Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Single Moms Dating

So, I got a reply to my post about single moms dating and the children involved.

"Please don't introduce your children to any man until you are ready to commit to him. Children don't need to have guys walking in and out of their lives. By waiting it also protects your children. Some men want to date single moms in order to get close to their children. Please be careful."

I wanted to reply to this with some more questions....

Here's my questions and viewpoints if you will. I understand men not floating in and out of a house as I find this appauling and would never do that to my children. Their saftey is always my utmost importance. Now, I'm assuming committed above means marriage or livingtogether.

Here's my deal with this is a relationship between a woman and man could be great but how do you commit to someone you have not seen enteract with your children? Should you commit to someone you have never seen enteract with them...seen the chemisty and connection between them. I'm not meanign to say i think each guy a woman dates should meet the children or get them overly attached to a guy...but doesn't there have to be some line to where you view them with your children?

I just know that a relationship a man and woman have dating is a very different dynamic then a family type relationship. So, I'm still curious on this one I guess...

Baby Shower Decor

So, I got a mail from a follower asking me if I also scrap decor or do any other crafts so I thought I'd share some creations from a baby shower for a friend. she was having a baby girl and I threw her a baby shower. There were enough diapers between these two cakes to last her about 3 months! But, the big one was heavy as all get out!