...

This was the frst birthday I saw that GIRLS...were no longer welcome...the boys wanted nothing to do with them...they didnt want to play with them....didn't want them to even watch them nor be at the same table...Taylor was nice because I told him to....but I think next year will be boys only! Lord Help me then.

Then they all wanted to climb response... "when you moms say its okay for you to break a leg then you can climb" but I tryly believe I got a taste of what is to come in the future years! And oh my am I in for it...and I have 2! LOL

The day overall was a great one and everyone had a real nice time.....and everyone was very nice and great with me and one I was happy!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Busy Busy Bee

This week although only Monday...seems to be too short. This week i had planned on Saturday to have my 2 boys birthday party. One was born on Halloween and the other on thanksgiving day so we settled the party in between the two. This has become a disaster!!!! When planing this party I was sure I would have been paid by SRS...ha...called last week and they are taking their time processing my payments for the last 3 months!!!! Ahhhhh. So, this leaves me see how much funds we do have to spare on this occasion....I handmade all of the invitations....then forgot to send the bulk of them with my son last week or to mail any of them out....I remembered about an hour ago...hmmm and there's no mail running tomorrow...ahhhh and we'll see how many of his friends can make it on less than a weeks notice...

Too short i say...too short on time....i always make the kids shaped cakes....i haven't even decided what I am doing for each of them...let along making a pattern if its a shape I haven't done...heck I haven't even bought the things to make the cakes...decorations, goodie bags....(which is going to be kinda hard...being as I'm not giving everyone very much time to rsvp...ahhhh this is soo bad.....

I used to be the mom who had everything planned months in advance had already gotten everything on discount from some place or another...heck I don't even know if we can afford it or not...well we could but then would be putting off a due bill another week...of which I do not like doing...but we have a very strcit budget..... I don't know what happened to me...oh wait I do...I now spend all of my spare time selling things on etsy for spare funds and then watching other peoples kids...ahhhhh makes me feel like crap that I am soo far behind right now...ahhhh

ok thats it for now..I'll keep you all posted on the turn out of

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm on Etsy NOW!!

So, after some thought and consideration i decided to join the great group of etsy. So, I wanted to let everyone know...don't know how well it will go but I have listed 5 things tonight and plan to list another 10 or so tomorrow....but I was just sooo excited about it all!!! Anyway, I can't wait to see how it all turns out.....even if its not that great...if I could just sell one or two things I'd be elated and I have been searching and think i am going to be offering items no one else is as far as I can we shall see...anyway

If you get a chance or have an interest take a look: my name is sayitsbyu

Like I said only a few items listed tonight but....but will be listing lots more as when we moved...I suddenly got a much bigger house and somehow a smaller scrappin area...that this weekend the hubby decided to put his computer in so we can "be together more when im scrappin" lol...gotta love I am clearing out some things that should be cleared but now I have a reason to sell those great things I create and never get around to using or buy new and then dont

Friday, November 7, 2008

A New addition to our family- Need your help in naming her!

So, today I was browing the paper...and saw an puppies...of course the hubby loves small dogs...and I don't really but he's been pratically begging for one...and I saw some fox/rat terrier puppies for only 20 I called her...

.....then i went to look at them

.... then i got one and brought her home. You all know how this one goes...but I must amt I too have been looking for another companion to add to our crazy house!

We currently have a large dog and I mean LARGE (she weighs a little over 100 pounds cause she just sits with her age and has some medical issues) baby Kujo....shes a lab and I have had her for over 6 years and she's my baby...she is the dog that once say in a bathroom with me fr 3 days while I bled out with no one around....she didn't move...she laid to me curled up on the floor...I couldn't move and later found out I had cancer causing the bleeding and very intense pain from my colon...but gosh I had only owned her for about 5 months at that point...I adopted her when she was like 1.5 and have never thought twice about it...shes kind to kids...very tollerant of all the kids here esp. for her age. She used to sleep in my room but now has adapted to sleeping with my youngest and eldest sons...which I think is great...i love them having that memory of the family pet.

She has been with other dogs but due to some reason or another they have left or something has happened to them...and she remains...but with her aging I really want a dog to be around catch on to her great behavior. So, I brought HER home...i say her because they hubby has not choosen a name for her yet...therefore I thought I'd ask for you all's help....what do you think she looks like.....we like unique names...she has a very spunky yet suprisingly calm temper for her breed and is very sweet...

Already though as I have stated before she is HIS dog and yet I'm the one watching her and such when he's gone...but sh's doing great going outside to potty with only one small accident that we caught before she really had a chance to go....

So, pluck away...anything and everything let me ear it in your comments...

Our family now is the following
Matt 25
Lacey 24
KuJo 8-9ish (black lab)
Taylor almost 9
Desiree 3.5 almost
Landyn Just turned 2
2 gerbils brother and sister that are about 8 months old
and HER - about 8 weeks old

SO NAME HER!! If your name is choosen by Matt then I'll enter you three more times into the drawing I have going on!
So, look at her and name her...many or only one it's up to you...but he's looking for a great name for HER! I feel as though I should mention Matt is very prown to smart butt names or slightlty sarcastic like name...he doesn't want something just has to be someting witty or hope you have had mor eluck then i have.

Remember My Giveaways and Freebies

Just wanted to remind everyone that I am currently running some giveaways for some great glittered snowflakes and ornaments...pictured in a post below as well as some great handmade cards for all occasions and handmade patterned envelopes. When you leave a comment you are entered to win both...mention my blog to a friend...and have them mention a comment and you get entered twice...will be giving out a few sets of both of these. Also followers of my blog are entered as well.

Just wanted to remind everyone!

Home Aroma Tips

So, thought I would share a few things I do. Ever since having kids I hate how sometimes someone walks in and htey can just get hit with the smell of a poopy diaper just changed...even when disposed of outside...the smell lingers, or of the dog or just I have found these tips and one homemade one along the way to ensure your house has a pleseant aroma for you and your guests.

So the first one is my fav. but it's one I have done forever. I got to the store and buy the liquid poperi and the matching actual poperpuri..then I put half a bottle in a pan with some of the dry and for me i love apples and then I also throw in some cinnamon sticks or ground and some sliced apples.....and then just let it get to simmering and then turn to low for about 30 minutes and then fills the house with the best smell...I just lov ethis...then each monring until its gone i turn it on for an hour...and my house has a great smell all day....This also works if you use it in your slow But I always try to add some fresh things to the oranges or apples...

Next these are some i have read or just do

-make fresh coffee
- candles
- bake cookies- not a ton...just a batch
- bake a frozen pie...smells work and there's ur dessert
- fabreeze the walls...I do this all the time..instead of spraying in the air...I spray at a distance on the walls and curtians so the smell doesnt just settle on the
- Buy those gel scents...things you like...then put them in the bottom of the trash can...under the bag.....or other hidden places where smells get overwhelming.
- create a vase of orange peels and such the oils of lemons and limes and oranges give a great scent and are pretty if put with marbles and such for a day or two

Well that's all for now...but just thought I would share some of these

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One of those days

Today has just becme one of those days you wished you never woke up to.....I dont know how else to explain it other than a big fat dissappointment in soo many I managed to piss off a friend/client (i watch her child)- hmmm maybe thats why they say never mix business with pleasure....manage to get this really nasty lady on the phone when trying to work some things out...and I got the prevlige of speaking with her for over an hour...and then almost nothing got accomplished other than a phone appt. tomorrow. Then i get a call this monring...on my day off from the 4 kids i normall y have all day into the evening...their mom wants me to watch them today...because I asked her for an afternoon off to have my two sons birthday party...and to be frank I dont want her kids at it...let alone have to watch them with 2 cakes, other kids and family and presents...lord I'd hate to do she says willy ou take them for 6-8 hrs day off from them.....granit i still have other kids here...till 6:30 so its more like my night off...and now i dont even get that...then tomorrow i have kids till 8pm and then that leaves me with only thurdays evening as my only night off...ahhhhh and thurday i stuff I have to do that evening...thats not all that ahhhhhh i'm in just a crappy ---darn icky mood...I go through tese days every now and then but gosh.....its just a slap hitting combo...

Then I have the mom of the 4 girls i keep till late at night call me and say...can you make sur enone of them nap today because last ngiht they were up till 1 am....and i think its cause they napped...well for gosh sake...they have to nap or they wake up all the other kids that do need a nap..and without a nap they are nasty little offense here but they get evil without a nap...and whats even funnier is...i lay them for a nap and they go to bed just fine for me at 8 pm and stay asleep....she just needs to make them lay down...ahhhh

Just one of those days

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Christian Finances and Marriage info-PLUS great books for You!

So, thought I would share this. I have been through both of these. The Love and respect series I have actually been through twice and host about 10 times for small group Bible studies. The Financial Peace University i have been through twice.....I strong advocate doing both of these...whether you are doing great in your marriage and finances or on your last leg....They are both truly life savers in more ways then you can imagine.....They are husband and I bought both sets as we knew we would want to host them after going through them each...but another option is each have books ava. at your local bookstore and even wal-mart...but the videos are much better and to die for...if you attend church alot of times if you bring it to them...they will purchase it to use as a resource...both are highly praised. The financial Peace also offers alot of info on sight and free worksheets for your budgeting as well...when your purchase it you get a cd full of great resources to help with your budgeting. All are taken from a christian point of view.

Financial Peace University- if you get a chance you really ought to read up on dave ramsey...he knows what he's talking about and has been through alot! He also has a few radio shows.....he's just very wise and easy to listen to even for men. Esp. in this society...GO AND LOOK

Love and Respect - Owww I can't praise this enough...I still use things I learned in this and love helping other with things I know as well. Men also love listening and watching the videos because they are will truly be looking at youself thats me...or gosh that's how I sound when I do me this is great if your marriage is on its last leg or even just to freshen things up and learn some new things...I just love it and trust me ladies...this isnt one of those where you say..."now you come and listen or read this cause you need to...cause this is one of those to point the fingers both ways" Now you can look at the "learn" in the top and see some of the things....I will also be putting some of these things into my up-coming blogs for those of you who do want to learn more. But you can watch videos of it and read it me GO THERE NOW!! When you look at the learn section start at the crazy and then do the mini video...and you'll see what I mean...but remember these are only a small part...he does conferences all over....go to's worth the money!!! And once again he has a book...but the videos give you sooooooo much more!

ok below is where you can watch some video clips...very good stuff here gals and guys! Reember these just barely touch the surface of what he opens your eyes to...

Ok this is also a great books I used it a few times to host some ladies book study groups. It's just great...and really sucks you in. But, ladies these are for you! You'll love them I promise...all are christian books but not preachy...promise.

"Captivating" by John Eldredge and Stasi Eldredge now her husband is the one who wrote the highly acclaimed "wild at heart" this is just great for the men...anyway this book ohh my..I just love it it really makes you feel like she's inside of you explaining things about you being a woman...wife...mother...

" The Power of a praying wife" by Stormie Omartian - now this book oh gosh it's much more than praying...and she also write many the power of a praying mother, and her hubby does ones for the men and such...and I just can't praise it enough...gals I have all of these...ahhh even the men I have given this to actually read them and liked them because they are easy to read.

" And Then I Had Kids: Encouragement for Mothers of Young Children" - by Susan Alexander Yates - ow gals esp you sahms this is great...this woman had 5 kids...and she goes through her troubles and fun and stresses and soo much's just crazy how she talks and can relate to you....

Okay so all of these books can be found on amazon and are like 7 bucks or less and well well worth it for me I have read them all and praise them all. If you have any questions please feel free to ask away.

How come?????

So, my daughter is now about 3.5 and with that wonderful age come the "how comes" Moms you know this one...they want to know how come for over the past week I have compiled some of my own "how comes" for us sahm's.....enjoy

- How come people who are normally not very nice...manage to be nice and pleasent when they want something.
- How come gossip doesn't stop even well after high school (and how come you take part...think about
- How come when you have no money all you can do is think about and find things you'd love to have or really need....then when you have extra money to spend on sweet nothings or can't find anything!
- How come general manners have become something of the "good ol days"
- How come blogging makes you feel so could easily write the same thing on a piece of paper...whats others reading it and commenting doing other than valadating
- How come child support goes down the older the child gets...and yet in my expereince the older the child gets the more expensive things are such as food and clothing.
- How come men are in shock and awe when a woman enjoys sports.
- How come coffee makes us feel sooooooo good- even if its decaf
- How come I argue with my kids...when I know its not right or worth the time...
- How come baby poop stinks soo darn much
- How come nothing can happen all day but the moment you sit...the phone rings or a child cries or kids are fighting
- How come when you do finally get those floors mopped and steamed...something has to happen to them within a good 30 minutes of them being complete
- How come a stern voice works for one child and the other appears to be deaf to your words.
- How come you can think of 100 things you love about being in love with him and he gets stumped when asked for one non-sexual/physcial
- How come when you finally find that great thing to do for no longer have those spare minutes to do it
- How come you sometimes love beyond words what you do for your family and other days want out in the worst way
- How come everyone can't have a household helper
- How come some ladies dont want children or could careless about taking care of their children or their actions and you try and try - just to have them and can't
- How come men don't understand the word and meaning of "making love"
- How come people get so defensive
- How come raising our children in this society has to be soo much more tramatice with whats all around them then it used to be.
- How come on the days you do finally get out of the house or have outside plans...the weather sucks
- How come those who don't believe in the Lord as you do feel YOU should explain yourself to them
- How come even if no one wears shoes in your house...things still are all over the floor
- How come there has to be a darn "sock monster"
- How come no one bothers to ask the teen mother anything...but just assumes what they think is correct and just.
- How come the Lord wants us to be there and yet Sunday mornings always seem to be most stressing and hardest all around.
- How come forgiveness is soo hard
- How come our boobs have to deflate alittle after each child.....I mean...really why!!!!
- How come is our world doesn't see that everything has a gray area and its not always as simple and black and white.
- How come moms make being a mom a competetion among eachother
- How come you took a ton of pics of your first child and with each thereafter a few less then the one before
- How come the nights you have the chance to get to bed at a good can't sleep
- How come it's hard to say no
- How come he can check a girl out on tv and when you mention someone being attractive...he takes
- How come we as moms...esp. sahms have soo many jobs and no maunals or traingng
- How come going to school when an adult is sooooo initimidating
- How come many hate doing the laundry...but hate it even more if he does
- How come it kills us that out kids fight among each other soo much...and yet when we fought with out siblings...we were sure it had a meaning and really mattered...
- How come we get a more laxed in parenting with each child...we learn more and yet gt more laxed
- How come kids have to grow up sooo darn fast...esp in todays society
- How come we spend hours/days/weeks decorating for holidays that only last a single day
- How come Men think we think bigger is better...when in many instances that's just not the case

Okay ladies...thought these were some cute, funny and nice things to think about...I'd love to hear your How drop me a comment with a few to share with the great ladies that read my blog!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Little nothings-but somethings for HIM

Tonight I thought I might blog about something a bit different. I thought I'd make a little list of great things to do FOR HIM. These are little things...some corny but all will get across to him how much you feel for him and all he often we get in the rut of "talking to" not talking with him...these are all things I have done at one point or another and have gotten great responses from...even if he's a macho man (not meaning that in a bad way but hmm not sure how else to put try one or two out...every now and then...and see what happens.

- Leave a lipstick message ----so this is something of a tradition for me. Every now and then I will leave a personal message on the bathroom mirror (you could also do a bedroom mirror and dont be discouraged of a kids mirror cause it's not a honry I normally leave something like the follow......"you still give me butterflies" or "I love you soo much xoxox" or "thanks for all you do" and I have to say ladies he absolutely loves these!!!

- If you don't normally...great him with a big hug, kiss and his fav. drink when he comes through the door...guys just love this!

-Send him a little text...consisting only of words of endearment- such as "can't wait till you get home" or "thinking of you" this just lets him know matter what and how hectic your day is or took a sec. to think about him

- Bake his favorite treat or dessert for no reason at all.

- Fix his plate- meaning instead of him having to get his own plate on those nights you don't eat at the table...get it for him...and bring it to him...if you don't normally do this...this means a ton to a guy! I don't know why but it just don't say a word and bring it to does wonder...I've even had some of my friends boyfriends look at me like I am nuts when I bring them their plate when they are's crazy how much men are blown away by this! Then when he's done...take his plate to the sink if he doens't want more for the's just a great one...

- The respect note-- ok so this is a great one I leared through a very great marriage seminar- you sit down adn really think..and write him a little note letting him know....NOT that your soo in love with him......but how much you appreciate and respect him and love him...then name a few things your are truly greatful for that he does for you and your family...or how hard he works for you all. Then you slip this into his wallet or his luch or briefcase...somewhere he's bound to look... mean knwo that you love them...because your a they don't always know you appreciate and respect them for them and for what they do.

- When you get ready for bed...or when you are sure to have a good 30 minutes without interruption ( i me i know how hard this is but make the time if even for only 10 minutes) and sit down without saying a word...give him a neck or back or foot massage..... and ou did it just because.

- Buy him something small and insignificant to anyone but him...when doing the dishes think about it....something small that would spark a memory for him or something he'd love...get it wrap it and leave it on his pillow or next to his towel the nest morning... not on a special occasion but for no reason other than you were thinking of him.

Okay here are just a few of what I have...need more ideas..hit me up.

Now here's the big deal gals--- when you do any of these don't say a word...if you do the respect not...i repeat do matter how much you want to do not ask him the sec he gets home or on that luch break phone call what he thought or if he read it...normally you'll see it without even having to say a word...meaning...maybe he does or sas something to you...but you let him lead the way...or leave it be..most men...not all but most aren't big or great about talking about these things...btu it doesnt mean it didn't mean the world to do it...and then...thats it unless he brings it up...which he might...I have a girlfriend who did the respect note and he came to her and said "wow...did you really mean all that" and of course she sais yes...and he was amazed...since words like this aren't often spoken.

But whatever you do don't use these tricks as all know what I in two weeks from when you do something........dont pipe out..."well I gave you a massage...and then you did nothing for me and im the one here all the time and working and i did something for you and i got nothing!" The point is to do something because you were thinking of him and love him...not to get something in return...and trust me if you do little things like this often 9 times out of 10 you will see little different thins from him as well.

Interested to see if anyone tries one of let me know if you do or if you'd like to see more little somethings but nothings to do for him

Things Your mother never told you PART 2

- Some men like to cuddle
- After being with kids all day and cleaning you may not feel like cuddling
- Your children will repeat half of what you say ALL OF THE TIMES YOU DONT WANT THEM TO
- Bigger isn't always better
- You will always need "special time" for yourself each day
- Cheaper almost always is "good enough"
- Your thoughts and actions will rarely get you a thank you card or call but you will stil put forth all efforts as always.
- Blinds, windows and basebords and ceiling fans- almost never get cleaned as much as they should--- but thats okay!
- You can make a mess in the kitchen and get away with it- HE can never make a mess in the kitchen and leave it!
- At some point HE will pass gas....and leave the room- or wave the cover or turn his head and laugh while you breathe it all in ( I personally reccomend wacking him over the head at the first occurance to avoid further
- He will not always show his love and appreciation for all you do for him and your children...but he feels it and you know it.
- You NEVER stop learning once you have children.
- It's okay to step outside or into your room and scream! Who cares who feel good.
- It's good to have a great heavy duty cast iron skillet...they make great meals and are great head wackers when he steps out of line...hahahah ok that ones just for me!
- Not all women watch soaps...and if you do it's ok..he watches the same thing......their just on at night!
- It's okay to window shop for things you know you will never be able to afford....just because your old doesn't mean can't dream like a little girl.
- It does take a village to raise your children...but that doesn't mean you can take the villages comments without losing it!
- You can do corny sweet things for him to...
- You don't have to be like any other mom on the block!
- It's okay to not wear any make-up or to get your hair done everyday....
- You can eat dessert first
- When you kiss a man that chews tobbacco--be expecting an extra (i learned this one the hard way)
- Sometimes you feel like doing nothing- so do just that!
- The internet can be addicting- esp. as a sahm- but you learn to do things twice as fast to insure thye are
- It's okay to rant and rave to complete strangers- because sometime...somewhere....someone will be touched and share those feelings

okay ladies here's this weeks on the look out weekly for this.

Gas Prices!

So, i hate to say something...because my big mouth will say something and will go away...but I was blown away today...I went to fill up on gas....and saw gas in down to $2.07 here....I was thrilled....I know they say it may not stay like that but for now at least it will give us a small break on picking up kids and the hubby going 30 minutes to work back and forth each day....

And I am not taking this price for granted...I spoke briefly with my x-husband tonight concerning our daughter together and brought up gas here's how bog the difference is from place to place...I'm right outside of topeka, Kansas about 45 minutes...he's outside of denver, colorado about 40 minutes. I am paying like I said 2.07 and he said he hasnt seen anything under 2.39 but the avg is around 2.59-2.79. I was in shock that there's was that big of a difference. I realize some may only see it as 20-50 cents but gosh I think we all have seen how those jumps in price can cost us tons more for just living...........not even counting the fun stuff...

anyway, I just wanted to share this little tod bit...if you have a moment drop me a comment letting me know major city you live near....state...and what the avg. price of gas is for you.

Nov. 1st Already

Wow...does anyone else feel as though this year just went by in a blink of the eye......I know people say that every year...and I'm pretty sure I remembered a few months...weeks back when i thought it felt as though some days would never be finished.......but this year just seems to of zoomed by me...and I hate it!!!

But, I do love that it's November...I love this time of means constant decorating for me...lots of card preps for my eldest birthday and thanksgiving and christmas! I love each year making as many gifts as I can for friends and family in order to save a few bucks here and there to spend extra on my close family.

Each year I do that's something for me to begin planning and thinking about! I love hosting and love love love cooking and was thinking of trying some new things this year now that we have a bit more space with the new house. If anyone has some cute table toppers that woudl br great to pass along as I normally make eerything including the placemats and napkin holder and name tags....not too many folks come to our thanksgiving but I still doing it up the best that I can!! I'm a paper crafter so anything along those lines are always much appreciated! OWWW and then Christmas..don't get me started there...I'm not huge on gift giving but...I do love this time of year....heck I was singing Christmas songs in August. LOL. I know may of you hate it...but I love the spirit of everyone...the smiles...the giving...everything...more about that later.

So, I already have swept through the house and put away all Halloween decorations...including the horrific front porch area...and started putting out Thanksgiving and general fall items. Love Love Love IT. I love making my house a home......warm and fun and full of great exciting times this time of year...even though we're always broke....we make a little go along way!!! And, if I can get paid by SRS for some kids....that would be the best gift of all....debt paid off....who can ask for a better gift than that!

All, the kids must have been very warn after last night because they all are going on hr 2 of their nap.....Taylor my eldest got a quick learned on taxes today....he got 25 bucks from g-pa for his report card...5 dollars per A. So, we went to the store and he only had 25...and was looking at a 25 dollar toy...and i pointe dout there would be taxe and he wouldn't have any money to pay them...Now before some of you start moaning..."why couldnt you help him out for such a small amount" See normally I do this for him...but today....I wanted himt o add his own...and fig it all out on his own...he's almost 9...which to me means to start getting a good grip on how far a buck goes and how to handle your the end he decided to go to dollar general.....he got 8 seperate toys and have 4 bucks to spare...which he vouched to save for a dont carry soda or juice in my these are special treats for him...overall I felt really good about his decisions..he even tested toys with batteries to ensure they worked so he didn't have to buy more...and avoided anything that needed more than one battery so as to not have to buy alot of them...after he saw the cost of batteries.

Ahhhh, I am a bit sleepy....of which I dont know why...the hubby got up this morning and had our kiddos help him clean the house and vaccum so I could sleep in til about 8...which is great...cause I was up at 5 with my 3 yr old...wondering if she got to trick or treat again that was great to be able just to sit there...and he warned everyone not to touch my door...much less enter and cleaned everything in the downstairs-except the dishes...cause even he hates did the upstairs and all was done before my daycare kids arrived!

So, i have 3.5 degrees and the hubby got his ged and never went to school and with him being quite bored with his job I offered he might look into going to school for smething he's interested in and sent away for a local community college course it today and he's got three things he's looking at doing on-line and I even might take a we're both very excited about that...cause I really miss school and love going to an actual class but my life truly has no time without other peoples

Well, thats it......for now anyway!