Sunday, October 26, 2008

One of those days

Boy of boy where to start. Today is Sunday...the day of peace right? HA..... Woke up as I always do bright and early to 4 kids arriving. Today they seemed to all be in crossed moods. The baby is somewhat sick and needs her breathing treatments...hmm and some socks and a bottle...all of which mom has neglected once again to bring for her.....I just don't get it. How hard is it to ensure your child is wearing warm clothing, has the breathing machine she clearly needs as you can hear her weezing across the room....and her bottle.

The 4, 5 and 6 yr old girls are all cross because mom said she'd be hear early to get them and then left adn called and said they would be here till after 11:30 in the evening. Not to mention two of them were promise a full day of fun with Grandma but mom canceled due to being upset with g-ma.

My own children also had a rough morning. Desiree for some reason decided to strip her pull-up mid-stream last night and awoke at 2 am with wet underware...then woke up every hour afterwards for some odd reason...thinking it was time to get up....Finally we settled with her getting up at 5:30am. My eldest is almost 9 and just felt like pushing buttons today...not just mine but everyone in the house!

I had - had hope of getting all of the house cleaned, leaves raked and some of my floors steamed today....but settled with a god general cleaning and washing all of the blankets I could find in the house.

Cleaned desirees room...she is one of those girls who will go through a few outfits a day! i really don't get it..but she had clothes scattered not know what was clean or not I decided to wash all of her clothes...while sorting them it became painfully clear that we needed to go clothes shopping for her....not sure where I will squeeze that's a hard choice...go to wal-mart at 1 am when I have no kids or take at min. 7 kids with We will see what I can work out.

I'd be lying if I said my nerves weren't a bit stretched! Then to add insult to injury...the mom of these poor 4 girls tells me...that shes trying for yet another schedule change.....we just changed it around on the girls 3 weeks ago...poor things......just saddens me that she says she puts thought into these kids but her decision show otherwise.

So, everyone is of the girls threw up because she ate far to she wants more to getting them all in 2 diff. rooms watching movies of their choice for a small break...would be just me and the baby...but that did't work...turned into a toy flying between the two rooms...I just couldnt handle that...i dont take well to disrespecting property.

My daughter has no pants on...running in her flower panties.....the paper is in her own livingroom as we always do so the children dont run over her! She has toys strung everywhere and a few movies pulled from the

Matt gets to come home early tonight...they screwed his schedule for halloween--which is Landyns they are letting him come home between 10-11 last night and tonight...which will be nice! But he hasn't called me yet....which is normally the call that lets me talk to another adult for the first time on

Hmm the electricty is flickering because we are having super windy weather...we have a wind advisory for another few hours...I pray it doesnt go I think that my spark utter adrinaline in the kids. lol

Tomorrow will be a very busy day...normally I have 12-13 kids on mon and fridays but on mon and tue the schools are closed for parent-teacher I will have all of the kids---all day-even the school age kiddos....I have a great day planed or them all tough...ur reg. preschool and school activites andthen baking some cookies and a puppet show wth out new that out to be fun.

Normally my days aren't this stressed but it seemed everyone decided to have with those days are always trying...luckily they only come every few months!

the kids are all sitting peacfully...well as peacfully can be expected with all of them doing crafts...hmmm but i hear paper noe screaming eldest is tattle telling that desi is taking off caops t the glue and eating them....did I tell you I changed her today and got glitter and crayon specked poop...hahahahah all i can do is laugh....8pm wont come quick enough...but its time to put away the glue....and get them in the showers.

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