Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Learned Something NEW today

And that is I very well may be Super woman! LOL hahahaha Not really....but really.

So, last night I got a call from on eof my parents. Her daughter has been out of school and my preschool for about 2 weeks due to an injury. She got thrown off a horse and broke her femur and had lots of complications with how the bone tore through her muscles. She's only 6!

Anyway mom called and said we'd like to try her back in school tomorrow and see how she does at your place...get her back in the swing of things. I'm thinking great...the kids have all been soo concerned and missed her a lot. So, she informs me that she has a mini-wheel chair as well as a mini walker to help her get around...and which would i prefer they have her to school with. Normally we walk since I am about 2 blocks from the school. I told her she didn't need to bring the wheel chair- just the walker and I would come and get her in the car...and have the hubby watch my 2 and 3 yr olds. HA! Ya know I really don't know what I was thinking. I get off the phone and am thinking and going hmmm what a minute Matt's got those darn mandatory meetings tomorrow...ahhhh so that means I will have to take my youngest 2 with biggie just more

Then this monring I am talking to him before he goes to leave....about how I am picking her up and going to have to take all the kiddos...its like 8:30 or so...and he looks at me...that funny are you out of your mind look...I get this I easily reconize says "if your going to take the car...what do you think I should take to work?" Hmmmm I hadn't thought about have 2 cars but we're when gas goes into one car for work...then thats all the gas money for the week!!! You other poor folks know what I'm talking about...and if your not poor...i am throw some charity my way will

So, we sit is this going to work because the little girl is already at school...with only her walker because i told mom no need to bring them both since we're not walking....but she cant walk ...too far in her he called his mom and she came and gave him a ride...understanding. All is well right!!!


Don't know what I was thinkng but the hubbys messed up schedule really screwed with me!! How was I going to get 2 toddler car seats in the school age kids in the front and then also this poor girl with her bum leg (so she has to sit sideways to support the leg) I soo didn't think this through.

So, i get to the school...half knowing what I am going to do....get all my kiddos and then what do I see....ahhhh the brought the wheelchair and the walker...hahahahahah I'm laughing now but not then.....I'm thinking we could just walk and then everything would be fixed....but I wouldn't have anyway to move my car out of the bus zone then before the end of the day cause hubby doesnt get back till 5.....BOY OH BOY do I miss him working his normal nights...I cant wait till Saturday!!!!!!!!

Sidenote- i was thinking i was dealing with a walker that folded up and could fit in front with one of the doesnt fold....and the wheelchair...i have no clue how to fold or move...and my trunk is slightly full of misc crap!! Note to self: Clean out the trunk!

Needless to say I made it work...I prolly looked like an idiot but it worked....I put the wheelchair in my half open trunk and secured it with a belt i had in there-the walker formed over on eof the kids in the front as somewhat of a cage, the two small ones in their car seats and my broken leg gal sat in the back middle with her leg propped on the center consul...but by gosh...we looked awefully funny trying to get it all fig. out...then were about 10 minutes late for the busy that drops off one of the children.....

Never really knew how dependent I was on the soon to be hubby being here on the days I have all of them, he doesnt do much but heck i now know just being here is alot of help...thank goodness it wasnt a fri or mon though when i have all 12!

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