Friday, October 24, 2008

Something to Share-GIGA Tribe

Thought I would share this. I run a preschool with about 12 kids most days so I thought I would share something for you stay at home moms with toddlers to heck like 4th grade.

There's a group called giga tribe. The link will be below. But on this site you sign up and then gain friends and can download for free all kinda of things. From music to videos to (for me especially) preschool worksheets and crafts, cross stitch and soo much more etc. for free. If you add me I can get my 200 plus friends to add you as well and then you will have a huge array to choose from.

Now there's a free version or you can pay a yearly fee. I do the free for 30 days and then you just re-new it or you can pay. The only difference is if you do the free version you can only download one thing at a time whereas if you have the paid version you can download as many as you like.

Anyway, I thought I would share this...when you sign up just shoot me a comment on here of your user name or invite yourself to me.... I'm sayitsbyu and I will get you a ton of friends with only common interests...that way you only get items you want to look through...but this is truly a great resource for anything from the listed above to recipes, home decor and more!!!!

So, here is the link, just click on the free version at the top of the I said this is great for sooo many resources of finding things and its all for free...and you can chat with the ladies on yor list as well to find what ur looking through or just look through their files. Got any questions...ask and I can help out.


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