Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Yesterday, was parent teacher conferences. I went in and spoke with my almost 9 yr old son's teacher. He is in 2nd grade. So, I am speaking with her and finding out how he's doing. Overall she's very pleased with all of his advancements and how well he is doing socially and academically. So, I was very thrilled as I also have been seeing these same advancements at home.

But, with that I also have seen a bit of the typical pre-teen behavior coming. So, I asked if she had seen anything like this or seen any of that change in him. I only ask because lately...we've been noticing Taylor having a difficult time knowing where he "fits". We all know how difficult this can be. taylor is at the stage where he knows he doesn't want to play with the 6 and 7 year old and yet the 10-11 year old are a bit too old for him....and we just dont have many surrounding neighbor kids despite it being a small suburban neighborhood in his age range.
So, back to the point....sorry I'm a bit scattered braned this morning...I have far less children.....thank goodness cause I needed today to be nice and easy going! Anywho there I go again...lol

So, she look at me with a slightly sly grin and says well I have seen one incident. I was all ears.....se gets up and walks to her desk.....hmmmmmm

And pulls out this piece of paper. It's blue...rectangle...hmm I know right off the bat it's one of his nightly reading sheets......

She hands it to me....there Taylor has written his name in almost all the slots.....even the one where the books name goes....and what do we have here...where the parent signature goes....there's a name...hmmmm but it's written in crayon....which we never do...sometimes in the hunt for a pen we settle with a marker or pencil but NEVER a crayon...lol

Then I look closely...and this is what I see! I think wow!

Kinda made me think...gosh I thought we were years away from this...but in the same light made me laugh....he was soo innocent in what he did...he actually thought he'd get away with it...and he wrote "Dad".

So, me being the parent I am......I have a slightly different style I guess then most. I came home...before he saw I was in the back door I put this great slip on the front of the fridge...whcih is always saved for excellent pieces of work or really good tries!

Then I proceeded into the livingroom and called Taylor...me and the soon to be hubby sat with taylor and went over what his teacher said she wanted him to improve on and her goals for him this year! The conversation was over.....and i saw "oh by the way...your teacher gave me something of yours that she said was a really nice try...but just wasn't going to fly.....so I put it on the fridge." So, he walks in kinda excied to see what it was....then nothing...he didn't come back in...5 minutes passed....Matt and I walked in the kitchen and he just stands staring at it.....

The look on his face was priceless.....It was the BUSTED look!!! I love being ME!

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