Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Must Read

I got this book for Christmas from a good friend of mine. Has taken me a while to get it finished but I have to say I'm totally in love with it.

I'm not normally a fan of Whoopi persay. However, this book is amazing! had to give it a shout out. Basically she talks about an assortment of things that just tick her off. haha I know who wants to read about someones rants and raves? But this book was like it was written by me. Talks about rude people using their cell phones anywhere and everywhere.. event he darn bathroom. Being rude to others at events, kids in places they shouldn't be, children not being independent, not going outside and playing but instead becoming overweight sitting inside doing nothing but glued to something that plugs in.

I just adore reading it. makes me feel like I'm not insane whenever I've been on my little soap box complaing about rude people and the lack of general manners amongst people.

If you enjoy reading and often find yourself asking what int he hell has happened to people or kids for that matter.. it's a must read piece.