Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Monday

Ok, So I watch other peoples children 7 days a week...but Monday is always the day of kinda happiness for me...why because on Tuesday, wed, thur. I only have children from 5 am to 6pm But with this great happiness of only having my own kids in the evening I deal with 12-13 during the day on monday till about 6 in the evening. Today is one of those "way off" days.

Not only do I have all my kiddos...and by this I mean my full time kids and my pt time kids. But, today I got thrown a bone to also deal with...parent teacher conferences! So, all thekids are out of school...and during nap time I have scheduled 3 p/t conferences. One for my own and two for two girls who's mother could care less to show up to the teachers asked me to come...since I am with these girls over 60 hrs a week. Hmmmmm

Luckily the hubby is here till 2. Granit he's not much help when he sleeps till 10-11...but he works late I kinda undestand...hmm ok thats a LIE...I don't get it but am trying to deal with it better. I mean most nights I am up till 12 wating for the girls to get picked up and then some nights I'm up till he gets him at 2 ish...and I still awake and take care of things. So, ya...I really dont get how I can function and make it with 4-5 hrs of sleep.....not that i recommend it but I do

Today I am hopeful for a good day...everyone kinda had an off attitude yesterday...and I was thinking we'd all get out and rake some leaves and get some fresh very windy

I have a very interesting post to come later today.....I thought of it last night and felt very be on the look out.

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