Sunday, January 11, 2009

Edition 2- The things I live through

and don't die from. Ok ladies most of you prolly read my post on thing I live trough concerning my 3.5 yr old daughter cutting off all of her precious hair...a few weeks before this post is dedicated to all of you gals who have boys... Edition 2 of the things i live through

My son had a tv in his room--- I am very against this personally but it has served as a good tool for the other night I go upstairs to tell him it's time for the tv to go off. I believe in open door policies...or I have thus walk in to his room and he immidiantly looks guilty...about 20 minutes before I had told him he could get a snack but no candy....

then i see his hands moving around...I ask him....what are you hiding...he says nothing...ahhh hes a horriable liar...always has been...he's go those tale tell signs. So, I ask again Taylor did u get into the Christmas candy...he says no and turn his head....thinking he's hiding candy I pull his blanket up...only to find

pants to his ankles...hmm seems he was exploring abit, well more than a bit---ALOT-way to much alot! I dropped the blanket. We've always spoken openly aout this type of thing...but I found myself in shock...complete shock and awe...he was embarrassed I was mortified...this is my little boy...9 but my first born and my little boy---you moms get this.....I shut off the tv and said goodnight. I knew it happen but never imagined I would catch him in the act or see the result of the act...utterly motifying

Now the next day we sat down me him and the hubby--and discussed more privacy and knocking first and things of this sort.

And yet this is another thing I have lived through and I have no clue how....

I turn...shut off the tv...

The inevitable question- How Come?

How come 2 weeks ago I was soo on the death bed kinda sick. You fellow moms know what this feels like. To be sick and yet the home still needs to be ran. Well for me I also have other peoples children in my home 24 hrs a day. So, my clock never stops.

But, how come when I was sick, I rec. no sympathy from parents or the hubby...HOW COME!! Everyone just considered me to need to stay on the ball. I stil needed to cook, clean, teach, pick up, drop off, wake up everything just the same.....hmmmm

Now how come this week the hubby was sick....every parents asked repeatedly about how he was doing...hahahaha, even gave adive on meds and such. How come he was able to lock himself in a room for 4 days only come out when he needed me for in the heck come.

I swear I just dont get it...I mean I realize I am super all jokes come when a woman much less a mom gets one seems to care....its like everyother day...but now when a man gets sick the world quits spinning for him. I have had many older gals...gosh I love their wisdom tell me..."hmmm hun thats just the way it is are wimps" Hahahahah soo funny...but what does a gal have to do to get someone to pick up some of the slack when shes down and out....

It just seems that moms in general are seen doing it all-----all the time---because after all we're super heros---I mean we do more then many men can accomplish in a week in one day...but we're seen as like this rock....that unless bedded in a hosital stays strong no matter what. While I embrace this thought I also would have loved and pleaded for someone to tell me to go to bed for 4

Ok, so don't get me wrong ladies...I'm in no way upset...i just find this somewhat humorous and aww inspiring...we are the Rocks that hold our families together and it's great knowing this...but every now and then a rock just needs a