Sunday, October 26, 2008

In A Fit of Kindness-freebies for you frugal ladies

I am cleaning out a ton of my scrapbooking stuff....i have a 30,000 sheets of paper just to give you a hint as to how addicted I

Anyway to the point when we moved I got a much smaller area to scrap in. Much bigger house but...smaller scrap area. This week I have been promising myself to get some things cleaned out...through my trading group on yahoo and I decided this would be the donating part.

I have went through a ton of my handmade cards and if anyone is interested in rec. some of them please shoot me a private email to I used to sell these but really dont even have the energy to sell them at this point...but if you'd like an assortment of handmade cards to have.....esp. you frugal ladies>this is a great freebie...shoot me a line with an address and I'll send some your way...I have a very large assortment of themes from holidays to sympathy cards to offer.

So, ya shoot me a line and help me help get some great new handmade pro looking cards that I sell for around 8 bucks a piece and I get some space for other goodies!