Friday, March 12, 2010

Knowing Your Limits

As mothers, wives, girlfriends, women we have so much that is expected of us on a daily basis. Cooking, cleaning, working, balancing home life and work and if they mesh together god help, maintaining healthy adult relationships, marriage, dating, activities and everything else that comes along with or without notice. We're expected to move the world a little each day...we may not notice or think that we are but we do.

Today while visiting with a girlfriend we got into a discussion of limitations and expectations. Knowing as a person we have limits and although most days we do the impossible and go above and beyond what we ever thought we could do, we all have breaking points and limitations. Limitations for patience, helping, nerves,discipline, everything else that comes with having a vagina. There's only so much one person can take. For each of us its different. Some of us know our breaking points but normally the only way we learn what they are is by actually reaching them. It's kinda sad and horrible when you think about it. Why must we actually reach the final straw to know where our point is at. Is it just me or does that suck!!

There was never a book they handed you when you become a mother or step mother that says "Hey when you reach this point...STOP...before you fall off the cliff." We don't actually know until we have one foot off the cliff teeter tottering on the edge, looking ahead to the solid ground where we want to be but then our heads look down as we never should and see the sharp rocks waiting for us...ready to fall with the smallest of winds. What saves us from falling...well some have nervous break sorta...haha I think what keeps most of us from falling is the love, guidance and appreciation we get from Friends and family. When your to this point do u hold it in...most likely you do because we're taught at a very young age that women esp. are the glue that hold together a family, children or any relationship. It's unfair but its true and you know it.

As my friend sat over here this afternoon I truly felt blessed. Although, the relationship her and I have is more often then not....not understood by others we love I was happy...happy we could sit and share the things we did. Knowing there was no judgement from either of us and what we felt we just openly shared about how we felt...reach limits is never fun and it sucks they sometimes get reach or even get tested however I've never been happier to have someone so close to me to be able to share it all with, the happy things, the scary things the things no one wants to or rarely even talks about!

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