Monday, June 15, 2009

Recent Creations

This past week I just had soo much time even with the prechool kiddos that I was able to devote to scrappin. I have been 1-4 pages a day done and I ove it and I have noticed that whie I have been scrappin it seems the flow of my day has been 100 percent better. Not that I dont have good days- cause I have great days! But, I noticed things havent seemed to bother me as much, it's as though I have a bit of a creation release. So, here are some pages done over the last 2 days. I'm not listing materials used but if you want to know them shoot me a comment and I'll spill it.
The above page was soo much fun to make. I loved the gear background paper but wanted to add some depth to it so I added some painted chipboard gears as well as some mini-brads and some metal gears- you can see them below more closely.

Heres just a close up of the gears and such.
The above layout was spun by this adorable paper!!! Im sure everyone has some of these pics lying around. You know the ones around Easter time where the kiddos put the baskets or bucket son their me augh just thinking about it. I also did a little something different for depth by vutting slits in pattern paper and rolling it for some great depth...and it takes no time at al for such a great affect.

Hopefully, I will start sharing more of my pieces as well as getting back to writing a bit more about actua things going I do miss that and have soo much to share with you all!!!

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