Friday, November 7, 2008

A New addition to our family- Need your help in naming her!

So, today I was browing the paper...and saw an puppies...of course the hubby loves small dogs...and I don't really but he's been pratically begging for one...and I saw some fox/rat terrier puppies for only 20 I called her...

.....then i went to look at them

.... then i got one and brought her home. You all know how this one goes...but I must amt I too have been looking for another companion to add to our crazy house!

We currently have a large dog and I mean LARGE (she weighs a little over 100 pounds cause she just sits with her age and has some medical issues) baby Kujo....shes a lab and I have had her for over 6 years and she's my baby...she is the dog that once say in a bathroom with me fr 3 days while I bled out with no one around....she didn't move...she laid to me curled up on the floor...I couldn't move and later found out I had cancer causing the bleeding and very intense pain from my colon...but gosh I had only owned her for about 5 months at that point...I adopted her when she was like 1.5 and have never thought twice about it...shes kind to kids...very tollerant of all the kids here esp. for her age. She used to sleep in my room but now has adapted to sleeping with my youngest and eldest sons...which I think is great...i love them having that memory of the family pet.

She has been with other dogs but due to some reason or another they have left or something has happened to them...and she remains...but with her aging I really want a dog to be around catch on to her great behavior. So, I brought HER home...i say her because they hubby has not choosen a name for her yet...therefore I thought I'd ask for you all's help....what do you think she looks like.....we like unique names...she has a very spunky yet suprisingly calm temper for her breed and is very sweet...

Already though as I have stated before she is HIS dog and yet I'm the one watching her and such when he's gone...but sh's doing great going outside to potty with only one small accident that we caught before she really had a chance to go....

So, pluck away...anything and everything let me ear it in your comments...

Our family now is the following
Matt 25
Lacey 24
KuJo 8-9ish (black lab)
Taylor almost 9
Desiree 3.5 almost
Landyn Just turned 2
2 gerbils brother and sister that are about 8 months old
and HER - about 8 weeks old

SO NAME HER!! If your name is choosen by Matt then I'll enter you three more times into the drawing I have going on!
So, look at her and name her...many or only one it's up to you...but he's looking for a great name for HER! I feel as though I should mention Matt is very prown to smart butt names or slightlty sarcastic like name...he doesn't want something just has to be someting witty or hope you have had mor eluck then i have.

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Jennifer said...

Precious, or Spots, Hearts, Baby, Sweet Pea, umm still thinking