Monday, March 1, 2010

Out of the mouthes of babes

Yesterday, my daughter and friend are doing tattoos...they start discussing how both of their dads have tattoos...then comes the bomb

"Well my mommy has a tattoo on her vagina!" she pratically screams.

OMG, did my daughter just say that to her freind. LOL. I have always taught her the proper names for body parts so that was no suprise. However, its on my I tried explaining this to her and she turns to her freind and says.

"Well my mom has a tattoo next to her vagina."

One of those OMG moments...thats all I can say about that. Luckily her friends mom is very down to earth and took me explaining it with alot of humor and understanding. Last thing I wanted was her freind goign home saying Desi's mom's got this on her GOOD.


Aaron said...

lmao that hilarious dont kids say the craziest things.. atleast the other mom didnt freak out and all

Jenn Luck said...

LOL so funny. Wonder what kindergarten will bring. :)

Blooming Lily said...

you know she went home and told her parents....LOL. That is pretty funny!

KrisB said...

Oh, that's GREAT!!! :)
To have been a fly on the wall and seen your face..