Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Preview Of The Years To Come

So, today was the day we choose to celebrate our two boys birthdays. We did this because one was born on Halloween and the other on Thanksgiving. There for we chose a day in between to celebrate..and instead of 2 seperate parties...when many of the guest would come to both...we combined

Yesterday...I baked two very large will soon be up of those. One was a dino landscape to where I took 2 round cakes...double stacked them...then layed them next to each other and then created a dino landscape including dinos, water, grass, trees and more! Then for my eldest son I make a race where the cards actually went ontop and around the cake...hard to explain but you will see it shortly.

Today...was twice the songs, presents, mess, kids, cleaning, ice cream etc. Now, my eldest son turned 9 or will be turning 9...and om my the boys change from last year to this year. I mean I notice it in my own son but..ha....I like flashed forward to where they are all 13 running down the stars...they already sound like elphants.....we were all waiting for the banaster on the stairs to they look like little mini men finally starting to grow into their little The hubby went upstairs to check on them all and was up there 20 minutes due to the fact that when 5 of them jumped him....they easily were able to take him to the The ate like they were 13...many pieces of cake and dishes of ice cream each...and what completes boys at a dinner table but a belching concert...of which I tried to stop...only to have MY FATHER try to old belch them all....which f course encouraged the whole scene...

This was the frst birthday I saw that GIRLS...were no longer welcome...the boys wanted nothing to do with them...they didnt want to play with them....didn't want them to even watch them nor be at the same table...Taylor was nice because I told him to....but I think next year will be boys only! Lord Help me then.

Then they all wanted to climb response... "when you moms say its okay for you to break a leg then you can climb" but I tryly believe I got a taste of what is to come in the future years! And oh my am I in for it...and I have 2! LOL

The day overall was a great one and everyone had a real nice time.....and everyone was very nice and great with me and one I was happy!

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