Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You Know You Need A Break When...

So, you know your knee deep in the stresses of day to day life when you find yourself secretly pondering and hoping for something semi bad to happen to you so that you may spend a few days in the hospital.

I mean think about it...food you don't have to cook, a room you don't have to clean, people waiting on you at the push of a buzzer, a bed you don't have to make, sheets you don't have to clean. Now it would have to be something that also involved no visitors...so that way the kids don't come in a terrorize you either...hmm Yes sounds like a vacation.

The plus of being in the hospital is that then no one can get mad at you for taking a vacation and you don't feel guilty about having someone else take your kids. It does cost money but heck so does a vacation...lol...hmm sounds near bliss to me today.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Children Raising Children

This topic is brought on by a situation my best friend is currently in. She is a SAH mom and step mom. Currently she has been battling...well they've been battling forever but the current issue is with the biological mother dating and going out leaving the 14 year old child in charge of a 7 and 8 year old. Now, just this is discouraging to both her and I.

We wonder why children grow up too fast in this society. However, when you look at this situation it's a prime reason as to how it happens. With this mother being so dumb she's throwing off so many things. First, by leaving one child in charge of the others there's bound to be a power struggle between the children as well as favoritism. The younger children are not of age to get the concept of an older sibling being in charge of them.

Now, here's the kicker. Not only is this child being allowed to watch the other 2 children sometimes all day, many nights and weekends but the mother has also given the older sibling and her friends to physically discipline the younger two. I find this out right appalling!!!!!

I won't hide my disgust...in fact only a few days ago the mother went to spank the child and could not "catch" her and allowed the older sibling and her friends to catch her and hold her down!!!! Are you fricking kidding me...that was my response to my friend among other things. She's obviously even more so frustrated with this situation then myself as she's the one getting the phone calls from the child saying please come get me...their hurting/picking on me. She remains powerless in these situations and the girl's father is in the military and currently away therefore she just has the court ordered days and if the child calls her crying she is powerless and can do nothing if its not on her court appointed day. Here her step child reaches out to her and she is powerless which then hurts their relationship to say the least as the 8 year old can not justify why she is not running to her aid to help her when she's in need and then grows a resentment towards her.

The biological mother is a mess all on her own...let me tell you would take weeks to explain how retarded she is. I'd really like to use some "grown up" words to describe her but retarded is the best I have most days to describe her and her thoughtless actions when it comes to her children and their well being. That being said I'm not even sure how one comes to the point to where they put a child in charge of another child. I can understand a 17 year old keeping after a 9 year old for a short period...don't get me wrong. But, I can not wrap my head around a 14 year old taking care of an 7 and 8 year old and being allowed to physically discipline them not to mention for as long as these children are being watched. it's not even that the mother is working she going out. Also I feel i should note this is not a young mom...she's older. My friend has repeatedly tried to be nice and make a connection or attempt to speak rationally with the biological mother..but she likes to use her being the mother whenever it's convenient to her and accepting advice from a step mother is just not in her. When she was asked if she knew the older sibling was hitting when she wasn't home its to no suprise that she stated in short that it was ok if it needed to be done.

The 8 year old has been going through alot and she is the one at the brunt of this situation. Breaks my heart. As far as legally speaking everyone has told my friend that she basically can't do anything because a 14 year old is allowed to stay home alone and tend after siblings. I think its just NUTS...do you hear me..... NUTS. It's not like the mom is running to the grocery store she's just leaving...out all night, out all day...she has no parental compass and its really chaps me.

This is what's the matter with children today and the family dynamic. I dont care if your a one parent or two parent household. Raising a child is your responsibility and leaving it to other children within the home is just craziness. I went through this as a child and it's unfair to all of the children involved. Why do people think it's ok to strip the childhood from their children. Why and when did it become ok to allow a child to feel smaller then an ant and not to care about their well-being, self-confidence, self-esteem and everything that comes along with basically being told how you feel doesn't matter. Because that is what is happening to this poor 8 year old. When...When...When...why is this ok...why is there nothing others can do about it? I think its abuse on so many levels...let me hear some thoughts or advice to my freind...she reads this blog allt he time...lol

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Single Moms Dating

So, I got a reply to my post about single moms dating and the children involved.

"Please don't introduce your children to any man until you are ready to commit to him. Children don't need to have guys walking in and out of their lives. By waiting it also protects your children. Some men want to date single moms in order to get close to their children. Please be careful."

I wanted to reply to this with some more questions....

Here's my questions and viewpoints if you will. I understand men not floating in and out of a house as I find this appauling and would never do that to my children. Their saftey is always my utmost importance. Now, I'm assuming committed above means marriage or livingtogether.

Here's my deal with this is a relationship between a woman and man could be great but how do you commit to someone you have not seen enteract with your children? Should you commit to someone you have never seen enteract with them...seen the chemisty and connection between them. I'm not meanign to say i think each guy a woman dates should meet the children or get them overly attached to a guy...but doesn't there have to be some line to where you view them with your children?

I just know that a relationship a man and woman have dating is a very different dynamic then a family type relationship. So, I'm still curious on this one I guess...

Baby Shower Decor

So, I got a mail from a follower asking me if I also scrap decor or do any other crafts so I thought I'd share some creations from a baby shower for a friend. she was having a baby girl and I threw her a baby shower. There were enough diapers between these two cakes to last her about 3 months! But, the big one was heavy as all get out!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Utter Stupidity

So, something very sad happened this weekend in a town right next to ours.

A young man about 13 was left at home alone. He and his Friend heard a noise outside and got scared and went to get his parents gun. It's still unclear all the details as the boys uncle says they were wrestling...whatever the details the gun went off and killed the boys 14 year old friend. He died before the EMS could get there. The 13 year old was arrested for involuntary manslaughter.

Ok, I of course have a few things to say about this. First of all I want to say today my son came home from school with a note. It was from the school district explaining in short what had happened and then going through a mini list of warning signs of troubled kids. Now here's my issue with this little note I rec. this wasn't some kid who got ticked off and shot someone out of anger so why am I getting a note about warning signs of such...makes little to absolutely no sense to me. I think it should have been a note to parents about gun saftey not about troubled kids and the warning signs of troubled kids. Why not a note reminding parents of gun saftey and how the sherriffs office gives out free locks...

Now, here's my large issue with this. I consider myself very gun friendly and wise. But, what I don't get is why the gun was accessible to the kids to begin with. I want to see the parents charged for stupidity. See, as a parent I get that kids are dumb....lol...don't get me wrong I know they are smart as well but no child should ever be able to use their own digression on whether or not to go get a gun for safety or screwing around.

I know parents shouldn't always be held liable for the actions of their children but in this instance I really hope the parents get it up the hind end...there's no excuse for having a weapon in the house and to have it accessible to the children. I have had guns in my home but, they've always been in safes and my children never even knew where they were located. I get the town is a small one of only 200 people and maybe their more lax in these things but where is the frickin common sense. I'm all about owning weapons and the right to do so..but don't these idiots get that instances like this are why our rights get stripped away little by little? Not saying its not the only reason but its certainly not screaming for us to remain having the fire arm rights we want and fight for, that the gov't hasn't already stripped away. Not to mention a young man died because they were too lazy, too ignorant, too stupid to do what is right when you own a weapon.

Irritates the piss out of me if you can't tell. I think the parents are more responsible then the child in this particular case. I just can't believe with everything that has happened with children and guns over the past 10 years lets say that anyone would be stupid enough to leave a weapon... number one where a child knows its at and number two not being locked away.

Tell me whatcha think...I'm very curious...it didn't used to be that a 13 year old was completely at blame for something that could of been avoided by a responsible adult. I do think the child had a responsibility in this situation, he was stupid...but he was a kid and there was a gun there...hes a kid..kids are known for doing nonsensical things and thats why as parents we are suppose to do our best to ensure we set boundaries for some of those stupid things...locking a gun up is one of those many things...and quite frankly killing his best freind to me is going to be far worse then anything the courts would add to his shoulders and life...but I'd really like to see someone get those parents for their stupidity in this situation, it used to be the gun owners responsibility to keep their weapons out of reach, now it seems they rarly have any responsibility in situations.

Recent Creation

So, got these done over the last few weeks....kinda late posting them but their here none the less...

Blog Name Change

So, after some deliberation, I have decided to change the name of my blog. I think this one sits better with my life and so there you have it.


I'm not sure whats prompting this post this morning but...its the topic of choice. Are you one of those moms who allows fears to control how you mother? I guess I am not. I'd like to say I'm for cetian on that but I'm sure there are somethings that are fear inspired. I don't see fear as a bad thing I guess. I just see it as the things that challenge me. Some fears are fears inspired by things that happened when I grew up...meaning they weren't natural fears but through some experience they were developed.

For instance, I consider a natural fear of mine to be the dark. Yes, that's right I'm one of the millions who is afraid of the dark...however it was strongly strengthened byt the fact that my dad often would sit downstairs and come up after me in the dark and grab my legs to scare me. He was the dad who asked you to go get something from the car after dark...and then go out there with a gun or leaf blower and jump out n scare the crap out of me. Yes, that was my twisted family...

I have many fears...thought it might be neat to list them. As a show of faith that I'm not defined by them or embarrassed. I think of them more so as challenges I get to overcome...hmm hopefully throughout life.

- Fear of the dark.
- Fear of dying before I've seen my children grow old. - This fear is one inspired by life. My mom passed when I was 13 and i'd never want my children to have to grow up not knowing their mom. It's not a fear of dying but just not getting to see them grow old and happy.
- Fear of falling in love with someone who's already given the heart to someone else and doewsn't have it to fully give to me.
- Fear of letting people down. I'm not sure where this one came from but I've always been afraid of letting people down..not everyone but those important to me.
- Fear of losing my scrapbooks....I knwo this one seems kinda pity but, its a huge fear. I've worked for years on them and love them to pieces. They tell my families stories.
- Fear that my daughter will someday be a teen mom. This more so it's just based on society and how fast thigns move these days and having had a child at 15...I'd never wish those struggles on my children..or anyone for that matter.

I don't have many fears and for this I am grateful. Although, I have learned that as I go through life I do acquire new ones along the way.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Snow Snow

So, all week I have had this great idea to spend all day today spring cleaning. I had it all mapped out, what I really need to get done, even made a list to add to throughout the week.

I wanted to steam my floors, clean the upstairs areas which is where all of the kids rooms are and then just general things around the house like cleaning the walls and such. I have been planning to do this spring cleanign for some time but never got the right days off or time or energy.

As luck would have it we would get inches of snow last night. Normally wouldn't be such an issue but after a weeks worth of decent spring is near weather...I foudn the snow I normally love a bit disheartening. I really wanted to open all the windows in the house and fill it with freah air...i have done this on decent days during the window as I hate the smell of a stuff house but its different. The snow is pretty but, just when the kids get used to being able to get out and about they can't again...lol...poor them....pooor me...lol

I spent the better part of the morning doing little things, but hoenstly can't bring myself to steam the floors when I can't open all the windows and air it all out...so I've piddled all day with laundry and general Saturday cleaning things.

This last week was spring break, I barrely saw Taylor as he was at sleep overs or having sleep overs nearly each night. Desi also spent quite a bit of time at freinds houses throughout the week. I'm ready for school to start back up though. I hired a new assistant of which I adore here. She's very much so like myself in many ways. Which could of been a complete disaster...but it's worked out wonderfully. This I am greatful for as looking for a new one was exuasting.

I plan on trying to get some new creations scrapped this afternoon. A good snowy day is a good day to craft...also considering a bit of inline shopping for some new CHA items that have been released. Other then that just plan on kinda hanging out today with hopefully minimal excitement for this weekend. I could use a calm weekend to just beathe.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Love & Attachment

I'm sure I'm going to catch alot of flack on this post none the less I'm posting it.

I have 2 children and talking with a friend one night found myself trying to explain that I love both of my children more then anything in this world but the love I have for each child is soooo sooo different. It's even hard to put into words. Which if you personally knew me you'd know is very abnormal for me not to have words...lol

When Taylor my first was born I was very excited and scared as every first time mother is. However, I was 15 and the emotions that cam with him and his pregnancy and birth and everything were far different from those I experienced with my daughter. So, many things were different with her. I loved my pregnancy with her, loved her delivery...loved it all. It was picture perfect besides the complication associated with it but even with those it was great.

I often find myself feeling guilty over these emotions. I know I love both of my kids soo much but there are lots of things that are far different with them both. For instance when Taylor went to school I was literally skipping back to the house with newborn Desi. I have been dreading Desi going to school for a year now. I look at Taylor and can't believe how fast he's grown up and how mature he is. Desi, I look at her almost daily feeling like I'm missing things with her. Hard to explain but she'll do something or give me a look and I'm just like...what happened I blinked and I missed it, when did she learn that. In all actuality I'm extremely lucky as I've been with Desi everyday practically of her life...didn't have that with Taylor as I went to school and worked all the time, so it would seem he would be the one I should feel like I missed things on but its not so.

Taylor is very calm and collected a bit emotional but over all not very confident in who he is and desi is a walking image of me. She spunky, and fun and always says whats on her mind, very confident in herself and what she can and will do, a great mini mommy to the daycare kids and always full of energy. I think that's maybe why I connect with her on so many levels. None the less I have a guilt associated with it. We all have guilt as moms for all kinds of things but this one seems to bug me the most. Like I should feel more connection with taylor, or is it cause he's gone all day and the moments that make me say awww aren't aas often as he's growing up. Don't get me wrong we have a wonderful relationship...better then most I know, but I feel guilty and I never know why. we talk about everything and hate to put it like this but experienced alot of life together, not necessarily me leading him through it but together. Not what i think is idea but its how it happened.

I know its not from a lack of love cause theres love there but I feel bad...like I feel bad cause I don't have those feelings of missing all the little things with him...does that make me a bad mom? I'd like to think not..I'm sure theres some of you out there who say it's exactly the same between your two children...and to that I say ...........BLAH-Good for you. Yes, that's just how mature I feel...lol. I just can't wrap my head around why I'm so much more emotional about the things that Desi does or says or goes through then I ever remember being with Taylor. Maybe I was and just have forgotten the little emotions I felt here and there over the last 10 years.

So, my questions to all of you is do you ever feel this way or is it just me. Do you ever feel guilty because you did more with one child then you were able to with another? Do you feel like your attachment is stronger to one child...notice I didn't say love as I believe I have just as much love for each child...just different attachments to each child if that makes sense and even if it doesn't its all I got.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Single Mom's Dating

Being newly single for the first time in like almost 6 years I've found myself at a point to where I don't have answers or even suggestions for myself. i try to think what my answers have been or would be to a friend and coming up blank...

Whats the rules for dating as a single mom.

Do the kids meet the guy? If so do they meet him as a friend as in he's over to hang out and watch movies or wait until there's something serious?

How do you handle over night stays when you have kids? Or are you even suppose to have them?

I know for each person its very different as to what their comfortable with and what their not but its confusing to say the least. Can you show affection in front of your children. I always thought it was healthy for children to see 2 adults share love and tid bits of love...I'm not talking about straddling a guy and going to town but what about little kisses...and hugs...acceptable or not?

There's alot of uncharted waters I'm walking in here lately and not too sure how to go about it all but just testing things out to see how they go. I was single when I met my X husband and only had Taylor but obviously the ways I went about things there were not the right way...lol

I'm interested to hear what the single moms out there have to say about this...how do you approach dating or sex for that matter....I'm just going to put that out there...cause I'm curious. So, whether your single or not I'm interested in your opions.

Odd tid-bits of this and that

The last few days have been filled with interesting things around my house. All interesting enough to make mention of right there but not necessarily write about it depth details. Going to make a few bullet notes to update all of u.

- To my dear Friend: your not a horrible mommy...kids do dumb things.....hahaha just think of all the dumb things u did as a child...lol...might not seem so bad then.

- The knot on my head is huge and sore...helpful note to others when falling on tiled floor covered in water in the bathroom grabbing the shower curtain is not the smartest of ideas...

This weekend was pretty uneventful for me personally. It's spring break for my son and with that comes the whines and moans of boredom...which I being a good mom saw coming a mile away. If the weather would pick up and be nice at least he'd have more options but its been pretty dreary here the last few days.

So, my father has ventured back out into the exclusive dating world. News to me this week when I find out the woman I just met last week he's been dating since November and going on a weeks vacation with. She's far to sweet for him...no offense to him but I see him corrupting her...none the less he's never stuck his nose into my dating world..however note to others when I begin dating someone he normally meets them when I think its serious...so I explored the idea that its not serious...but quickly disregarded that thought when he said their taking a weeks vacation together to Florida. He deserves it and i know he's been lonely...or not lonely per say but missing that part of his life for some time...that part of completion.

I've discovered this week that facebook is now the world connection point. Tell me when we entered a world to where we have to ask permission from another person for them to admit their family...hahahah much less someone ur in a relationship with. i being lame...just now found out where to add the family members on facebook and thought to myself I'm really sending a request for someone to admit their family...WOW...then my mind wondered into what if someone didn't want to admit they were family....hahaha a whole new way to offend others...lol. As my dear friend put it...it hasn't happened or doesn't exist unless facebook says it does. I've seen people get stressed, laugh, sad, and all out pissed from a simple sentence that someone puts in their status section...leaves so much room for interpretation.

Odd Note: my son is having a friend over to stay the night tonight...my way to salvage the fact that hes stuck here for a week with preschoolers...and the kid just walked in and says "so when is Taylor's mom getting home"...hmmm I just smile and say she should be here soon....Taylor blurts she is my mom and the poor kid turned bright red in embarrassment. while walking up stairs to play games I catch the tail end of a convo they are having to where my son says "so ya I'm teaching you to be cool." the kid replies back "ya, thanks i really need it." I have a moment to where I think I might say something...but decide against it.

I personally have been discovering alot about myself here lately which I'm grateful for. I feel like since matt and I split that somehow I have more time to focus on the things that I want and need and don't want or need at all. I love it.

Daylight savings time way today...which I might just say I think BLOWS....I love the extra day of light for me personally but makes it harder for kids to go to bed at night when they don't understand why they have to go to bed when it's still light out...and spent all day feeling like I was catching up on rest. I know I know its only an hour but feels like 5 was taken away...lol

As of yesterday my birthday is officially a month away. I must be honest only goign to be 26 but somehow I feel like im on the brink of 45...most days anyways. I'm not too excited about it...not sure why...normally I'm all about the birthdays even my own and I get way physced about about them but just not feeling it this year for some reason. I don't have anything I want or need for that matter so kinda just feels like another day...lol....maybe excitement will build as it gets closer....who knows...or maybe I really am just getting old to where the thought of my own birthday no longer excites me...in past years its like one of my fave days...even though I knew when with matt he'd forget to say happy birthday much less make an effort to get me something...lol

So, there are my little tic bits for today...might post something of usefulness tonight but just not feeling it at the moment...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Knowing Your Limits

As mothers, wives, girlfriends, women we have so much that is expected of us on a daily basis. Cooking, cleaning, working, balancing home life and work and if they mesh together god help u...lol, maintaining healthy adult relationships, marriage, dating, activities and everything else that comes along with or without notice. We're expected to move the world a little each day...we may not notice or think that we are but we do.

Today while visiting with a girlfriend we got into a discussion of limitations and expectations. Knowing as a person we have limits and although most days we do the impossible and go above and beyond what we ever thought we could do, we all have breaking points and limitations. Limitations for patience, helping, nerves,discipline, everything else that comes with having a vagina. There's only so much one person can take. For each of us its different. Some of us know our breaking points but normally the only way we learn what they are is by actually reaching them. It's kinda sad and horrible when you think about it. Why must we actually reach the final straw to know where our point is at. Is it just me or does that suck!!

There was never a book they handed you when you become a mother or step mother that says "Hey when you reach this point...STOP...before you fall off the cliff." We don't actually know until we have one foot off the cliff teeter tottering on the edge, looking ahead to the solid ground where we want to be but then our heads look down as we never should and see the sharp rocks waiting for us...ready to fall with the smallest of winds. What saves us from falling...well some have nervous break downs...lol....kidding...well sorta...haha I think what keeps most of us from falling is the love, guidance and appreciation we get from Friends and family. When your to this point do u hold it in...most likely you do because we're taught at a very young age that women esp. are the glue that hold together a family, children or any relationship. It's unfair but its true and you know it.

As my friend sat over here this afternoon I truly felt blessed. Although, the relationship her and I have is more often then not....not understood by others we love it...lol. I was happy...happy we could sit and share the things we did. Knowing there was no judgement from either of us and what we felt we just openly shared about how we felt...reach limits is never fun and it sucks they sometimes get reach or even get tested however I've never been happier to have someone so close to me to be able to share it all with, the happy things, the scary things the things no one wants to or rarely even talks about!

Learning To Say NO!

For once I'm not speaking of anything concerning a child. Although, i do believe that each child should know and respect the word no. Tonight I'm writing concerning how often we spread ourselves too thin.

In the last week I haven't felt like I was on my feet at all. Felt like the entire week I was just floating from one task to the next barely remembering to eat much less take breathes. I took a moment to examine why I felt this way. I am a rather busy person by nature and with my job working 7 days a week, however here lately things have been even more hectic. It all boils down to one thing. I rarely tell people no. Whether its to take a child additional days or hours then I should of had them, or to come over and hang out when i just feel like being left alone, or to host a party, or do them a favor. What is it that makes us feel like we can't say no respectively?

I have told people no, don't get me wrong, however when I have said no was normally because I absolutely could not in any possible way figure out how to say yes to them. I don't kid myself this is a very very rare occurrence. More often then not I will tilt the earth on its axes to help someone or figure out how to help them in any given situation. Sometimes I feel as though what it takes for me to move things around takes more effort then the actual favor they needed. It should not be alot of work for me..I think helping is fun and love being there for others but at the same time I feel stretched thin.

I enjoy feeling wanted...who doesn't? but, even more so then feeling wanted i like more so feeling appreciated. I find that in what I do day in and day out I don't get a whole lot of appreciation. It's rare...who am I kidding its never that a 4 year old looks at me and says thank you for providing a safe, secure and fun environment for me to be in. Ha I'm lucky to get the parents to say that. So, when I can do odd little things for people it makes me feel good.

However, this last week to where it seems more and more everyone is asking for little favors. All those little favors add up to me having little to know me time. So, I'm making a pledge to myself to begin saying no. Not to everything, but I really want to work on if I feel like its taking away from the little me time i do or will have then i should step back and say no....respectively of course. I'm challenging you to do the same as well. I'm not sure how people will respond to begin with as they are all used to always hearing yes coming from my mouth but def. worth a try for sure! I'll keep you posted as to how it goes.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Out of the mouthes of babes

Yesterday, my daughter and friend are doing tattoos...they start discussing how both of their dads have tattoos...then comes the bomb

"Well my mommy has a tattoo on her vagina!" she pratically screams.

OMG, did my daughter just say that to her freind. LOL. I have always taught her the proper names for body parts so that was no suprise. However, its on my hip...lol. I tried explaining this to her and she turns to her freind and says.

"Well my mom has a tattoo next to her vagina."

One of those OMG moments...thats all I can say about that. Luckily her friends mom is very down to earth and took me explaining it with alot of humor and understanding. Last thing I wanted was her freind goign home saying Desi's mom's got this on her vagina...lol...NOT GOOD.