Friday, October 31, 2008

A Very Special Day

So, the days has finally come!!!! It's the day everyone gets to be something their not! Well on the outside anyway! LOL Don't you wish that we could have more Halloween days- not so much for the dressing up and decorating but for the getting to be something you are not! I think there should be a day like this every few months...just to let us all get out of our own shin and into something we can't or don't want to be on a daily basis but might like to try on for

Today s a big day not only because it's a holiday but also because today my youngest Landyn leaves his baby years officially behind. That's right he turned 2 today!!! My baby is no longer a baby. This saddens me....greatly.....tremendouuly...did I say greatly? This to me just reminds me exactly how fast they grow and change...and while I have adored the changes in Landyn and learned to hold onto and treasure them longer...I still greatly miss the stages that have passed! I think this is partially why I love doing preschool for other folks kids....I love the age between a year and 3yrs....these years just give me great joy. There's so much learning and discovery...granted there's also alot of fits, tears, emotions, drama and all that "great" stuff....but none the less I love it! But, Landyn has been different...i truly believe all of my three kids are dramatically different. What flyed for one did not for the other....what was easy to teach one...was teeth pulling for another...and so on...pretty sure you moms of more than one children know what I mean. But, landyn has been differnt from both of the other two....he's been the one...and I hate to say it like this...but I really feel like I haven't "messed him up" near as much as I had the other two by this age.

I mean come on...parenting is a bit luck, common sense and learning. We experiment with our kids...we learn just as much if not more from them then they do from us. And, Landyn being the third...I knew sooo much more...between parenting my own life and parenting others children...I truly feel confident with him to this point. LOL Not to say I didn't do my best with the others...but my best has gotten This may sound insane to alot of you but...hmmm oh well....cause it's how I feel.

For instance any parents of more than one child...have you ever done something one way then then later tried to implemet it on another child...for instance....When my 3 yr old was one and started throwing fits...we had a few forms of taking care of it...maybe popping a hand, time out and so when Landyn began this I had a designated time out spot...but rarly does it get to that point...for him I just crouch down to his sure he's looking at me and explain..."we dont hit landyn ok or we are a big boy we don't throw ourselves on the floor ok? and he always says okay and then we give love...hugs and kisses and then is great...runs off to play and it has been resolved..........Now...I thought to myself this worked soooo well...lets see how we can do it wth desi...HA HA HA HA HA HA HA that's all I can really say about that....if you try talking to her esp. right after the incident to try not to have to do a time out she just goes nuts...there's just no talking to her right afterwards in efforts to avoid time out. Shes the type who needs a time out/alone time and let her out...then later you come to her and discuss it..she's just too emotional to talk to right after the incident. Just cracks me up....

So, back to he's 2!!! I'm sooo excited.... kinda hard for our family to do birthday parties on the kids birthday.... Landyn is on Halloween, Desiree (desi) is on the 4th of July and my eldest is on Thanksgiving this year and even when hes not hes with in a day or two. And, NO we did not plan this!!!!! Taylor just came way to 27 I think that was from the hubby praying for her to come on the holiday and Landyn...just by
But, it has made birthday parties impossiable!!! But we deal!

So, wanted to say Happy Birthday to Landyn!!!!! And Happy Halloween to all of you that participate int he holiday. Thought I would share...Taylor is going as a almost 9 he really wanted something spooky not "babyish" this year, Desi is going as a fairy princess...because we had to buy nothing by using all of her dress-up clothes....score for frugal me...and Landyn is going as a dragon (his costume from last year) cause it was way to big last year! I will be sure to post pictures...hmm the hubby decided yesterday he wants out front large porch to be a spooky things...he worked till like 10 last night and will be completeing when he gets home at 1 today....ought to be lost interest and got frustrated last night after he created and bloody scarecrow from smashing pumpkins for the inside of the body and neck...and then pouring spagetti sause on he hung a ton of stuff...well I'll tke pics for you all...cause it's a sight for sure...not sure if parents are going to say cool....or gross...but he was soo excited to do something that I didn't want to stop

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