Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Contents Of My Pockets

Have you ever thought about what you put in your pockets?

I wear jeans on an average day....and a shirt of some thought I wouls share this small tid bit. Today early evening I cleaned out my pockets.....5 total...and here's what i found lied within after a nearly full day at home:

-42 cents in spare change found around the house or brought to me from a child
- 1 cell phone
- 1 milk jug lid
- 1 miniture long neck dino
- 2 mismatch buttons
- 1 small green and yellow blend hard ball of playdough
- 1 washable marker
- 2 whole crayons and 4 small broken pieces
- 3 pony tails
- 1 mini pair of nail clippers
- 2 matchbox cars
- 5 lint
- 1 piece of candy
- 2 empty cany bar wrappers
- 1 broken show string
- 2 Wii dollars (like an allowance to my son)
- 3 pieces of ribbon
- 7 pieces of paper-mostly stray and trasj pieces
- 1 receipt
- 1 used and filled with snot tissue
- 1 cough drop
- 1 small piece of dried glue stick
- 2 misc. puzzle pieces
- 1 raw doodle--not sure didnt have noodles today!

I was amazed as I pulled these out and took inventory of the contents!! Cant believe my pockets held that much and curious if i died today and someone cleaned out my pockets...what they would think....just thought this was kinda comical.

Me and My Life at First Glance

Using this post to allow everyone to gain a glance into my life. I not only stay at home with my three children but I also run a preschool for 12 children out of my home. Sounds nuts right...and well it is. I am awake from 6 am when the first child arrives to about 1 am when the last child leaves. I choose to do preschool because I love the fact that parents can look to me to help steer their children in the right direction before entering school and while in their first year of school. I rmember tryin to find good care for my son when I was a single parent and it was a I do what I wished I could of found back then...and hopefully make a few parents life easier and with less stresses. But, with doing this.....I now also have children everyday of the week!!! I have two days where all of my children are gone by 6:30 and the rest of the days I have children till one's always busy here....

My days are spent like most other sahm's I suspect anyways, I just have it like tripped in work load.....more about that in a later Because that will take a whole post....hahaha

I have been engaged to a great guy for about a year. I was married for about 6 years when we divorced. His name is Matt......we were high school sweet Then when I got a divorce I moved back to Kansas. We met up and got back together and the rest is kinda history.

I have 4 degrees, that I used to use but am no longer able to have I have decided to do as much as I can to allow myself the benfit of stayin home with my children. I have a son, Taylor who will be 9 on Thanksgiving day this year, a daughter, Desiree (we all call her Desi) who just turned 3 this past fourth of July and a son, Landyn that will be 2 on Halloween this year. Yes, I have all holiday babies.....dont ask me how...cause it sure as heck wasnt planned!!! Birthday are a you can imagine with all holiday babies....but it kinda runs in the father is st. patty's day and my mom was on Halloween and my sister is the 3rd of July....just odd.

I am a Christian that is always struggling to do better in my faith....I find myself slipping often with not as much time as I would like to myself to devote to tryin to do better...but I try my best and hope to work harder at this over the next few months. It is afterall what keeps me sane when all else is lost!!

I have one dog---my baby KUJO- shes about 8 or 9 and black lab mix and two crazy gerbils thats temperments can never be predicted!

I live in a small town about 30 minutes north of Topeka and am getting ready to move...within about 3 weeks....luckily its only across the not too far...but its about double the space...which I am currently quite desperate for!!!

I am addicted...and I mean severely addicted to scrapbooking....tradtional paper and elements scrapbooking....really dont like digital....I probably have around at last count about 30,000 sheets of 12 x 12 paper...sometime soon I will add some photos of my area and supplies!!! I just adore it. I love being able to express myself and its a bit of an outlet for me as well. I dont have a ton of money to spend on supplies all the time...but have a group I created on yahoo called PifsRUs, and this group has some very great ladies I have become quite fond of....we trade supplies instead of its a lot of work to run the gorup but pays off wonderfully when I get new supplies without having to pay for them other than to give up items I no longer had a need for. I also love creating altered items...such as altered cigar boxes, paint cans, cards, mini paper bag albums...I just love to try new things and have fun with my papers and ribbons and goodies!!!

Ok so theres a glance...well maybe a bit more than a glance....will get back to this a bit later.

The First of What will be Many

So, tonight in a fit of boredom and tryin to avoid the overflowing dishes and floors to be cleaned and launfry to be folded I began to look through misc. blogs. Look and reading...intrigued with everyone...I already have a few favorites!!! Not sure how to remember or link to them all the time...but I'm sure I will be able to find them again! I love to write and keep an avid journal and can't wait to share with everyone who cares to read!!! So, this is more of a test...plan on posting next about myself and my famiy and then getting knee deep in this...I think i have found my new love!!!