Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So, this week I have decided to crack down on my house. This was prolly inspired by my X finally getting his stuff...well he's not but someone is...lol and my figuring when I was going thru it all might as well throw crap out and get rid of stuff, that's been collecting for years upon years.

OMG I hate clutter...but what I hate even more is when you have clutter and your not disposing of it then really all you do is move the clutter from one place to the next...I threw out like 6 large trash bags today of crap...set is out for preschool parents to go thru...they went thru it and then the rest went in the garbage! YEA me. Felt great...doesn't feel like I cleared up a ton of space but hmm maybe doing it each day will...who knows...but it feels good to do it.