Friday, March 12, 2010

Learning To Say NO!

For once I'm not speaking of anything concerning a child. Although, i do believe that each child should know and respect the word no. Tonight I'm writing concerning how often we spread ourselves too thin.

In the last week I haven't felt like I was on my feet at all. Felt like the entire week I was just floating from one task to the next barely remembering to eat much less take breathes. I took a moment to examine why I felt this way. I am a rather busy person by nature and with my job working 7 days a week, however here lately things have been even more hectic. It all boils down to one thing. I rarely tell people no. Whether its to take a child additional days or hours then I should of had them, or to come over and hang out when i just feel like being left alone, or to host a party, or do them a favor. What is it that makes us feel like we can't say no respectively?

I have told people no, don't get me wrong, however when I have said no was normally because I absolutely could not in any possible way figure out how to say yes to them. I don't kid myself this is a very very rare occurrence. More often then not I will tilt the earth on its axes to help someone or figure out how to help them in any given situation. Sometimes I feel as though what it takes for me to move things around takes more effort then the actual favor they needed. It should not be alot of work for me..I think helping is fun and love being there for others but at the same time I feel stretched thin.

I enjoy feeling wanted...who doesn't? but, even more so then feeling wanted i like more so feeling appreciated. I find that in what I do day in and day out I don't get a whole lot of appreciation. It's rare...who am I kidding its never that a 4 year old looks at me and says thank you for providing a safe, secure and fun environment for me to be in. Ha I'm lucky to get the parents to say that. So, when I can do odd little things for people it makes me feel good.

However, this last week to where it seems more and more everyone is asking for little favors. All those little favors add up to me having little to know me time. So, I'm making a pledge to myself to begin saying no. Not to everything, but I really want to work on if I feel like its taking away from the little me time i do or will have then i should step back and say no....respectively of course. I'm challenging you to do the same as well. I'm not sure how people will respond to begin with as they are all used to always hearing yes coming from my mouth but def. worth a try for sure! I'll keep you posted as to how it goes.

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