Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One of those days

Today has just becme one of those days you wished you never woke up to.....I dont know how else to explain it other than a big fat dissappointment in soo many way...today I managed to piss off a friend/client (i watch her child)- hmmm maybe thats why they say never mix business with pleasure....manage to get this really nasty lady on the phone when trying to work some things out...and I got the prevlige of speaking with her for over an hour...and then almost nothing got accomplished other than a phone appt. tomorrow. Then i get a call this monring...on my day off from the 4 kids i normall y have all day into the evening...their mom wants me to watch them today...because I asked her for an afternoon off to have my two sons birthday party...and to be frank I dont want her kids at it...let alone have to watch them with 2 cakes, other kids and family and presents...lord I'd hate to do it...so she says willy ou take them for 6-8 hrs today...my day off from them.....granit i still have other kids here...till 6:30 so its more like my night off...and now i dont even get that...then tomorrow i have kids till 8pm and then that leaves me with only thurdays evening as my only night off...ahhhhh and thurday i stuff I have to do that evening...thats not all that fun...so ahhhhhh i'm in just a crappy ---darn icky mood...I go through tese days every now and then but gosh.....its just a slap hitting combo...

Then I have the mom of the 4 girls i keep till late at night call me and say...can you make sur enone of them nap today because last ngiht they were up till 1 am....and i think its cause they napped...well for gosh sake...they have to nap or they wake up all the other kids that do need a nap..and without a nap they are nasty little children...no offense here but they get evil without a nap...and whats even funnier is...i lay them for a nap and they go to bed just fine for me at 8 pm and stay asleep....she just needs to make them lay down...ahhhh

Just one of those days

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Lisette said...

I find that my daughter does a lot better if she takes a nap, but she has to lay down before 2 or it messes with bedtime. Staying on a schedule that includes a nap, usually works well. She is in bed around 9 every night and usually sleeps til 9-10 in the morning if I let her. Are the kids falling asleep at your house at night and then she picks them up? Does she have to wake them up to take them home? If that's the case, maybe they're just having trouble falling back asleep?

Does the woman just WANT you to watch the kids or NEED you to, so she can work? Is this the one that gets help paying for childcare? My policy for scheduled days off would be not only that she pays you for the hours, but also an extra fee, especially if it's not because she has to work.