Sunday, March 14, 2010

Single Mom's Dating

Being newly single for the first time in like almost 6 years I've found myself at a point to where I don't have answers or even suggestions for myself. i try to think what my answers have been or would be to a friend and coming up blank...

Whats the rules for dating as a single mom.

Do the kids meet the guy? If so do they meet him as a friend as in he's over to hang out and watch movies or wait until there's something serious?

How do you handle over night stays when you have kids? Or are you even suppose to have them?

I know for each person its very different as to what their comfortable with and what their not but its confusing to say the least. Can you show affection in front of your children. I always thought it was healthy for children to see 2 adults share love and tid bits of love...I'm not talking about straddling a guy and going to town but what about little kisses...and hugs...acceptable or not?

There's alot of uncharted waters I'm walking in here lately and not too sure how to go about it all but just testing things out to see how they go. I was single when I met my X husband and only had Taylor but obviously the ways I went about things there were not the right

I'm interested to hear what the single moms out there have to say about do you approach dating or sex for that matter....I'm just going to put that out there...cause I'm curious. So, whether your single or not I'm interested in your opions.


Anonymous said...
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KrisB said...

Fortunately, Kevin was quite young when I was dating. Sleepovers didn't mean the same thing, but to a 10 year old, he's on the brink of knowledge.. That would make it a bit more difficult.

At the same time, it's important that he learn to see his mom happy. So if you find someone and you think they are the one, there's nothing wrong with having a sleep over.. just say you were up late talking and he was too tired to drive home safely.

Safety first, right? ;)

Another of my favorites is saving water by showering together... it's especially helpful in the spring during gardening / spring cleaning.. *grin*

And showing affection is EXTREMELY important. Kids always need to learn that it's okay to love and be loved. Little hugs and kisses are good things.. but be ready for jealousy too. John, Kevin and I still do group hugs.. Quite often.. ;) We all enjoy those immensely. Especially at the end of the day right before or after dinner. *grin* Or whenever the moment calls for it. ;) Kevin's always welcome to join in on a hug.