Sunday, February 28, 2010

Does it happen to u?

It's amazing how fast desi has grown up. Seems like yesterday I was saying she was going to be a handful and today she actually is. Desi is something special for sure, any of you who personally know her can atest to this hard but true fact. I like to say she's everythign scary about havign a girl wrapped into one mini-me.

Tonight is not a rant or rave or even a blissful post but one of confusion.

So, here's how this plays out.

A few weeks ago I happened to notice the lip gloss was missing from my make-up bag. Now as any good mommy and state liscensed daycare should, I have child proofing on my drawers with my make up in them to keep out of reach of small hands and mouths. hahahaha before any hate mails come about those who dont have them... 2 things...they're only in place because the state inspection lady...who just adores me. (fatest joke ever) said I had to. Taylor survivied just fine eating half the non-ediable things in my cabinets, and that boy ate everything. Number 2 ya their not childproof when ur kids is smart enough to mimic. They observe you do it once or twice and then presto a few times trying when you not looking and they got it down. Personal not: I should write a note to the companies who guarantee my kid wont be smart enough to get into them. Ok back to the discussion at hand.

So, lip gloss missing...I think to myself maybe its in the car or I've misplaced it...wouldn't be the first thing I've misplaced...and go about my day. While at the store later that day i buy a new one...cause honestly I don't have time to check the 5 billion places it might have ended up and prolly even then would come up empty handed. A few days later I notice a tube of deoterant is that's an odd thing to go missing...hmm my mind wonders and yet I don't investigate...mostly due to the lack of time and energy of grilling first the go to culprits who will deny at all costs and then the secondary ones who might not say anything at all. Then a few days later a mini bottle of my "stripper" perfume is missing...i call it this because well its the stuff that just wreaks of stripper and yet smells so all know what I'm talking about..even for those of you that don't broach the stripper 2 things come to mind if someone had gotten into it and used it all I would notice..while house would wreak of cheap girls...hahah yes that right...I like to smell like a cheap ole me... girls gotta have a few vices.

A few more days lapse and I start to notice a few things here or keep in mind I'm not really putting all of these petty thefts together...because as I happen to b going through the day one thing missing really isn't any concern of mine but one night while cleaning out drawers it all came to me...light bulb on. There's a thief in my midst. I have no hard evidence to this fact of course but it's def. a good mommy hunch.

My primary suspect, Desiree of course. She's the go to person here. Number one she can't keep her hands out of my make-up back and well anythign I have she thinks she needs at the ripe age of 4.5. Now had I actually found any items on her or in her room I'd go to her...alas I found nada. I deep cleaned her room this very weekend. No evidence at all. But, it's not like kids are stuffing things in their shirts as they make their way out my wonder where she hides her forbidden treasures...secrets holes in the wall, in her vent, some place I havent thought to look...where does all the mommy stolen goods go to. I will probably ask which won't turn up much help at all...I'll get the innocent play on it most likly and the fight to know where they are or if any of it is still useable is one that I choose to not have in the large scheme of other worthy things to fight about. It's like the sock monster that every mom knows well,we never really know where they go...but we knew we had them.

I'm curious is this a girl thing? Or maybe an every kid thing and I just happened to slip by it without Taylor catching the thieving

3 comments: said...

oh goodness you are a busy girl! the sock monster lives here too :-)

Vi said...

LOL!!! I am blessed to say wehaven't gone through the thieving bug here yet, (Knock on wood). That is too funny though.

Jenn Luck said...

Oh my I have two little girls in my house and daddy has 1 boy. Grabbing boy things.


Some I find others I don't for a long time to never. I now keep my really good stuff up and away from them but sometimes I slip. Humm can't wait to find out if you ever find your items. LOL