Friday, November 7, 2008

Home Aroma Tips

So, thought I would share a few things I do. Ever since having kids I hate how sometimes someone walks in and htey can just get hit with the smell of a poopy diaper just changed...even when disposed of outside...the smell lingers, or of the dog or just I have found these tips and one homemade one along the way to ensure your house has a pleseant aroma for you and your guests.

So the first one is my fav. but it's one I have done forever. I got to the store and buy the liquid poperi and the matching actual poperpuri..then I put half a bottle in a pan with some of the dry and for me i love apples and then I also throw in some cinnamon sticks or ground and some sliced apples.....and then just let it get to simmering and then turn to low for about 30 minutes and then fills the house with the best smell...I just lov ethis...then each monring until its gone i turn it on for an hour...and my house has a great smell all day....This also works if you use it in your slow But I always try to add some fresh things to the oranges or apples...

Next these are some i have read or just do

-make fresh coffee
- candles
- bake cookies- not a ton...just a batch
- bake a frozen pie...smells work and there's ur dessert
- fabreeze the walls...I do this all the time..instead of spraying in the air...I spray at a distance on the walls and curtians so the smell doesnt just settle on the
- Buy those gel scents...things you like...then put them in the bottom of the trash can...under the bag.....or other hidden places where smells get overwhelming.
- create a vase of orange peels and such the oils of lemons and limes and oranges give a great scent and are pretty if put with marbles and such for a day or two

Well that's all for now...but just thought I would share some of these

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Twisted Cinderella said...

There are some great ideas here.