Saturday, November 1, 2008

Things Your mother never told you PART 2

- Some men like to cuddle
- After being with kids all day and cleaning you may not feel like cuddling
- Your children will repeat half of what you say ALL OF THE TIMES YOU DONT WANT THEM TO
- Bigger isn't always better
- You will always need "special time" for yourself each day
- Cheaper almost always is "good enough"
- Your thoughts and actions will rarely get you a thank you card or call but you will stil put forth all efforts as always.
- Blinds, windows and basebords and ceiling fans- almost never get cleaned as much as they should--- but thats okay!
- You can make a mess in the kitchen and get away with it- HE can never make a mess in the kitchen and leave it!
- At some point HE will pass gas....and leave the room- or wave the cover or turn his head and laugh while you breathe it all in ( I personally reccomend wacking him over the head at the first occurance to avoid further
- He will not always show his love and appreciation for all you do for him and your children...but he feels it and you know it.
- You NEVER stop learning once you have children.
- It's okay to step outside or into your room and scream! Who cares who feel good.
- It's good to have a great heavy duty cast iron skillet...they make great meals and are great head wackers when he steps out of line...hahahah ok that ones just for me!
- Not all women watch soaps...and if you do it's ok..he watches the same thing......their just on at night!
- It's okay to window shop for things you know you will never be able to afford....just because your old doesn't mean can't dream like a little girl.
- It does take a village to raise your children...but that doesn't mean you can take the villages comments without losing it!
- You can do corny sweet things for him to...
- You don't have to be like any other mom on the block!
- It's okay to not wear any make-up or to get your hair done everyday....
- You can eat dessert first
- When you kiss a man that chews tobbacco--be expecting an extra (i learned this one the hard way)
- Sometimes you feel like doing nothing- so do just that!
- The internet can be addicting- esp. as a sahm- but you learn to do things twice as fast to insure thye are
- It's okay to rant and rave to complete strangers- because sometime...somewhere....someone will be touched and share those feelings

okay ladies here's this weeks on the look out weekly for this.

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