Sunday, April 17, 2011


So, I had to share this. Each year my birthday rolls around. Each year my father forgets.. and is very open about forgetting or letting me know his 6 year old son had to remind him. Well this year was by far priceless. My birthday was on the 13th. On the 15th I get a message from him.

"You're suppose to answer your phone on your Birthday. Happy Birthday."

I shook my head. i figured when I saw the message he had forgotten or he had the wrong day. Amazing to me. Simply shocking. He never forgets my brother or sisters birthday. I just don't get it. It's hurtful. However I have to say I did not call him as I wanted to and say "Geez dad I do answer my phone.. ON MY BIRTHDAY!" I didn't.

I did call my sister, who also had forgotten until my brother called to tell her to call me. haha However she was very honest.. about almost forgetting and when i said it was just fine she was all about telling me how I should be yelling and bitching at her as she would me if I had forgotten. I do find it funny how everyone in my family can recall everyone else's b-days, even my kids... lol except mine. Cracks me up.

 I told my sister she ought to call my dad and ask if he called me two days prior for my birthday. She did, he stated he knew it wasn't my b-day but fig. he might as well call. See to me it would have been much easier had he just called and said I'm sorry I forgot it. But no instead he tries to talk my sister into calling me and also telling me happy birthday on the wrong day. WOW

That is all I could say to that. WOW