Monday, March 22, 2010

Utter Stupidity

So, something very sad happened this weekend in a town right next to ours.

A young man about 13 was left at home alone. He and his Friend heard a noise outside and got scared and went to get his parents gun. It's still unclear all the details as the boys uncle says they were wrestling...whatever the details the gun went off and killed the boys 14 year old friend. He died before the EMS could get there. The 13 year old was arrested for involuntary manslaughter.

Ok, I of course have a few things to say about this. First of all I want to say today my son came home from school with a note. It was from the school district explaining in short what had happened and then going through a mini list of warning signs of troubled kids. Now here's my issue with this little note I rec. this wasn't some kid who got ticked off and shot someone out of anger so why am I getting a note about warning signs of such...makes little to absolutely no sense to me. I think it should have been a note to parents about gun saftey not about troubled kids and the warning signs of troubled kids. Why not a note reminding parents of gun saftey and how the sherriffs office gives out free locks...

Now, here's my large issue with this. I consider myself very gun friendly and wise. But, what I don't get is why the gun was accessible to the kids to begin with. I want to see the parents charged for stupidity. See, as a parent I get that kids are't get me wrong I know they are smart as well but no child should ever be able to use their own digression on whether or not to go get a gun for safety or screwing around.

I know parents shouldn't always be held liable for the actions of their children but in this instance I really hope the parents get it up the hind end...there's no excuse for having a weapon in the house and to have it accessible to the children. I have had guns in my home but, they've always been in safes and my children never even knew where they were located. I get the town is a small one of only 200 people and maybe their more lax in these things but where is the frickin common sense. I'm all about owning weapons and the right to do so..but don't these idiots get that instances like this are why our rights get stripped away little by little? Not saying its not the only reason but its certainly not screaming for us to remain having the fire arm rights we want and fight for, that the gov't hasn't already stripped away. Not to mention a young man died because they were too lazy, too ignorant, too stupid to do what is right when you own a weapon.

Irritates the piss out of me if you can't tell. I think the parents are more responsible then the child in this particular case. I just can't believe with everything that has happened with children and guns over the past 10 years lets say that anyone would be stupid enough to leave a weapon... number one where a child knows its at and number two not being locked away.

Tell me whatcha think...I'm very didn't used to be that a 13 year old was completely at blame for something that could of been avoided by a responsible adult. I do think the child had a responsibility in this situation, he was stupid...but he was a kid and there was a gun there...hes a are known for doing nonsensical things and thats why as parents we are suppose to do our best to ensure we set boundaries for some of those stupid things...locking a gun up is one of those many things...and quite frankly killing his best freind to me is going to be far worse then anything the courts would add to his shoulders and life...but I'd really like to see someone get those parents for their stupidity in this situation, it used to be the gun owners responsibility to keep their weapons out of reach, now it seems they rarly have any responsibility in situations.

Recent Creation

So, got these done over the last few weeks....kinda late posting them but their here none the less...

Blog Name Change

So, after some deliberation, I have decided to change the name of my blog. I think this one sits better with my life and so there you have it.


I'm not sure whats prompting this post this morning but...its the topic of choice. Are you one of those moms who allows fears to control how you mother? I guess I am not. I'd like to say I'm for cetian on that but I'm sure there are somethings that are fear inspired. I don't see fear as a bad thing I guess. I just see it as the things that challenge me. Some fears are fears inspired by things that happened when I grew up...meaning they weren't natural fears but through some experience they were developed.

For instance, I consider a natural fear of mine to be the dark. Yes, that's right I'm one of the millions who is afraid of the dark...however it was strongly strengthened byt the fact that my dad often would sit downstairs and come up after me in the dark and grab my legs to scare me. He was the dad who asked you to go get something from the car after dark...and then go out there with a gun or leaf blower and jump out n scare the crap out of me. Yes, that was my twisted family...

I have many fears...thought it might be neat to list them. As a show of faith that I'm not defined by them or embarrassed. I think of them more so as challenges I get to overcome...hmm hopefully throughout life.

- Fear of the dark.
- Fear of dying before I've seen my children grow old. - This fear is one inspired by life. My mom passed when I was 13 and i'd never want my children to have to grow up not knowing their mom. It's not a fear of dying but just not getting to see them grow old and happy.
- Fear of falling in love with someone who's already given the heart to someone else and doewsn't have it to fully give to me.
- Fear of letting people down. I'm not sure where this one came from but I've always been afraid of letting people down..not everyone but those important to me.
- Fear of losing my scrapbooks....I knwo this one seems kinda pity but, its a huge fear. I've worked for years on them and love them to pieces. They tell my families stories.
- Fear that my daughter will someday be a teen mom. This more so it's just based on society and how fast thigns move these days and having had a child at 15...I'd never wish those struggles on my children..or anyone for that matter.

I don't have many fears and for this I am grateful. Although, I have learned that as I go through life I do acquire new ones along the way.