Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Me- "yes, Desi. What's the matter?"
Desiree- "I old mama!"
Me- "what"
Desi- "I old- I old my hands gross"
Me- "Desi, whats the matter what are you talking about?"
Desi- "Look at my hands mommy- they old"

I look at her hands....she had been in the bath for over an hour "swimming". Her finders and hands are like rasins...lol...and I look at them and she is scared to death over whats the matter with her hands...and irratically screaming "I old- they broken- I need a bandaid"

I just thought this was too darn cute....and funny as all get out that she has never noticed this before and that when she did she thought she was "old" and that a bandaid would fix it. LOL Hope you get a good laugh out of this too!

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