Friday, October 24, 2008

Men and their TOYS!!

Ok, so I'm not sure how many ladies reading have men that like video games and anything tech. but, by gosh I have a man that loves is technology. He loves staying on top of it...knowing whats new...even if he knows we will NEVER--I REPEAT NEVER be able to afford it he loves learning all about it!

So, I have been sitting here for hmm about over an hours watching him.....hes been playing a golfing game...I think some tiger woods game on the x-box 360. He's a bit obessed at this point now that he has unlocked everyhting to play tiger. It's funny to me to watch him. He's to the point that you think he's actually playing for 100,000 dollars. hahahahah He is talking to the tv, the controler and himself...even his character on tv.

Don't get me wrong he's not one of those obsessed players who does nothing but play...but the kids are in bed and he's really been busy the past few days helping me...but by gosh...I dont think I have ever seen a girl yelling at a tv, talking to fictional character...although this one is very life-like because he created a charater that looks ironically like himself. LOL But while sitting here I got on the net..and there's like 10 windows pulled up of new tech stuff.....

But, hes really into this type of stuff. Not just games but like I said all forms of technology. I don't know how many times we have gotten him a new phone (luckily always for almost free!) and two days later he's looking at something new that just came out or new ways to add stuff to the phone he has which may ultimately break his the less he feels the need to always make it do as much as he can or to know exact detaiils of better things that just came out......that there's no way we can afford for like years ...when it has gone way way way down in price! This is the part that drives me nuts. I can get soemthing new and well...I"M HAPPY. I have no need to keep looking right then at something I cant have thats "Better" Maybe it's just me...but when I see him looking at it always kills me!!

I can't explain why...but it does.....I just think to myself....didn't we just get a new game or phone or ipod or something... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Am I odd for feeling this way? As its not like hes saying I want this now...but for some reason it frives me nuts that hes always looking for bigger and better....partly because gosh you buy something and within 5 minutes its out of date in the tech. world.

Anyway...looking for some thought on whether or not I am crazy!

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