Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nov. 1st Already

Wow...does anyone else feel as though this year just went by in a blink of the eye......I know people say that every year...and I'm pretty sure I remembered a few months...weeks back when i thought it felt as though some days would never be finished.......but this year just seems to of zoomed by me...and I hate it!!!

But, I do love that it's November...I love this time of means constant decorating for me...lots of card preps for my eldest birthday and thanksgiving and christmas! I love each year making as many gifts as I can for friends and family in order to save a few bucks here and there to spend extra on my close family.

Each year I do that's something for me to begin planning and thinking about! I love hosting and love love love cooking and was thinking of trying some new things this year now that we have a bit more space with the new house. If anyone has some cute table toppers that woudl br great to pass along as I normally make eerything including the placemats and napkin holder and name tags....not too many folks come to our thanksgiving but I still doing it up the best that I can!! I'm a paper crafter so anything along those lines are always much appreciated! OWWW and then Christmas..don't get me started there...I'm not huge on gift giving but...I do love this time of year....heck I was singing Christmas songs in August. LOL. I know may of you hate it...but I love the spirit of everyone...the smiles...the giving...everything...more about that later.

So, I already have swept through the house and put away all Halloween decorations...including the horrific front porch area...and started putting out Thanksgiving and general fall items. Love Love Love IT. I love making my house a home......warm and fun and full of great exciting times this time of year...even though we're always broke....we make a little go along way!!! And, if I can get paid by SRS for some kids....that would be the best gift of all....debt paid off....who can ask for a better gift than that!

All, the kids must have been very warn after last night because they all are going on hr 2 of their nap.....Taylor my eldest got a quick learned on taxes today....he got 25 bucks from g-pa for his report card...5 dollars per A. So, we went to the store and he only had 25...and was looking at a 25 dollar toy...and i pointe dout there would be taxe and he wouldn't have any money to pay them...Now before some of you start moaning..."why couldnt you help him out for such a small amount" See normally I do this for him...but today....I wanted himt o add his own...and fig it all out on his own...he's almost 9...which to me means to start getting a good grip on how far a buck goes and how to handle your the end he decided to go to dollar general.....he got 8 seperate toys and have 4 bucks to spare...which he vouched to save for a dont carry soda or juice in my these are special treats for him...overall I felt really good about his decisions..he even tested toys with batteries to ensure they worked so he didn't have to buy more...and avoided anything that needed more than one battery so as to not have to buy alot of them...after he saw the cost of batteries.

Ahhhh, I am a bit sleepy....of which I dont know why...the hubby got up this morning and had our kiddos help him clean the house and vaccum so I could sleep in til about 8...which is great...cause I was up at 5 with my 3 yr old...wondering if she got to trick or treat again that was great to be able just to sit there...and he warned everyone not to touch my door...much less enter and cleaned everything in the downstairs-except the dishes...cause even he hates did the upstairs and all was done before my daycare kids arrived!

So, i have 3.5 degrees and the hubby got his ged and never went to school and with him being quite bored with his job I offered he might look into going to school for smething he's interested in and sent away for a local community college course it today and he's got three things he's looking at doing on-line and I even might take a we're both very excited about that...cause I really miss school and love going to an actual class but my life truly has no time without other peoples

Well, thats it......for now anyway!

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