Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Children Raising Children

This topic is brought on by a situation my best friend is currently in. She is a SAH mom and step mom. Currently she has been battling...well they've been battling forever but the current issue is with the biological mother dating and going out leaving the 14 year old child in charge of a 7 and 8 year old. Now, just this is discouraging to both her and I.

We wonder why children grow up too fast in this society. However, when you look at this situation it's a prime reason as to how it happens. With this mother being so dumb she's throwing off so many things. First, by leaving one child in charge of the others there's bound to be a power struggle between the children as well as favoritism. The younger children are not of age to get the concept of an older sibling being in charge of them.

Now, here's the kicker. Not only is this child being allowed to watch the other 2 children sometimes all day, many nights and weekends but the mother has also given the older sibling and her friends to physically discipline the younger two. I find this out right appalling!!!!!

I won't hide my fact only a few days ago the mother went to spank the child and could not "catch" her and allowed the older sibling and her friends to catch her and hold her down!!!! Are you fricking kidding me...that was my response to my friend among other things. She's obviously even more so frustrated with this situation then myself as she's the one getting the phone calls from the child saying please come get me...their hurting/picking on me. She remains powerless in these situations and the girl's father is in the military and currently away therefore she just has the court ordered days and if the child calls her crying she is powerless and can do nothing if its not on her court appointed day. Here her step child reaches out to her and she is powerless which then hurts their relationship to say the least as the 8 year old can not justify why she is not running to her aid to help her when she's in need and then grows a resentment towards her.

The biological mother is a mess all on her own...let me tell you would take weeks to explain how retarded she is. I'd really like to use some "grown up" words to describe her but retarded is the best I have most days to describe her and her thoughtless actions when it comes to her children and their well being. That being said I'm not even sure how one comes to the point to where they put a child in charge of another child. I can understand a 17 year old keeping after a 9 year old for a short period...don't get me wrong. But, I can not wrap my head around a 14 year old taking care of an 7 and 8 year old and being allowed to physically discipline them not to mention for as long as these children are being watched. it's not even that the mother is working she going out. Also I feel i should note this is not a young mom...she's older. My friend has repeatedly tried to be nice and make a connection or attempt to speak rationally with the biological mother..but she likes to use her being the mother whenever it's convenient to her and accepting advice from a step mother is just not in her. When she was asked if she knew the older sibling was hitting when she wasn't home its to no suprise that she stated in short that it was ok if it needed to be done.

The 8 year old has been going through alot and she is the one at the brunt of this situation. Breaks my heart. As far as legally speaking everyone has told my friend that she basically can't do anything because a 14 year old is allowed to stay home alone and tend after siblings. I think its just you hear me..... NUTS. It's not like the mom is running to the grocery store she's just leaving...out all night, out all day...she has no parental compass and its really chaps me.

This is what's the matter with children today and the family dynamic. I dont care if your a one parent or two parent household. Raising a child is your responsibility and leaving it to other children within the home is just craziness. I went through this as a child and it's unfair to all of the children involved. Why do people think it's ok to strip the childhood from their children. Why and when did it become ok to allow a child to feel smaller then an ant and not to care about their well-being, self-confidence, self-esteem and everything that comes along with basically being told how you feel doesn't matter. Because that is what is happening to this poor 8 year old. When...When...When...why is this ok...why is there nothing others can do about it? I think its abuse on so many levels...let me hear some thoughts or advice to my freind...she reads this blog allt he

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Jenn Luck said...

This is just horrible. It breaks my heart reading this. Little girl reaching out to her step mom and knowing it's taring her up inside because she can't do anything.

With there dad being gone so hard for the step mom to get in contact with him or even put this stress and worry on him while he is gone.

The mother not taking any kind of responsibility. That is down right horrible. Hopefully A. can find something or someway to help those little girls.