Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things To Be Greatful For

1. I have a great family
2. I move my life- most of the days
3. I have to date not killed or injured any child
4. I have a man who truly cares for me and my wants
5. I love who I am
6. I love the spot I am at in my life
7. I haven't smacked my soon to be hubby's x-wife for always answering the door in her panties and cut off shirt.
8. I have a new puppy
9. Our incomes and jobs are secure rght now
10. My children listen to me- well not really but sometimes when it counts they
11. My house is clean normally once a day
12. My room is clean- which never happens!
13. My etsy shop is running well with good steady sales.
14. Gas is lower than its been in a while
15. the puppy only pooped once on the floor today
16. Landyn didn't overflwo his diaper during nap time- which was good cause I let him sleep in my bed
17. push up bras after 3 kids
18. Clothes that make me feel good
19. Matts friends which defer me from having to entertain him as well as the kids on his days off

And last but not really just last for now...I HAVE A DATE TONIGHT- of which I desperatly need with Desi screaming because I asked taylor to pick up the books and she wasn't done and hes screaming at her to quit crying and Landyn is roaming around trying not to get involved...and I need this after months without a day off adn tomorrow me doing all of the cooking and cleaning and entertaining for two whole families.

I can't wait only like 20 minutes till grandma is here to save me from my INSANE life and insane almost like depression feeling right now......I just want out...with Matt...just the two of us!!!

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Twisted Cinderella said...

I hope had a fun date and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!