Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Contents Of My Pockets

Have you ever thought about what you put in your pockets?

I wear jeans on an average day....and a shirt of some thought I wouls share this small tid bit. Today early evening I cleaned out my pockets.....5 total...and here's what i found lied within after a nearly full day at home:

-42 cents in spare change found around the house or brought to me from a child
- 1 cell phone
- 1 milk jug lid
- 1 miniture long neck dino
- 2 mismatch buttons
- 1 small green and yellow blend hard ball of playdough
- 1 washable marker
- 2 whole crayons and 4 small broken pieces
- 3 pony tails
- 1 mini pair of nail clippers
- 2 matchbox cars
- 5 lint
- 1 piece of candy
- 2 empty cany bar wrappers
- 1 broken show string
- 2 Wii dollars (like an allowance to my son)
- 3 pieces of ribbon
- 7 pieces of paper-mostly stray and trasj pieces
- 1 receipt
- 1 used and filled with snot tissue
- 1 cough drop
- 1 small piece of dried glue stick
- 2 misc. puzzle pieces
- 1 raw doodle--not sure didnt have noodles today!

I was amazed as I pulled these out and took inventory of the contents!! Cant believe my pockets held that much and curious if i died today and someone cleaned out my pockets...what they would think....just thought this was kinda comical.

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Twisted Cinderella said...

For me it would probably be the table beside where I sit or my purse. LOL