Sunday, March 14, 2010

Odd tid-bits of this and that

The last few days have been filled with interesting things around my house. All interesting enough to make mention of right there but not necessarily write about it depth details. Going to make a few bullet notes to update all of u.

- To my dear Friend: your not a horrible do dumb things.....hahaha just think of all the dumb things u did as a not seem so bad then.

- The knot on my head is huge and sore...helpful note to others when falling on tiled floor covered in water in the bathroom grabbing the shower curtain is not the smartest of ideas...

This weekend was pretty uneventful for me personally. It's spring break for my son and with that comes the whines and moans of boredom...which I being a good mom saw coming a mile away. If the weather would pick up and be nice at least he'd have more options but its been pretty dreary here the last few days.

So, my father has ventured back out into the exclusive dating world. News to me this week when I find out the woman I just met last week he's been dating since November and going on a weeks vacation with. She's far to sweet for offense to him but I see him corrupting her...none the less he's never stuck his nose into my dating world..however note to others when I begin dating someone he normally meets them when I think its I explored the idea that its not serious...but quickly disregarded that thought when he said their taking a weeks vacation together to Florida. He deserves it and i know he's been lonely...or not lonely per say but missing that part of his life for some time...that part of completion.

I've discovered this week that facebook is now the world connection point. Tell me when we entered a world to where we have to ask permission from another person for them to admit their family...hahahah much less someone ur in a relationship with. i being lame...just now found out where to add the family members on facebook and thought to myself I'm really sending a request for someone to admit their family...WOW...then my mind wondered into what if someone didn't want to admit they were family....hahaha a whole new way to offend As my dear friend put hasn't happened or doesn't exist unless facebook says it does. I've seen people get stressed, laugh, sad, and all out pissed from a simple sentence that someone puts in their status section...leaves so much room for interpretation.

Odd Note: my son is having a friend over to stay the night way to salvage the fact that hes stuck here for a week with preschoolers...and the kid just walked in and says "so when is Taylor's mom getting home"...hmmm I just smile and say she should be here soon....Taylor blurts she is my mom and the poor kid turned bright red in embarrassment. while walking up stairs to play games I catch the tail end of a convo they are having to where my son says "so ya I'm teaching you to be cool." the kid replies back "ya, thanks i really need it." I have a moment to where I think I might say something...but decide against it.

I personally have been discovering alot about myself here lately which I'm grateful for. I feel like since matt and I split that somehow I have more time to focus on the things that I want and need and don't want or need at all. I love it.

Daylight savings time way today...which I might just say I think BLOWS....I love the extra day of light for me personally but makes it harder for kids to go to bed at night when they don't understand why they have to go to bed when it's still light out...and spent all day feeling like I was catching up on rest. I know I know its only an hour but feels like 5 was taken

As of yesterday my birthday is officially a month away. I must be honest only goign to be 26 but somehow I feel like im on the brink of 45...most days anyways. I'm not too excited about it...not sure why...normally I'm all about the birthdays even my own and I get way physced about about them but just not feeling it this year for some reason. I don't have anything I want or need for that matter so kinda just feels like another excitement will build as it gets closer....who knows...or maybe I really am just getting old to where the thought of my own birthday no longer excites past years its like one of my fave days...even though I knew when with matt he'd forget to say happy birthday much less make an effort to get me

So, there are my little tic bits for today...might post something of usefulness tonight but just not feeling it at the moment...

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