Saturday, March 20, 2010

Snow Snow

So, all week I have had this great idea to spend all day today spring cleaning. I had it all mapped out, what I really need to get done, even made a list to add to throughout the week.

I wanted to steam my floors, clean the upstairs areas which is where all of the kids rooms are and then just general things around the house like cleaning the walls and such. I have been planning to do this spring cleanign for some time but never got the right days off or time or energy.

As luck would have it we would get inches of snow last night. Normally wouldn't be such an issue but after a weeks worth of decent spring is near weather...I foudn the snow I normally love a bit disheartening. I really wanted to open all the windows in the house and fill it with freah air...i have done this on decent days during the window as I hate the smell of a stuff house but its different. The snow is pretty but, just when the kids get used to being able to get out and about they can't them....pooor

I spent the better part of the morning doing little things, but hoenstly can't bring myself to steam the floors when I can't open all the windows and air it all I've piddled all day with laundry and general Saturday cleaning things.

This last week was spring break, I barrely saw Taylor as he was at sleep overs or having sleep overs nearly each night. Desi also spent quite a bit of time at freinds houses throughout the week. I'm ready for school to start back up though. I hired a new assistant of which I adore here. She's very much so like myself in many ways. Which could of been a complete disaster...but it's worked out wonderfully. This I am greatful for as looking for a new one was exuasting.

I plan on trying to get some new creations scrapped this afternoon. A good snowy day is a good day to craft...also considering a bit of inline shopping for some new CHA items that have been released. Other then that just plan on kinda hanging out today with hopefully minimal excitement for this weekend. I could use a calm weekend to just beathe.

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