Sunday, November 2, 2008

How come?????

So, my daughter is now about 3.5 and with that wonderful age come the "how comes" Moms you know this one...they want to know how come for over the past week I have compiled some of my own "how comes" for us sahm's.....enjoy

- How come people who are normally not very nice...manage to be nice and pleasent when they want something.
- How come gossip doesn't stop even well after high school (and how come you take part...think about
- How come when you have no money all you can do is think about and find things you'd love to have or really need....then when you have extra money to spend on sweet nothings or can't find anything!
- How come general manners have become something of the "good ol days"
- How come blogging makes you feel so could easily write the same thing on a piece of paper...whats others reading it and commenting doing other than valadating
- How come child support goes down the older the child gets...and yet in my expereince the older the child gets the more expensive things are such as food and clothing.
- How come men are in shock and awe when a woman enjoys sports.
- How come coffee makes us feel sooooooo good- even if its decaf
- How come I argue with my kids...when I know its not right or worth the time...
- How come baby poop stinks soo darn much
- How come nothing can happen all day but the moment you sit...the phone rings or a child cries or kids are fighting
- How come when you do finally get those floors mopped and steamed...something has to happen to them within a good 30 minutes of them being complete
- How come a stern voice works for one child and the other appears to be deaf to your words.
- How come you can think of 100 things you love about being in love with him and he gets stumped when asked for one non-sexual/physcial
- How come when you finally find that great thing to do for no longer have those spare minutes to do it
- How come you sometimes love beyond words what you do for your family and other days want out in the worst way
- How come everyone can't have a household helper
- How come some ladies dont want children or could careless about taking care of their children or their actions and you try and try - just to have them and can't
- How come men don't understand the word and meaning of "making love"
- How come people get so defensive
- How come raising our children in this society has to be soo much more tramatice with whats all around them then it used to be.
- How come on the days you do finally get out of the house or have outside plans...the weather sucks
- How come those who don't believe in the Lord as you do feel YOU should explain yourself to them
- How come even if no one wears shoes in your house...things still are all over the floor
- How come there has to be a darn "sock monster"
- How come no one bothers to ask the teen mother anything...but just assumes what they think is correct and just.
- How come the Lord wants us to be there and yet Sunday mornings always seem to be most stressing and hardest all around.
- How come forgiveness is soo hard
- How come our boobs have to deflate alittle after each child.....I mean...really why!!!!
- How come is our world doesn't see that everything has a gray area and its not always as simple and black and white.
- How come moms make being a mom a competetion among eachother
- How come you took a ton of pics of your first child and with each thereafter a few less then the one before
- How come the nights you have the chance to get to bed at a good can't sleep
- How come it's hard to say no
- How come he can check a girl out on tv and when you mention someone being attractive...he takes
- How come we as moms...esp. sahms have soo many jobs and no maunals or traingng
- How come going to school when an adult is sooooo initimidating
- How come many hate doing the laundry...but hate it even more if he does
- How come it kills us that out kids fight among each other soo much...and yet when we fought with out siblings...we were sure it had a meaning and really mattered...
- How come we get a more laxed in parenting with each child...we learn more and yet gt more laxed
- How come kids have to grow up sooo darn fast...esp in todays society
- How come we spend hours/days/weeks decorating for holidays that only last a single day
- How come Men think we think bigger is better...when in many instances that's just not the case

Okay ladies...thought these were some cute, funny and nice things to think about...I'd love to hear your How drop me a comment with a few to share with the great ladies that read my blog!

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